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TODO: Add recommended methods for gaining slayer points, slayer experience. Block List information. Imbued heart and eternal gem from superiors. Add information for all colored slayer helms. Remove Slayer Perks and Reference slayer perk page. Bork reference. Add references to common slayer locations: Slayer Cave, Catacombs, Slayer Tower. Slayer Point Usage (Perks, Completionist Cape, etc.)

99 Cape Slayer Cape
Players with 200M 2,331
as of 06-MAR-23
Players with 2B 287
as of 06-MAR-23

Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters that may otherwise be immune to damage. Players must visit a Slayer master, who will assign them a task to kill certain monsters based on the player's Combat level. Slayer experience is awarded each time the player kills an assigned monster.

Many players primarily train Combat by completing Slayer tasks, as Combat experience is still given as normal while fighting Slayer monsters. Slayer is a very profitable skill to train, as high levelled slayer monsters such as slayer bosses have a multitude of both rare and valuable drops.

Slayer Masters

There are 5 Different slayer masters: Turael (Easy), Mazchna (Medium), Vannaka (Hard), Duradel (Elite, non-wilderness monsters only), and Krystalia (Elite, wilderness monsters only). Each Slayer Master will assign tasks from their unique list of monsters found below.

Turael (Easy)

NPC Name Slayer Level Combat Level Base XP Base Slayer Points
Giant Spider 1 2 600 1
Goblin 1 5 1,680 1
Rock Crab 1 13 6,000 1
Crawling Hand 5 8 1,920 1

Mazchna (Medium)

NPC Name Slayer Level Combat Level Base XP Base Slayer Points
Banshee 15 23 2,640 1
Moss Giant 1 42 7,200 1
Basilisk 40 61 9,000 1
Infernal Mage 45 66 7,200 1
Jelly 52 78 9,000 2
Bloodveld 50 76 14,400 2
Werewolf 1 88 11,040 2
Troll 1 69 13,200 3
Hellhound 1 121 13,920 3
Ogre 1 128 16,800 3
Cyclops 1 56/76 18,000 3
Tzaar-ket 1 149 16,800 3
Shade 1 159 19,200 4
Black Demon 1 172 18,840 4
Turoth 55 159 9,240 2
Ankou 30 95 7,200 2
Hill Giant 1 28 4,200 1
Sulphur Lizard 44 50 6,000 1
Wyrm 62 99 36,000 2

Vannaka (Hard)

NPC Name Slayer Level Combat Level Base XP Base Slayer Points
Ankou 30 95 7,200 2
Dagannoth 1 Varies Varies Varies
Abyssal demon 85 124 18,000 3
Dust Devil 65 93 12,600 3
Blue dragon 1 111 13,080 3
Red Dragon 1 152 17,400 4
Gargoyle 75 111 12,600 3
Nechryael 80 115 12,600 3
Barrows Brothers 1 Varies Varies Varies
Black Demon 1 172 18,840 4
Iron Dragon 1 189 20,760 4
Black Dragon 1 227 23,880 4
Steel Dragon 1 246 26,400 4
Dark Beast 90 182 26,400 4
Ice Strykewyrms 93 210 36,000 4
Mithril Dragon 1 304 30,480 5
Ancient Guardians 1 Varies Varies Varies
Lizardman 1 62 7,200 1
Drake 84 192 30,000 4
Hydra 95 194 36,000 4
Zombies (minigame) 1 Varies Varies Varies
Elf Warrior 1 90 13,200 2
Basilisk Knight 60 204 36,000 4

Duradel (Elite)

NPC Name Slayer Level Combat Level Base XP Base Slayer Points
Tormented Demons 1 450 72,000 5
Kraken 87 291 30,600 5
Giant Mole 1 230 72,000 5
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 93 301 28,800 5
Barrelchest 1 290 16,080 4
Frost Dragons 1 275 27,600 5
Kalphite Queen 1 333 36,720 9
K'ril Tsutsaroth 1 650 45,900 15
General Graardor 1 624 45,900 15
Kree'arra 1 580 45,900 15
Commander Zilyana 1 596 45,900 15
Nex 1 1001 720,000 40
Dagannoth Kings 1 303 30,600 5
Zulrah 1 725 60,000 5
Corporal Beast 1 785 240,000 5
TzTok-Jad 1 702 360,000 200
Demonic Gorilla 1 275 45,600 5
Glacors 1 475 72,000 9
Cerberus 91 318 108,000 15
Abyssal Sire 85 350 72,000 15
Vorkath 1 732 180,000 20
Pest Control Portals 1 N/A 24,000 1
Lizardman Shaman 1 150 18,000 4
Hydra 95 426 36,000 4
Adamant Dragon 1 338 35,400 5
Rune Dragon 1 380 39,600 5
Verzik Vitur 1 ??? ??? ???

Krystalia (Wilderness)

NPC Name Slayer Level Combat Level Base XP Base Slayer Points
Venenatis 1 464 30,600 5
Callisto 1 470 30,600 5
Frost Dragon 1 275 27,600 5
King Black Dragon 1 276 34,560 9
Lava Dragon 1 252 27,600 5
Chaos Elemental 1 305 36,000 9
Wildywyrm 1 382 360,000 50
Vet'ion 1 454 30,600 5
Scorpia 1 225 24,000 4
Crazy Archaeologist 1 204 27,000 4
Chaos Fanatic 1 202 27,000 4
Lost Souls 1 Varies Varies Varies
Revenants 1 Varies Varies Varies
Battle Mage 1 54 15,240 1
Green Dragon 1 79 10,200 2

Experience and Point Boosting Items

There are several items and events that can boost the amount of Slayer Experience and Points received.

Item Experience Boost Point Boost
Slayer Ring (eternal) Slayer Ring (eternal) +15% +15%
Brawling gloves (slayer) Brawling gloves (slayer) +30% +30%
Bracelet of Slaughter (b) Bracelet of Slaughter (b) +30% +30%
Expeditious Bracelet (b) Expeditious Bracelet (b) +30% +30%
'perfect ring' 'perfect ring' None 10% chance to Double
Double Slayer Points Event Double Slayer Points Event None +100%
Double Slayer Points Event Double Slayer XP Event +100% None

Task Completion Bonus

Once a slayer task has been completed, players are rewarded with bonus slayer experience and slayer points. These bonuses are calculated based on 3 values:

  • The Player's Slayer Streak.
  • The Base Experience given by the last NPC that was killed to complete the task.
  • The Base Points given by the last NPC that was killed to complete the task.


The Experience given on task completion is calculated using the following formulas:

Multiplier = ( 800 + ( 15 x Slayer Streak ) ) / 100

This Multiplier is capped at 21. This essentially means that the task completion bonus is capped at a streak of 87. Any streak higher than 87 will not provide any additional experience.

Task Completion Experience = Multiplier x Base Experience (See Above Table)


The Points given on task completion is calculated using the following formulas:

Multiplier = ( 400 + ( 15 x Slayer Streak ) ) / 100

This Multiplier is capped at 15. This essentially means that the task completion bonus is capped at a streak of 74. Any streak higher than 74 will not provide any additional points.

Task Completion Points = Multiplier x Base Points (See Above Table)

Slayer Store

The Slayer Store can be accessed by talking to any of the Slayer Masters ingame.

Item Cost Description
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem 1 Coins Allows you to see your current task and remaining kills. Access to Kill Count Log.
Full Slayer Helmet Full Slayer Helmet 2M Coins and 300 Slayer Points Effect: Deal (number of your slayer streak)% more melee damage to your assigned slayer task monster. Caps at 15%. (For example, if your slayer task is 7 and you have an Abyssal Demons task, you will deal 7% more damage to Abyssal Demons until your task is complete). For the regular Slayer Helmet this bonus only applies to melee damage.
Full Slayer Helmet (i) Full Slayer Helmet (i) 1 Full Slayer Helmet and 700 Slayer Points Effect: Deal (number of your slayer streak)% more damage to your assigned slayer task monster. Caps at 15%. Basically the ranged/mage/melee version of the regular Slayer Helmet. Stats: The equipment bonusses have also been boosted to match the OSRS imbued slayer helm. You can disassemble the imbued helmet to reclaim 600 Slayer Points and the regular Helmet.
Slayer Staff Slayer Staff 65,000 Coins Allows you to use the Slayer Dart magic spell in the Normal Spellbook.
Garlic Garlic 12,500 Coins Has no effect.
Boots of Stone Boots of Stone 1,000 Coins Provides protection while fighting in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
Insulated Boots Insulated Boots 2,400 Coins Provides protection from the Rune Dragons' electrical special attack.
Antique Lamp Antique lamp 100 Slayer Points Provides 150k experience in the Slayer skill.
Bonecrusher Bonecrusher 2,000 Slayer Points Used to automatically crush bones dropped by monsters while award experience equivalent to an alter. Does not crush noted bones or bones dropped by monsters that another player killed.
Rune Pouch Rune Pouch 1,250 Slayer Points Holds up to 16,000 each of three different types of runes.
Salve Amulet (e) Salve Amulet (e) 1 Salve Amulet, 1500 Slayer Points, 500 PkHonor Points, 500M Coins Increased Damage and passive Soulsplit effect on undead NPCs.
Zulrah Teleport Zulrah Teleport 2M Coins Single use teleport to Zul-andrah near Zulrah's shrine.
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield 240,000 Coins Provides protection against the Basilisk Knights' stat draining effect.
V's Shield V's Shield 800 Slayer Points Provides protection against the Basilisk Knights' stat draining effect. Increased Melee stats over the mirror shield, but with negative magic and ranged stats.
Slayer Ring (eternal) Slayer Ring (eternal) 1 Eternal Slayer Gem, 1,000 Slayer Points +15% Slayer Points and Slayer XP
Brimstone Key Brimstone Key 2,000 Slayer Points Used to unlock the Brimstone Chest.

Colored Slayer Helms

Recoloring a Slayer Helmet costs 1 regular Slayer Helmet, a stuffed head of KBD, Abyssal Demons or KQ and 2500 Slayer Points (3200 Slayer Points for the imbued version). You can disassemble it to reclaim 2400 Slayer Points (or 3100 Slayer Points for the imbued version), the uncolored, unimbued Helmet and the head. The colored versions are purely cosmetic and offer no extra bonuses. The recolored helmets are untradeable.

Slayer Perks

Slayer Points can be spent on a variety of Slayer Perks. These perks do a variety of things such as unlock Superior Variants, reduce KC needed for GWD, increase drop rates of certain items, and much more. Some of the perks are tiered, which means that they can be upgraded more than once. However, the higher the tier, the more the upgrade will cost. See the Slayer Perk page for more information and recommendations.

Partnered Slayer

By using an Enchanted gem on another player, you can invite another player to partner up for a slayer task. Being slayer partners will provide benefits such as sharing experience and bonus experience from each others' kills. To start a partnered slayer task, both players cannot have a task currently assigned. Both need a combat level over 91. They cannot be ironmen or honors. After using the Enchanted Gem on another player, you will be prompted to choose what tier task you would like to be assigned (Hard, Elite or Wilderness). After selecting the desired tier, the other player will receive an invite. When the other player accepts the invite, both players will get the same slayer task with doubled the amount of assigned kills as a solo task (which cannot be extended). Only monsters accessible to both partners will be assigned. Only the blocked task list of the player that sent the invitation will be taken into account. It's not possible to get instanced bosses assigned such as Vorkath, TzTok-Jad, or Zulrah. The amount of kills is shared between the two players, so killing an assigned monster will remove 1 from the number of assigned kills for both players. Once the slayer task is completed, the partnership will reset. To get a new task as partners, the gem has to be re-used on the other player. When fighting the same NPC (like a boss), the XP and points will be split between the partners, scaled to their contribution to that kill. This will grant +10% more points and experience than doing it solo. When both players are actively killing the same type of monster near each other, it's possible that some experience and points will be received from each others' kills. These will be a bonus and won't take away from the killer. The partnership can be cancelled within the Partner-option of an Enchanted Gem. Doing so will split the remaining kills in half, which still need to be finished by both players individually. Cancelling the task at any slayer master will also cancel the partnership. So the other player will still have to complete half the kills (or cancel the task as well).


Bork is a daily monster that you can kill once every 20 hours for 150 Slayer Points and 200,000 Slayer Experience.

Brimstone Keys

While on a Slayer Task, the assigned creatures have a chance of dropping a Brimstone key. These keys can be used to unlock the Brimstone Chests which can be found next to all slayer masters.

The slayer perk 'Key Magnet' will automatically transfer dropped Brimstone Keys to your refund box. The slayer perk 'Wild Key Gatherer' will further increase the chance of getting Brimstone Keys from your assigned slayer creatures while inside the Wilderness. It is also possible to buy Brimstone keys in the Slayer store for 2,000 Slayer points each, though this is not recommended.

The Slayer Expansion (11-FEB-2020 Update)

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