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A Guide for training Combat skills can be found here.

99 Cape Attack Cape
Players with 200M 13,521
as of 3/21/2020
Players with 2B 1,244
as of 3/21/2020

Attack is a player's accuracy in melee combat. As a player raises their Attack level, they can deal damage more consistently as well as wield weapons of stronger materials.

In order to gain experience in the Attack stat, players must choose the accurate attack style. While using the style, players gain an invisible +3 attack bonus.

Some weapons give players Attack bonuses when using certain attack types. These bonuses are noted in the Equipment Stats section of the equipment menu. Attack bonuses give players advantages as well as disadvantages in melee combat, based on their target's strengths and weaknesses.

Weapon Requirements

Attack Level Weapon Other Requirements
1 Bronze Sword Bronze Weapons None
1 Iron Sword Iron Weapons None
1 White Sword White Weapons None
1 Ancient Mace Ancient Mace None
5 Steel Sword Steel Weapons None
10 Black Sword Black Weapons None
20 Mithril Sword Mithril Weapons None
30 Adamant Sword Adamant Weapons None
40 Rune Sword Rune Weapons None
50 Ancient Staff Ancient Staff 50 Magic
50 Granite Maul Granite Maul 50 Strength
60 Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest Anchor 40 Strength
60 Dragon Scimitar Dragon Weapons None
60 Obsidian Sword Obsidian Weapons The Obsidian maul (Tzhaar-ket-om) instead requires 60 Strength, with no attack requirement.
The Obsidian staff also requires 60 Magic.
70 Abyssal Bludgeon Abyssal Bludgeon 70 Strength
70 Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Dagger None
70 Abyssal Whip Abyssal Whip None
70 Whip of Souls Custom Whips None
70 Dharok's Greataxe Barrows Weapons 70 Strength for Dharok's Greataxe and Torag's Hammers.
70 Magic for Ahrim's Staff.
70 Saradomin Sword Saradomin Sword None
70 Zamoraian Spear Zamorakian Spear (Hasta) None
75 Abyssal Tentacle Abyssal Tentacle None
75 Arclight Arclight None
75 Armadyl Godsword Godswords None
75 Staff of the Dead Staff of The Dead (Toxic) 75 Magic
78 Vesta's Longsword Ancient Warrior Weapons None
80 Chaotic Rapier Chaotic Weapons None

Note: Halberds of any material require a Strength level equal to one-half of their Attack level requirement.

Temporary Boosts

Boost Level Increase Other info
Attack Potion (4) Attack Potion 3-12 Boosts Attack by (Level * 0.1 + 3)
Combat Potion (4) Combat Potion 3-12 Boosts Attack and Strength by (Level * 0.1 + 3)
Super Attack (4) Super Attack 5-19 Boosts Attack by (Level * 0.15 + 4)
Super Combat Potion (4) Super Combat Potion 5-19 Boosts Attack and Strength by (Level * 0.15 + 4)
Zamorak Brew (4) Zamorak Brew 2-21 Boosts Attack by (Level * 0.1 + 3)
Overload (4) Overload 5-26 Boosts Attack, Strength, and Defence by (Level * 0.22 + 5)

Useful Items

Item Effects
Brawling Gloves (melee) Brawling Gloves (melee) 30% Additional Experience and PkP

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