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Combat Experience Guide

This guide summarizes the fastest methods to gaining combat experience. It includes Attack, Defence, Strength, Hitpoints, Magic, and Range. Combat skills are generally trained through PvM or Slayer, but they can be trained through more efficient methods as well.

This guide will only focus on the best gear setups. Substitutions can be made, but will result in less Experience per hour.

The Gear


Serpentine Helmet

Completionist Cape (unholy)

Salve Amulet (e)

Tentacle of Chaos

Torva Platebody

Avernic Defender

Torva Platelegs

Ferocious Gloves

Steadfast Boots

'perfect ring'


Pernix Cowl

Completionist Cape (chaos)

Salve Amulet (e)

Toxic Blowpipe

Pernix Body

Pernix Chaps

Brawling Gloves (ranged)

Pegasian Boots

'perfect ring'


Virtus Mask

Completionist Cape (magic)

Salve Amulet (e)

Chaotic Staff

Virtus Robe Top

Arcane Spirit Shield

Virtus Robe Legs

Tormented Bracelet

Eternal Boots

'perfect ring'

The Method

This method involves playing the Zombie Minigame, which is unlocked after the completion of The Last Journey. As the zombies are undead, the Salve Amulet (e) special effect will continuously heal you as you deal damage. This will allow you to sustain for a long period of time without dying.

Pray Protect from Melee and turn Auto-Retaliate on. Bring Super Prayer Potions and Overload Potions. If using Magic, bring runes for Blood Barrage and stand in a corner of the arena.

Brawlers may also be substituted for the Ferocious Gloves or Tormented bracelet. You will gain more experience with the Brawling Gloves, but will deal less damage over time.

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