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Brawling Gloves (Brawlers)

Brawling Gloves, commonly referred to as Brawlers, are a set of experience boosting gloves that are specific to each skill. Brawling Gloves can be purchased at the Estate Agent in Varrock once you have 99 Construction. All gloves provide +30% experience in their respective skills. The have the same combat bonuses as Barrows Gloves.

All Brawling Gloves cost 500m and 500pkp with the exception of Slayer Brawlers and Melee Brawlers which cost 750m and 750pkp. Due to these costs, some brawlers might not be worth the money for you. Prioritize getting brawlers for the buyable skills such as Prayer, Construction, Fletching, Smithing. Then get brawlers for the slow skills such as Hunter, Slayer, Agility, Fishing, and Cooking. Skills like Woodcutting/Firemaking and Mining/Crafting which are done at the same time on magic trees and marble don't necessarily need brawlers. If you decide to buy both, switch off using them to keep your experiences balanced to save time.

Image Skill Additional Notes
Brawling Gloves (agility) Agility +30% agility experience
Brawling Gloves (constr) Construction +30% construction experience
Brawling Gloves (cooking) Cooking +30% cooking experience
Brawling Gloves (crafting) Crafting +30% crafting experience
Brawling Gloves (farming) Farming +30% farming experience
Brawling Gloves (fishing) Fishing +30% fishing experience
Brawling Gloves (fletching) Fletching +30% fletching experience
Brawling Gloves (fm) Firemaking +30% firemaking exprience
Brawling Gloves (herblore) Herblore +30% herblore experience
Brawling Gloves (hunter) Hunter +30% hunter experience
Brawling Gloves (magic) Magic +30% magic experience
Brawling Gloves (melee) Melee +30% Attack, Strength, Defence, and HP
Brawling Gloves (mining) Mining +30% mining experience
Brawling Gloves (prayer) Prayer +30% prayer experience
Brawling Gloves (ranged) Ranged +30% ranging experience
Brawling Gloves (rc) Runecrafting +30% runecrafting experience
Brawling Gloves (slayer) Slayer Extra Slayer Points
Brawling Gloves (smithing) Smithing +30% smithing experience
Brawling Gloves (thieving) Thieving +30% thieving experience
Brawling Gloves (wc) Woodcutting +30% woodcutting experience

Gathering Woodcutting WoodcuttingMining MiningFishing FishingHunter HunterFarming Farming
Support Agility AgilityThieving ThievingSlayer Slayer
Artisan Firemaking FiremakingFletching FletchingCooking CookingSmithing SmithingRunecrafting RunecraftingCrafting CraftingHerblore HerbloreConstruction Construction
Combat Attack AttackStrength StrengthHitpoints HitpointsDefence DefenceMagic MagicRanged RangedPrayer Prayer

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