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99 Cape Mining Cape
Players with 200M 2,102
as of 28-MAR-2024
Players with 2B 311
as of 28-MAR-2024

Mining is a skill that allows players to obtain ores and gems from rocks. With ores, a player can either smelt bars and make equipment using the Smithing skill or sell them for profit. Mining is a popular money maker for low level players. Gold and Runite ores can sell for a decent amount of money.


Pickaxe Requirements Obtained From
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe 1 Mining Buy from other players, PVM
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 1 Mining ::shops
Steel Pickaxe Steel Pickaxe 6 Mining Buy from other players, PVM
Black Pickaxe Black Pickaxe 11 Mining Clues, Buy from other players
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe 21 Mining Buy from other players, PVM
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant Pickaxe 31 Mining Buy from other players, PVM
Rune Pickaxe Rune Pickaxe 41 Mining ::shops
Dragon Pickaxe Dragon Pickaxe 61 Mining Premium Island Store, PVM
Sacred Clay Pickaxe Sacred Clay Pickaxe 61 Mining Donor Zone Store
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 61 Mining, 92 Firemaking Premium Island Store
Infernal Pickaxe Infernal Pickaxe 61 Mining Smouldering stone + Dragon Pickaxe

Gaining Experience

Ore / Rock Requirements Experience Obtained From
Tin Ore Tin 1 Mining 300 ::skilling, Mining teleport
Copper Ore Copper 1 Mining 300 ::skilling, Mining teleport
Clay Clay 1 Mining 50 Crafting Guild
Limestone Brick Limestone 10 Mining, 12 Crafting 100 Crafting Guild
Blurite Ore Blurite 10 Mining 600 Asgarnia Ice Dungeon
Iron Iron 15 Mining 900 ::skilling, Mining teleport
Silver Ore Silver 20 Mining 1,500 ::skilling, Crafting Guild
Coal Coal 30 Mining 2,000 ::skilling, Mining teleport, Premium Skilling Zone
Gold Ore Gold 40 Mining 2,000 ::skilling, Crafting Guild, Premium Skilling Zone
Mithril Ore Mithril 55 Mining 3,000 ::skilling, Mining teleport, Premium Skilling Zone
Adamantite Ore Adamantite 70 Mining 6,000 ::skilling, Mining teleport, Premium Skilling Zone
Gem Rock 80 Mining Variable Crafting Guild
Runite Ore Runite 85 Mining 12,000 ::skilling, Heroes Guild, Premium Skilling Zone
Amethyst Amethyst 92 Mining 40,000 Mining teleport inside Mining Guild
Marble Block Marble 99 Mining, 99 Crafting 15,000 ::skilling, Crafting Guild

Leveling Methods

Fast 1-99

There are several methods to obtain 99 mining. Gold ore can also be mined from 40-99 for more profit. However, Coal and Runite Ore are the fastest methods.

Level Quantity Ore
1-15 10 Tin Ore Copper/Tin Ore
15-30 13 Iron Iron Ore
30-85 1,623 Coal Coal
85-99 815 Runite Ore Runite Ore

200M and 2B Methods

Mining Marble Blocks at the crafting guild or ::skilling is the best method for post-99 experience. Mining Marble gives a base experience of 15,000 Crafting and Mining Experience. The Sacred Clay Pickaxe is essential for post-99 experience as it increases this to 22,500 XP per Marble Block. Brawlers can be worn for an additional 30% mining XP.

Amethyst and Runite Ore are both viable methods as well. Amethyst has the added benefit of providing large amounts of Fletching XP. Runite Ore has the added benefit for providing large amounts of Smithing XP. However, you will need 4x the amount of Coal in order to smelt all the Runite bars.

Amount Required for
Item XP w/ Sacred Clay 99 - 200M 200M - 2B
Marble Block Marble Block 22,500 8,310 80,000
Runite Ore Runite Ore 18,000 10,387 100,000
Amethyst Amethyst 60,000 3,117 30,000
Item XP w/ Sacred Clay + Brawlers 99 - 200M 200M - 2B
Marble Block Marble Block 29,250 6,392 61,539
Runite Ore Runite Ore 21,600 8,656 83,334
Amethyst Amethyst 72,000 2,597 25,000

Useful Items

Item Effects
Brawling Gloves (mining) Brawling Gloves (mining) 30% Additional Experience and PkP
Sacred Clay Pickaxe Sacred Clay Pickaxe The SC pickaxe is as fast as the dragon pick. Gives +50% Mining Experience. Does not degrade.
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze The Inferno Adze is slightly faster than the dragon pickaxe. However, the Sacred Clay pickaxe is considered the best overall considering it's special effect.
Infernal Pickaxe Infernal Pickaxe Smelts 1/3rd of the ore you mine, granting 100% of the smithing XP. It can smelt 5000 ores, after which it will become an infernal pickaxe (uncharged) and you need to use a smouldering on it to recharge it. If you wish to make steel, mithril, adamant or rune bars with the pickaxe, you do still need to have the appropriate amount of coal in your inventory. When uncharged, the infernal axe/pickaxe will act just like a dragon axe/pickaxe.

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