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99 Cape  Cooking Cape
Players with 200M 682
as of 09/02/2019
Players with 2B 73
as of 09/02/2019


Cooking is a skill that allows raw food to be made edible, healing hitpoints when eaten. To do this, the player uses a raw, cookable food on a range or fire.

Depending on the player's Cooking level, food will sometimes burn, becoming unusable. There is no way to prevent your character from burning fish but a higher cooking level helps prevent it.

Cooking goes hand-in-hand with the Fishing skill as the player can cook the fish they obtain. If no range is nearby, having an axe and tinderbox on hand can allow the player to cut down a tree and make a fire to cook the fish on.

By levelling Cooking, the player is able to cook better foods such as Sharks, Rocktail, and Dark Crabs.

Methods & Experience

Note: You will need approximately 20% additional raw fish due to the possibility of burning the fish. This 1-99 guide assumes no burning.

Experience Table:

Fish Level Exp
Raw Shrimp Shrimp 1 600
Raw Trout Trout 20 1,400
Raw Salmon Salmon 30 1,800
Raw Karambwan Karambwan 30 4,000
Raw Tuna Tuna 30 2,000
Raw Lobster Lobster 40 2,400
Raw Bass Bass 43 2,600
Raw Swordfish Swordfish 50 3,000
Raw Monkfish Monkfish 62 4,000
Raw Shark Shark 80 5,000
Raw Manta Ray Manta ray 91 6,000
Raw Dark Crab Dark Crab 90 9,400
Raw Lava Eel Lava Eel 92 6,000
Raw Rocktail Rocktail 93 7,600

Efficient 1-99:

Fish Levels Amount Exp
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 1-40 63 600
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 40-50 27 2,400
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish 50-62 84 2,800
Raw Monkfish Raw Monkfish 62-80 414 4,000
Raw Shark Raw Shark 80-91 784 5,000
Raw Manta Ray Raw Manta Ray 91-99 1,189 6,000

Training Tips

Location of Range

The best place to train cooking for new players is in the Skilling Center. You can teleport there by typing ::skilling in the game chat. Alternatively, there is a teleport option located in the House Options in the Settings tab.

Once you are in the Skilling Center run north until you reach the bank booths. The range is in the building attached to the bank. You can stand in the red spot to bank through the wall for more efficient exp/hr.

For even faster cooking: build a fancy cooking range in your POH and hire a butler. The bank will then be accessible directly next to a range.

Useful Items

Item Description
Brawling gloves (cooking) Brawling gloves (cooking) 30% increase in EXP and PkP

Quest Requirements

Quest Level Required Task
Wise Old Man Achievements 91 Cook 20 Manta Rays
Pest Invasion 92 Cook some Lava Eels
Correcting History 91(not required to start quest) Cook 1500 Manta Rays (Can be skipped by paying 8b)

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