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99 Cape Thieving Cape
Players with 200M 949
as of 09/08/2019
Players with 2B 83
as of 09/08/2019

Thieving is a skill which allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters.

Most Thieving training can be done at the Thieving Skilling teleport or in the ::skilling center.

At Level 99, players can loot the rogues chests in the Rogues Castle in the wilderness. The loot is improved when Bounty hunter is turned on.

Gaining Expierence


Thieving Level NPC XP Coins Received Location
25 Al-Kharid Warrior 1,300 1,000 Al-Kharid Palace
40 Varrock Guard 2,350 3,000 Varrock West, Falador Center
55 Ardougne Knight 5,000 5,000 Ardougne Center
70 Paladin 9,000 8,000 Ardougne Center
80 Hero 15,000 14,000 Ardougne Center
95 Rogue 20,000 16,000 Bar North of Yanille

Thieving Stalls

Thieving Level Stall Expierence Coins Received Location
1 Baker's Stall 500 1,200 Skilling teleports > Thieving
20 Silk Stall 1,200 2,400 Skilling teleports > Thieving
35 Fur Stall 2,000 4,000 Skilling teleports > Thieving
50 Silver Stall 4,500 5,000 Skilling teleports > Thieving
65 Spice Stall 8,000 7,000 Skilling teleports > Thieving
75 Gem Stall 15,000 10,000 Skilling teleports > Thieving

1-99 Method

Thieving Level Range Stall
1-20 Baker's Stall
20-35 Silk Stall
35-50 Fur Stall
50-65 Silver Stall
65-75 Spice Stall
75-99 Gem Stall

Leveling Thieving is extremely simple. Just thieve from the highest level stall you can until you reach the next tier. Reaching level 99 takes about an hour. If a stall runs out of supplies, go to a different one until it respawns. Pickpocketing is only a viable option with Gloves of Silence.

99-200M/2B Method

Post-99 Thieving Experience Actions required
Method XP 200M 2B
Pickpocketing Rogues 20,000 9,350 99,350
Gem Stalls 15,000 12,465 132,465

For post 99 Thieving Experience, there are two options: Gem Stalls and Rogues. It is highly recommended to use the Gloves of Silence for Rogues and Brawling gloves for Gem Stalls.

Rogues are considered the best thieving EXP ingame.

Useful Items

Item Effects
Brawling Gloves (thieving) Brawling Gloves (thieving) 30% Additional Experience and PkP
Gloves of Silence Gloves of Silence 15% Additional Experience. 100% Success Rate on Pickpocketing.

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