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99 Cape Agility Cape
Players with 200M 1,130
as of 28-MAR-2024
Players with 2B 93
as of 28-MAR-2024

Agility is a skill that, when trained, can really make your time here a lot easier. The higher your level goes, the slower your run energy will deplete, and the faster it will restore. At level 95+ Agility, run energy is effectively unlimited. Higher Agility levels will also unlock several shortcuts that can make travelling through dungeons and across Gelienor faster.

Agility is trained by completing obstacle courses and various other methods. There are currently 3 agility courses on PkHonor.

  • The Gnome Agility Course
  • The Werewolf Agility Course
  • The Wilderness Agility Course

Course Information

Gnome Agility Course

Obstacle Experience
Log Balance 1,500
Obstacle Net 7,500
Tree Branch 3,000
Balancing Rope 3,000
Tree Branch 2,000
Obstacle Net 400
Obstacle Pipe 2,000
* Completion Bonus * 15,000
Total 34,400


  • Level 1 Agility

Location: Skilling Teleports > Gnome Agility Course

Werewolf Agility Course

Obstacle Experience
Stepping Stones 8,000
Hurdles 4,000
Pipe 6,000
Skull Slope 4,000
Zip Line 0
* Completion Bonus * 25,000
Total 47,000


  • Level 60 Agility
  • 2 planks to fix zipline (lasts 5-10 min)

Location: Skilling Teleports > Werewolf Agility Course
Enter the trap door and follow the path to the Northwest.

Info: Pick up the Stick after the Pipe Obstacle. Give the Stick to the Agility Boss at the end of the course for XP in a random non-combat skill.

The XP gained is 300 * [Current skill level].

Wilderness Agility Course

Obstacle Experience
Obstacle Pipe 12,000
Rope Swing 6,000
Stepping Stones 10,000
Log Balance 12,000
Rocks 16,000
* Completion Bonus * 50,000
Total 106,000


  • Level 70 Agility

Location: PvP Teleports > Deep Wilderness Agility Course

Barehanding Butterflies

Agility can also be trained through Hunter. Catching butterflies barehand requires a higher hunter level than when using a butterfly net. Wearing the Larupia outfit will increase catch rates in the jungle Hunter area.

Butterfly Requirements Agility XP Hunter XP
Ruby Harvests 80 Agility 80 Hunter 25,000 4,800
Sapphire Glacialis 85 Agility 85 Hunter 40,000 7,200
Snowy Knights 90 Agility 90 Hunter 55,000 9,600
Black Warlocks 95 Agility 95 Hunter 75,000 12,000

XP Per hour

Catching Black Warlocks is the fastest XP per hour coming in at approximately 42.3m/hr. This is with both Agility brawlers and Spottier Cape/Agility Skillcape equipped. With full larupia in Jungle hunter area NOT at ::skilling.

Useful Items

Item Effects
Brawling Gloves (agility) Brawling Gloves (agility) 30% Additional Experience and PkP
Spotted Cape Spotted Cape 20% Additional Experience
Spottier Cape Spottier Cape 70% Additional Experience
2B Agility Cape Agility Skillcapes Double Agility Experience for Donator+. +50% Agility Experience for non-donators.

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