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A Guide for training Combat skills can be found here.

99 Cape Magic Cape
Players with 200M 2,508
as of 18-MAR-20
Players with 2B 415
as of 18-MAR-20

Magic is one of the most important skills in PkHonor and is one of the three combat classes. It is used in Combat; it allows crafted items to be enchanted; it allows converting items into coins via High Level Alchemy. While it is possible to play the game without being skilled in Magic, it is a considerable advantage to be able to use many spells, especially High Level Alchemy, Ice Barrage, and Vengeance.

Magic is also important in order to defend well against Magic attacks. Unlike Melee and Ranged Defence, Magic Defence is actually determined by both Magic (70%) and Defence (30%) levels, as well as magic defence bonus.

Weapon Requirements

Magic Level Attack Level Weapon Other Requirements
1 1 Elemental Staves None
1 1 Third-age druidic Staff None
30 30 Smoke Battlestaff None
50 50 Ancient Staff None
60 1 God Staves None
60 1 Master Wand None
60 1 Thammaron's Sceptre None
65 1 Nightmare Staff None
70 70 Ahrim's Staff None
75 1 Trident of the Seas None
75 1 Trident of the Swamp None
75 1 Sanguinesti Staff None
75 1 Kodai Wand None
75 75 Staff of the Dead None
75 75 Toxic Staff of the Dead None
75 75 Staff of Light None
78 78 Zuriel's Staff None
80 1 Chaotic Staff None

Gear Requirements

Magic Level Defence Level Gear Other Requirements
1 1 Zamorak Monk Robes Zamorak Monk Robes
1 1 Third-age Druidic Robes Third-age Druidic Robes
1 1 Wizard Robes Wizard Robes
1 1 Ghostly Robes Ghostly Robes
40 1 Elder Chaos Druid Robes Elder Chaos Druid Robes
40 20 Mystic Robes Mystic Robes
40 20 Enchanted Robes Enchanted Robes
40 20 Robes of Darkness Robes of Darkness
40 40 Skeletal Armour Skeletal Armour
42 42 Void Knight Robes Void Knight Robes
50 25 Infinity Robes Infinity Robes
65 30 3rd Age Mage Robes 3rd Age Mage Robes
70 40 Dagon'hai Robes Dagon'hai Robes
70 70 Ahrim's Robes Ahrim's Robes
75 65 Ancenstral Robes Ancenstral Robes
80 80 Virtus Robes Virtus Robes Completed The Last Journey
78 78 Zuriel's Robes Zuriel's Robes

Temporary Boosts

Boost Level Increase Other info
Magic Potion(4) Magic Potion(4) +4
Extreme Magic(4) Extreme Magic(4) +7
Imbued Heart Imbued Heart Base Level / 10 + 1 Can be used once every 7 minutes
Overload (4) Overload Base Level + 7 Boost is reapplied every 15 seconds

Useful Items

Item Effects
Brawling Gloves (magic) Brawling Gloves (magic) 30% Additional Experience and PkP

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