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Boss Thoby's Pest Control Guide

How to get there and start:

To get to the Void Knight Island, you'll first have to teleport using the Minigame Teleport and then the Pest Control option.

When you get teleported to the island, you'll have to run straight south, until you reach a boat with a 'gangplank' inbetween the boat and the dock. When using the option 'Cross Gangplank', you get teleported into the boat.

To start a game of Pest Control there are a few requirements:

  • There cannot be another active game at the same time.
  • You only need 1 person to start pest control, but is advised to has atleast 3 people with level 50+ in combat stats.

When fulfilling these requirements, the game is ready to start. When the 'Next Departure' string says 0, the game will start. You'll get teleported into another boat, which is north of a even bigger island.

How to Play:

The objective of the minigame isn't really that complicated. You'll have to kill all four the portals on the island.

All the portals have 200 hitpoints and quiet low defensive stats. To get rewarded for a round of Pest Control, you need to deal atleast 5 hitpoint damage. Otherwise you'll not gain any pest control points at all. While attacking the portals, some minions will spawn. They do not hit high and aren't really important either. Killing them has no real point, except for getting your damage counter up.


For the Pest Control Minigame I'd advice just any weapon and armour set that is accurate and has a high strength bonus. If you don't have a lower defence level then 40, I wouldn't worry about dieing because the minions won't hit too often and won't hit hard at all. Also, I'd probably advice melee setup; because this will deal higher amounts of damage in a shorter period of time. A special attack weapon is also adviced. These will help you strongly because after every round, your special attack gets restored back to 100%.

After successful game:

When you've managed to kill all 4 the portals, you'll gain exactly 8 Pest Control points & Coins depending on your combat level (combatlevel x 1,000gp). But, there is a small chance that after a successful round, your points will be taken by 'Death' for his WildyWyrm minigame. This happens randomly, and can sometimes be quite annoying.


After playing a few rounds of Pest Control, you can review the rewards that you've gained. You can access the reward shop by using the 'Exchange' option on one of the Void Knights.

All the rewards:

  • Void Knight Top - 80 points
  • Void Knight Robe - 80 points
  • Void Knight Mace - 30 points
  • Void Knight Gloves - 60 points
  • Void Knight Mage Helm - 80 points
  • Void Knight Ranger Helm - 80 points
  • Void Knight Melee Helm - 80 points

The Void Armour Sets:

The Void Armour sets(rewarded from the Pest Control minigame) are quiet interesting armour sets. Completing a full set will gain you a special effect, depending on the helm you're wearing. The set effect is determined by which helm you're wearing(making it either Magic, Ranged or Melee oriented). To 'complete' a set, you'll need to wear:

  • a Void Knight Top
  • a Void Knight Robe
  • Void Knight Gloves
  • Any Void Knight Helmet, depending on the 'set bonus' you want.

Void Knight Mage Set: + 30% Magic Accuracy

  • Void Mage Helm
  • Void Knight Top
  • Void Knight Robe
  • Void Knight Gloves

Void Knight Melee Set: + 10% Attack + 10% Strength

  • Void Melee Helm
  • Void Knight Top
  • Void Knight Robe
  • Void Knight Gloves

Void Knight Ranged Set: + 10% Ranged + 10% Ranged Strength

  • Void Ranged Helm
  • Void Knight Top
  • Void Knight Robe
  • Void Knight Gloves

Minimum Requirements for any of the Void Knight Equipment:

  • level 42 Attack
  • level 42 Defence
  • level 42 Strength
  • level 42 Hitpoints
  • level 42 Magic
  • level 42 Ranged
  • level 22 Prayer

Some information about the Pest Control island:

  • 4 minute games(240 seconds).
  • When succesfully completing the game, you'll gain 8 pest control points.
  • You CANNOT place a cannon on this island.
  • Honors CANNOT teleport onto the island.
  • On death you'll be kicked off the island, without gaining points.
  • When the time limit is reached, everyone gets kicked off the island and will gain NO points.
  • Dealing no damage will lead into NOT gaining any points.
  • There is a slight chance that 'Death' will take your pest control points away after a succesfull game.
  • Dealing damage to the portal's minions WILL gain you damage for the minimum-damage counter.

Original Guide's Owner: Boss Thoby

Uploaded to the Wiki by: Jonas

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