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(Risky) Barrows guide

What is Barrows?

Barrows is a minigame that requires you to kill all 6 Barrows brothers for a chance to get a piece of their equipment. Their equipment is very strong and killing them does not exceptionally expensive gear.

How to get there

Teleport to the location through your favorite spellbook and select Minigame→Barrows (first option).

'normal' Barrows

Once at the location your objective is to kill all six brothers and plunder their treasure chest. To do this you must dig (with a spade) at each of the six hills and wake the respective brother from his grave. One of the six brothers will not be in his grave, instead a tunnel will be there. You can access this once you've killed the other five brothers. You'll be teleported to the most southwest room in the tunnels, with a chest at the center. So go north once and west once. When you try to open the chest the last brother will appear. After killing him you loot the chest. It may contain coins, a barrows piece, bolt racks and runes (needs confirmation). After opening you'll be teleported back above the grave of Ahrim.

Some things to keep in mind while killing the brothers:

  • Verac hits through prayer, so make sure you bring some food and kill him quickly
  • Prayer will not quickly drain inside the graves or tunnels (unlike OSRS)
  • Each brother has a 1/50 chance to drop a piece of his armour or his weapon

'Risky' Barrows

Risky Barrows is started by talking to the weird old man on top of the center most hill, Ahrim's grave. He will teleport you to an instance. When you setup a Dwarven Multicannon and let it start firing the sound of the cannon will wake the brothers from their graves. They will attack all at once as well as some shades that are wandering around. You will drop your items if you die during the minigame. If you are quick you can get them back by return to the location you died at by talking to the weird old man again.

Why b(r)other?

Risky Barrows has a very high rate of magic xp since the brothers and the shades provide nice 3×3 blocks to cast blood barrage on. Also they frequently drop their armour pieces that sell in the junk store for 10-20m (+20% for high alching). Having a lot of their armour pieces can be useful for doing wildy pvm, since they provide excellent defence bonusses.

(minimal) Gear

Bring your best mage gear, at least Ahrim's robes. You should always cast blood barrage to stay alive. A salve amulet (e) does work on the brothers since they're undead, however you will lose it if you die during the minigame. In the picture's below are a minimum of what you should wear/bring. Note that bringing sara brews can be helpful, but if you brew your magic level below 92 you can die very quickly.


Setup your cannon between the graves of Verac and Dharok, with a small offset towards Verac's (western) grave. Then position yourself at the entrance/exit of the area. All melee brothers and the shades will clump up and become easy to kill with (blood) barrage, as it hits in a 3×3 square. The cannon placement allows the cannon to hit both Ahrim and Karil that try to escape death by not joining their melee brothers.

Guide written by Joepie on 18-08-19

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