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Master Clue Scroll

The Clue Scroll Guide

Clue scrolls (Also called Treasure Trails) contain clues and riddles that a player must solve to eventually find a reward casket. Clue scrolls can be obtained from killing monsters, certain skilling methods, and through several other sources.

There are 5 Tiers of Clue Scrolls:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite
  • Master

Master clues can be obtained as a reward from any of the other 4 tiers, or by turning in 1 of each tier clue to Watson in Varrock. Elite clues can be obtained from PvP. You must be ranked first or second on either the 7 day or 3 hour leaderboard for a chance at receiving an Elite clue scroll when you kill your opponent. This is one of, if not the best way to obtain Elite clue scrolls. Note: To receive Elite clue scrolls from PvP you need to complete the wilderness achievement diaries.

Whenever you are fishing, woodcutting or mining, you can now randomly obtain a clue bottle, nest or geode. They range from easy to elite. The difficulty is decided at random and the type of fish, tree or rock you mine has no influence on whether you get an easy or an elite clue. The level requirement and your fishing/woodcutting/mining level do however influence how often you will get a clue. You can only have 1 of each tier of each type (so you can have up to 12 skilling clues at any given time). In order to get an actual clue scroll from your skilling clue, simply open the bottle, nest or geode. When you do, you also have a chance to obtain one of these 3 unique items:

  • From a bottle: fishbowl & net, which can be equipped in the weapons slot and can be used as a replacement for a small fishing net, saving 1 inventory space
  • From a nest: musketeer hat (no stats or special use, but you have to admit it looks really cool)
  • From a geode: black pickaxe, which unlike OSRS is as good as a dragon pickaxe (but with a lower level requirement)

Skilling clues will never contain combat steps.


The rewards for each tier are listed on the Wiki Drops page.


Ironmen can obtain additional items from clue scrolls such as custom whips, Ex-ex parrots, and Bounty Hunter Shop items. The Ironman droprate is split up into tiers:

  • For Elite and Master clue caskets you first have a 1 in 100 chance to hit the Third Age Druidic table.
  • For Elite and Master clue caskets you have a 1 in 5 chance to hit the Elite Ironman-only items (with all the Mbox items, Donator items and of course the custom whips).
  • For Hard clue caskets you have a 1 in 8 change to hit the special Hard droptable with the Rune pouch, Ring of Vigour, Ex ex parrot, etc.

If non of the above are hit, you get drops from the regular droptable. All items on the Ironmen drop table have an equal chance of being obtained.

The Clues


Coordinate Clues require digging at a specified location. Locations can be found using a sextant, watch, and chart through trial and error methods. Alternatively, use the guide below to go to the exact location and dig. When digging, there is a chance of being attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a clue. Skilling clues will not contain combat steps.

Coordinates Location Picture
7 degrees 37 minutes North, 21 degrees 41 minutes East

South West of Cooking Guild

Teleport to Varrock. Run West out of the city.
8 degrees 24 minutes North, 15 degrees 5 minutes East

South West of Taverley tree patch

Teleport to Taverley. Run Southeast.
9 degrees 35 minutes North, 10 degrees 31 minutes East

South East of Camelot Castle

Teleport to Farming. Run West.
9 degrees 56 minutes North, 4 degrees 31 minutes East

Coal Trucks

Teleport to Thieving. Run Northwest past the Fishing Guild. Continue North.
10 degrees 5 minutes North, 1 degree 13 minutes East

Gnome Stronghold

Teleport to Gnome Agility Course. Run North.
11 degrees 11 minutes South, 10 degrees 41 minutes East

Ape Atoll

Teleport to Ape Atoll. Run North.
11 degrees 15 minutes North, 7 degrees 22 minutes East

Seers' Village Hops Patch

Teleport to Seers' Village. Run North.
11 degrees 45 minutes North, 38 degrees 31 minutes East

North of Ectofunctus

Teleport to Port Phasmatys. Run North.
12 degrees 5 minutes North, 14 degrees 58 minutes East

East of Warrior's Guild

Teleport to Slayer Master Turael. Run Northwest.
15 degrees 1 minute North, 23 degrees 58 minutes East

North West of chaos temple (Level 16 Wilderness)

Teleport to Green Dragons. Run West then Southwest.
16 degrees 22 minutes North, 25 degrees 48 minutes East

West of Green Dragons (Level 21 Wilderness)

Teleport to Green Dragons. Run West.
16 degrees 52 minutes North, 6 degrees 45 minutes East


Teleport to Rock Crabs. Run West and hop the fence. Continue West.
25 degrees 1 minutes North, 17 degrees 3 minutes East

Frost dragons (Level 55 Wilderness)

Teleport to the Wilderness Agility Course. Run West then North.


When you receive the arrow clue, it will be pointing in a specific direction. You need to go in the direction that it is pointing. You know you are close to the spot when the arrow begins to turn white. Once it's a solid white colour and starts spinning around when you move just one spot, it means you are in the right location and need to dig. When digging, there is a chance of being attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a clue. Skilling clues will not contain combat steps. Below is a list of common arrow locations.

Not very close... Getting Closer... Very Close!

Location Description Location Picture
Southwest of Barbarian Village

Teleport to Falador. Run north through the gates. Run East along the wall.
South West of Barbarian Village
East of Draynor Village

Teleport to Draynor Village with an Amulet of Glory.
East of Draynor Village
Southwest of Ardougne Center

Teleport to Thieving. Run Southwest.
South West of Ardougne Center
South of Green Dragons

Teleport to the wilderness Green Dragons. Run South.
South of Green Dragons
Al Kharid Mine

Teleport to Al Kharid. Run North.
Al Kharid Mine
Lumbridge Swamp

Teleport to Lumbridge. Run West to the entrance of the swamp. Run South.
Lumbridge Swamp
South of Seers' Village Bank

Teleport to Seers' Village. Run South.
Seers' Village
North of Lava Dragon Isle

Teleport to Black Chinchompas. Run North, then East.
North of Lava Dragon Isle
Northwest of Green Dragons

Teleport to the wilderness Green Dragons. Run Northwest.
North West of Green Dragons
Wilderness Scorpion Pit

Pull the lever in Edgeville. Run North, then East
Wilderness Scorpion Pit
Thurgo's hut, Mudskipper Point

Teleport to Pest Control. Take the boat to the North. Run Southwest.
Thurgo's hut, Mudskipper Point
Dark Wizard Stone Circle

Teleport to Varrock. Run South.
Dark Wizard Stone Circle
Brimhaven Town Square

Teleport to Theiving. Take the boat to the south. Run South to the town center.
Brimhaven Town Square
Outside of Legends Guild

Teleport to Theiving. Run East past the Legends Guild.
Legends Guild
Kandarin Monastary

Teleport to the Ardougne Bush Patch. Run Southwest.
Kandarin Monastary

Instruction (Dig/Search)

Travel to the location indicated by the clue. Dig at the location required. Click on an object to search it.

Instructions Location Picture
Dig up groceries in the garden of the monastery next to the edge of the wilderness.

Teleport to Edgeville. Run Northwest to the ditch. Run West and then South to the Monastary.
Dig at the southern entrance of the Tree Gnome Village.

Teleport to Yanille. Run East through the gates to the North wall of the city. Use the shortcut to cross the wall. Run Northwest to Tree Gnome Village.
Dig at the entrance of Rellekka.

Teleport to Rock Crabs using the combat training teleports. Run along the western fence towards south, once the fence ends go west along the fence.
Dig at the Shantay Pass entrance.

Teleport to Al Kharid. Run South to Shanray Pass.
Dig in front of the statue of the white knights.

Teleport to the Center of Falador.
Dig in front of the chaos altar inside the chaos temple.

Teleport to Edgeville. Run Northeast all the way to the chaos altar.
(Level 13 Wilderness)
Dig at the iron rocks north of Al-Kharid.

Teleport to Al Kharid. Run North to the Mine. Dig at every iron rock in the Mine.
Dig at the runite rocks in level 46 wild.

Teleport to the KBD Lair. Run Northeast to the runite rocks.
Dig at the gate separating Lumbridge from Al-Kharid.

Teleport to Lumbridge. Run East to the gate.
Dig at the chapel entrance near Port Sarim.

Teleport to Pest Control. Take the boat to the North. Run Southwest to the Chapel.
Dig at the King Black Dragon Gates.

Teleport to the KBD Lair. Run to the Gate.
Dig at the hole in the ground in the Barbarian Village.

Teleport to Edgeville. Run South.
Dig directly in front of the door inside of the mining guild.

Teleport to Skilling teleports –> Mining. Slightly south-west, dig inside the guild door.
Dig near the ogre barricade at Jiggig.

Teleport to Castle Wars. Run slightly east then go south from the bridge and continue south.
Search the bookcases in the Wizard's Tower.

Teleport to Draynor Village with Amulet of Glory. Run South to the Wizard's Tower.
Search the stacked crates at the Lumbridge general store.

Teleport to Lumbridge. Run North to the General Store.
Search the chest at the east wall of the building north of the Wilderness resource area.

Teleport to Edgeville. Use the lever to the south of the bank. Run North and then East.
Search the crate near the tea stall at Varrock's east wall.

Teleport to Varrock. Run East and then South.
Search the bookcases in Father Urhney's house.

Teleport to Lumbridge. Run West to the entrance of the swamp. Run South to the house.
Search the boxes in the bedroom in the Wizard's Tower.

Teleport to Draynor Village with Amulet of Glory. Run South to the Wizard's Tower. Climb to the second floor.
Search the bookcase in the house near Yanille's Sandpit.

Teleport to Yanille. Run East through the gate. Enter the house to the North.
Search the crates in the Ardougne Monastery.

Teleport to farming bush patch south of Ardougne. Enter the Monastery and search the crates. KEEP IN MIND IT CAN BE THAT ONE DIAGONAL BOX
Search the crates in the smithy in seers village.

Teleport to Seers Village. Run slightly north-west within the smithing building and search the crates.
Pray at the altar in Heroes Guild.

Teleport to Taverley through Towns teleports. Run north until you see heroes guild go in and go up the stairs.


Equip the items required by the clue. Go to the location and perform the proper emote. There is a chance to be attacked by a Double Agent. Pray Melee and kill him to receive a new clue or casket.

Instructions Location Picture
Bow at the entrance of the legends guild, equip iron platelegs, a shortbow and an emerald amulet.

Teleport to Thieving. Run East out of the city to the Legends Guild.
Cheer at the Dark Wizards' Circle, equip a bronze 2h sword, an iron full helm and wizard boots.

Teleport to Varrock. Run South out of the city.
Cry at the Catherby ranging shop, equip a hardleather body, an amulet of glory (3) and a dragon med helm.

Teleport to Fishing. Run west to the ranging shop.
Cry at the Tzhaar gem store, equip a tzhaar-ket-om, a fire cape and rune boots.

Teleport to the Fight Caves. Run Southeast to the gem store.
Raspberry at the Rogue's pub, equip a Leather Body, an Iron Dagger and Leather Boots.

Teleport to Yanille. Enter the town, run alongside the northern wall until you reach a tunnel, go through that and continue north until you see a pub sign in your minimap.

Wise Old Man / Estate Agent

These clues will tell you to talk to either the Wise Old Man or the Estate Agent while wearing an item. This is the list of all items you may need. The Wise Old Man is located in the center of Edgeville. The Estate Agent is located in Varrock Center, northwest of the fountain. Equip your required item and talk to the NPC to receive a new clue or casket.

Wise Old Man

Estate Agent

Item How to Obtain
Granite Shield Granite Shield Gargoyles
Dragon Full Helm Dragon Full Helm Several Monsters
Blurite Crossbow Blurite Crossbow Skilling
Dragonstone Ring Dragonstone Ring Crafting
Onyx Ring Onyx Ring Crafting
Onyx Amulet Onyx Amulet Crafting
Amulet of Power Amulet of Power Crafting
Dark Bow Dark Bow Dark Beasts
Rune Defender Warriors Guild
Iron Defender Iron Defender Warriors Guild
Adamant Scimitar Adamant Scimitar Smithing
Barb-tail Harpoon Barb-tail Harpoon Hunter

Falo the Bard

Falo the Bard's Location

To find Falo the Bard, Teleport to Seers Village from the Towns and Cities teleports and run North.

Use the item described in the clue on Falo to receive a new clue.

Clue Item How to Obtain
A shiny helmet of flight, to obtain this with melee, struggle you might. Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Helmet Armadyl
No attack to wield, only strength is required, made of obsidian but with no room for a shield. TzHaar-ket-om TzHaar-ket-om (obsidian maul)
A blood red weapon, a strong curved sword, found on the island of primate lords. Dragon Scimitar Dragon Scimitar ::shops
A bow of elven craft was made, it shimmers bright, but soon will fade. Crystal Bow Full Crystal Bow Full Elf Warriors on Crash Island
It can hold down a boat or crush a goat, this object, you see, is quite heavy. Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest Anchor Barrelchest
A molten beast with fiery breath, you aquire these with its death. Lava Dragon Bones Lava Dragon Bones Lava Dragons.
To slay a dragon you must first do, before this chest piece can be put on you. Rune Platebody Rune Platebody Smithing or ::shops
Penance healers runner and more, obtaining this body often gives much deplore. Fighter Torso Fighter Torso PkP store in ::shops
A book that preaches of some great figure, lending strength, might, and vigour. Unholy Book Any Godbook Battlemages in mage arena, ::shops, Jellies
A sword held in the other hand, red its colour, Cyclops strength you must withstand. Dragon Defender Dragon Defender Kalphite Queen
A red top worn by the elders, at the chaotic temple they shelter. Elder Chaos Top Elder Chaos Top Elder Chaos Druids (at the Chaos Temple at level 16 Wilderness)

Monster Tasks

Some clues will require you to kill a certain NPC. Here are some common ones.

Instructions Boss Guide
Kill a Dagannoth Supreme DKS
Kill the Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen
Kill a poison spider at the King Black Dragon lair entrance N/A
Kill a *random* battlemage at the mage arena Battle Mages
Kill a Barrows Brother in his lair Barrows Brothers
Kill the undead frozen dragon asleep on Ungael Vorkath
Kill a green dragon (in wilderness) N/A

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