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Combat Level: 454

Total Health: 510

What type of boss is this?

Vet'io is a skeletal champion (undead) that resides north of the Bone Yard. He uses Magic and Melee attacks, and when he reaches half health, he will summon two level 214 Skeleton Hellhounds to aid him (level 281 Greater Skeleton Hellhounds in reborn form). Vet'ion is immune to any attacks until they are killed.

Vet'ion has two forms: the (purple) regular form and the (orange) reborn form, as you can see from the pictures above. After he is defeated in his first form, he will go to his second form. The only difference between the two forms are the summoned hellhounds and armour colour; Vet'ion's combat abilities still stay the same in each form. Once the second form is reached, the player(s) have five minutes to kill Vet'ion; after five minutes being in reborn form, he will return to his normal form. If this happens, the health from the reborn form during that attempt carries over to the regular form, and he will not summon hellhounds again.

How to get there

Option 1: PvP teleport → Black Chinchompas → Run East

Option 2: PvP teleport → Dragons → Run North-West

Option 3: Hunter teleport → Black salamanders → Run North-West

How to get there

Unique drops

Ring of the Gods

A ring that gives you +1 in all defensive bonuses and +4 prayer.

Vet'ion jr.

A mini version of the boss that follows you. If summoned it has the same stats as ring of wealth and can block the bosses attacks. Combined with ex-ex parrot you can make a lucky Vet'ion jr.

Gear and Inventory setups

If you're on a slayer task you should always use slayer helmet.

Salve amulet (e) is almost a must as it helps you sustian. The boss is undead and salve (e) heals you

Do not bring items you're not willing to lose. This boss is located in the wilderness!

Amulet of glory (1-4) is recommended as you can use it to teleport out of the wilderness at level 30!

Minimum Setup

  • Helm of Neitiznot/Slayer helmet
  • Firecape
  • Amulet of fury
  • Abyssal whip
  • Dragonfire shield
  • Rune platebody
  • Rune platelegs
  • Barrows gloves/brawlers
  • Dragon boots
  • Berserker ring/No ring

Minimum Inventory

  • Saradomin brews (4)
  • Super prayer (4)
  • Overload (4)
  • Amulet of glory (1-4)

Medium Setup

  • Slayer helmet/Helm of Neitiznot
  • Max cape
  • Salve amulet (e)
  • Elysian spiritshield/dragonfire shield
  • Chaotic Rapier
  • Bandos chestplate
  • Bandos tassets
  • Brawlers
  • Dragon boots
  • Berserker ring

Medium Inventory

  • Saradomin brews (4)
  • Super prayer (4)
  • Overload (4)
  • Amulet of glory (1-4)

Expensive Setup

  • Slayer helmet/Torva fullhelm
  • Completionist cape (unholy)
  • Salve amulet (e)
  • Chaos whip/Chaos tentacle
  • Elysian spiritshield/Divine spiritshield
  • Torva platebody
  • Torva platelegs
  • Brawlers
  • Steadfast boots
  • 'perfect ring/Berserker ring (i)

Expensive Inventory

  • Saradomin brews (4)
  • Super prayer (4)
  • Overload (4)
  • Amulet of glory (1-4)

What prayer to use?

Normal Prayer book

Ancient Prayer book


As mentioned at the top of the post, Vet'ion uses Melee and Mage attacks. As long you pray Protect from melee you will take minimal melee damage overall. Vet'ion's Magic attacs can be dodged. He casts three magical balls at your location. One where you stands and two nearby. As long you can run away before the magical balls hits the floor where you stand, you take no damage. By doing that you will take relatively little damage overall from each kill. If you bring Salve amulet (e) you will heal most of the lost hitpoints by attacking Vet'ion, as he is undead.

Yellow spheres: The magical balls that Vet'ion lanches at you (can be dodged).

Red spheres: The Undead Hellhounds that Vet'ton spawns after being halfway dead at each phase.

Beware of pkers at this location. Always be on the lookout of white dots on the minimap. Bring Amulet of glory (4) so you can teleport from level 30 wilderness

Additional Notes

This boss is recommended if you're after making money. It have many coin drops as well as many other supply drops that people do buy. Also this boss relativitely to kill.



Indicator Meaning
Always Every kill
Common Once every 2 - 10 kills
Uncommon Once every 10 - 20 kills
Rare Once every 20-50 kills
Very Rare Once every 50 - 100 kills
Ultra rare Once every 100 - 1000 kills
NPC Name Item Name Amount Rarity
Vet'ion Reborn Avantoe 80 Rare
Blood rune 500 Common
Blood rune 2,000 Rare
Blood rune 5,000 Very rare
Cadantine 80 Rare
Cannonball 100 Common
Cannonball 200 Common
Cannonball 300 Common
Cannonball 500 Uncommon
Cannonball 800 Rare
Chaos rune 500 Common
Chaos rune 2,000 Rare
Chaos rune 5,000 Very rare
Coins 100,000 Common
Coins 200,000 Common
Coins 500,000 Common
Coins 1,000,000 Common
Coins 2,000,000 Uncommon
Coins 20,000,000 Rare
Coins 100,000,000 Rare
Coins 200,000,000 Very rare
Dark fishing bait 20 Common
Dark fishing bait 50 Rare
Dark fishing bait 200 Rare
Death rune 500 Common
Death rune 2,000 Rare
Death rune 5,000 Very rare
Dragon 2h sword 1 Ultra rare
Dragon bones 20 Common
Dragon bones 40
Dragon bones 60 Uncommon
Dragon bones 100 Rare
Dragon bones 150 Rare
Dragon pickaxe 1 Very rare
Dwarf weed 60 Rare
Ecumenical key 1 Rare
Fire rune 2,500 Rare
Fire rune 10,000 Rare
Fire rune 25,000 Very rare
Gold ore 100 Rare
Gold ore 200 Rare
Gold ore 300 Rare
Gold ore 1,000 Very rare
Kwuarm 80 Rare
Lantadyme 80 Rare
Loop half of key 1 Rare
Magic logs 200 Uncommon
Magic logs 400 Rare
Magic logs 800 Rare
Magic logs 1,000 Very rare
Mahogany logs 100 Uncommon
Mahogany logs 200 Rare
Mahogany logs 300 Very rare
Mahogany logs 500 Ultra rare
Mahogany plank 50 Uncommon
Mahogany plank 100 Rare
Mahogany plank 200 Rare
Mahogany plank 300 Very rare
Oak plank 100 Uncommon
Oak plank 200 Rare
Oak plank 300 Rare
Oak plank 500 Very rare
Ranarr weed 80 Very rare
Raw rocktail 10 Common
Raw rocktail 50 Rare
Raw rocktail 100 Very rare
Raw rocktail 500 Ultra rare
Ring of the gods 1 Rare
Rocktail 1 Common
Rocktail 1 Uncommon
Snapdragon 80 Rare
Super restore(4) 50 Very rare
Toadflax 80 Rare
Tooth half of key 1 Rare
Torstol 50 Very rare
Uncut diamond 10 Rare
Uncut dragonstone 10 Very rare
Uncut ruby 1 Uncommon
Vet'ion jr. 1 Ultra rare
Clue scroll (hard) 1
Clue scroll (elite) 1

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