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Herrodragon's Chaos Elemental Guide:

Chaos Elemental Boss's Background:

The Chaos Elemental is a dark cloud with six tentacles, and dwells in the Wilderness, just west of the Rogue's Castle. This area is moderately easy to access from the deep Wilderness teleport lever in Ardougne or Edgeville. A Wilderness Obelisk can randomly teleport players southeast of the Rogue's Castle. By killing this Boss, you're going to make around 300M an hour, mostly depends on your luck.

How to get to Chaos Elemental:

You teleport to Edgeville - Head North - Use the Pk Portal - Teleport to Mage bank - Click the lever - Run South-east to level 51 wilderness.

Second method Using the obelisks, Monster Teleports - KBD - West and keep going until lvl 49 Wildy obelisks near Glacors.

Equipment, Inventory Setup, Prayer:


Setup Helm Cape Amulet Platebody Leggings Gloves Boots Ring Weapon Shield Ammo
1. Archers helm Obsidian Cape (any Amulet) Black D'hide top Black D'hide Chaps D'hide Vambraces Rune Boots Archers Ring Rune crossbow Toktz-ket-xil Ruby bolts (e)
2. Archers helm Obsidian Cape Amulet of Fury Black D'hide top Black D'hide Chaps Barrows gloves Dragon boots Archers Ring Rune crossbow Dragonfire shield Ruby bolts (e)
3. Robin Hood Hat Fire Cape Amulet of Fury Black D'hide top Black D'hide Chaps Barrows gloves Dragon boots Archers Ring Rune crossbow/ Chaotic Crossbow Dragonfire shield Ruby bolts (e)

Extra info: Dragon hide is good because The Chaos Elemental is in the Wilderness and the Mage Pkers will splash more.


Setup Food Potion
1. Sharks 2x Ranging, 2-4x Prayer
2. Sharks 1-2x Overload, Saradomin brew\ Super Restore ratio to your liking
3. Rocktails 1-2x Overload, 10x Saradomin brew, 4x Super Restore, 2x Super Prayer


Use the Protect Against Magic prayer

You only keep 3 items on death +1 if you have Protect Item prayer on (unless you're skulled, then you keep 1 item with Protect Item on. Only bring items that you're willing to lose.


NPC Name Item Name Amount Rarity
Chaos Elemental Ancient repair kit 1 Ultra rare
Ashes 1 Always
Augury scroll 1 Rare
Bones 1 Always
Cannonball 20 Uncommon
Cannonball 50 Rare
Cannonball 100 Very rare
Cannonball 200 Ultra rare
Cannonball 500 Ultra rare
Chaos Elemental Jr. 1 Ultra rare
Coins 20,000 Common
Coins 50,000 Uncommon
Coins 100,000 Uncommon
Coins 1,000,000 Rare
Coins 2,000,000 Rare
Coins 5,000,000 Rare
Coins 10,000,000 Very rare
Coins 20,000,000 Ultra rare
Coins 50,000,000 Ultra rare
Dark fishing bait 200 Rare
Desert boots 1 Rare
Desert robe 1 Rare
Desert shirt 1 Rare
Dragon 2h sword 1 Very rare
Dragon chainbody 1 Rare
Dragon dart(p++) 30 Ultra rare
Dragon dart(p++) 60 Ultra rare
Ecumenical key 1 Very rare
Hand cannon shot 5 Common
Hand cannon shot 10 Common
Hand cannon shot 15 Uncommon
Hand cannon shot 20 Uncommon
Hand cannon shot 25 Rare
Hand cannon shot 30 Very rare
Hand cannon shot 40 Ultra rare
Hand cannon shot 50 Ultra rare
Hand cannon shot 100 Ultra rare
Mysterious emblem (tier 1) 1 Ultra rare
Rapid renewal scroll 1 Rare
Raw shark 50 Uncommon
Raw shark 100 Rare
Raw shark 300 Very rare
Raw shark 300 Ultra rare
Raw shark 1,000 Ultra rare
Rigour scroll 1 Rare
Shadow diamond 1 Ultra rare
Super attack(4) 1 Ultra rare
Super defence(4) 1 Ultra rare
Super prayer(4) 1 Common
Super prayer(4) 2 Uncommon
Super prayer(4) 5 Rare
Super prayer(4) 10 Ultra rare
Super prayer(4) 15 Ultra rare
Super strength(4) 1 Ultra rare
White 2h sword 1 Rare
White full helm 1 Rare
White kiteshield 1 Rare
White platebody 1 Rare
White platelegs 1 Rare
White plateskirt 1 Rare
White scimitar 1 Rare
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