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Chaos Elemental
Chaos Elemental
Availability Everyone
pUre A cHaOs of crEatuRe!
Combat level 305
Hitpoints 250
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit 28
Weakness ???
Attack styles
Melee, Magic, Ranged
Slayer info
Slayer level 1
Slayer points ???
Slayer XP ???
Assigned by
Combat stats
Attack Strength Defence Magic Ranged
275 275 275 275 275
Aggressive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defensive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+70 +70 +70 +70 +70
Other bonuses Immunities
Monster's strength bonus Monster's ranged strength bonus Monster's attack bonus Poison Venom
+0 +0 +0 Immune Immune
Attack speed

Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental is a genderless tentacled cloud boss which resides in a multi-combat zone in Level 50 Wilderness. It is often killed by players for the Shadow Diamond and Pet Chaos Elemental. Chaos elemental is a decent source of elite clues, if you are ranked on the pking leaderboards you have a higher chance of obtaining one. Elites will be the main source of money you will receive from this monster. Make sure you don't have one on the bank already as you can't get a second one.

Chaos Elemental Location


The Chaos Elemental is located outside of the Rogues' Castle in the Northeast section of the Wilderness. This location is a Level 50 multi-combat zone and is extremely dangerous. Do not bring any items that you are not willing to lose.


  • Orange/red: teleport to magebank and run all the way east at level 50 wilderness. Or use the lever a bit south of edgeville bank to teleport to 'ardy lever'. Weapon to slash webs required (any melee weapon).
  • Green: Teleport kbd, use the obelisk at 44 wild. It will randomly teleport you around to other obelisks, with wilderness achievements you can set destination. Go to level 50 obelisk then run west.
  • Blue: Wilderness sword 4 teleport, also requires wilderness achievements done. Teleports to fountain of rune.

Fight Overview

The Chaos Elemental attacks with all 3 styles of combat. Its range attack is a green projectile. Its magic attack is a red projectile. Its melee attack has no distinct animation. The Chaos Elemental has no special attacks on PkHonor.

Gear and Inventory Setup

Because it's deep wilderness it's advised to keep the risk low, chaos ele hits hard but it's mostly magic damage. You should protect from magic, black dhides/rune doesn't matter too much. However to tank pkers trying to freeze you black dhide is better for that. Because it still will hit you a fair amount you should bring a divine.
Chaos elemental has a high defence so you need a weapon with high accuracy/dps. The viggora's chainmace is really good while being not too expensive, it gives 50% bonus accuracy and damage on npcs in the wilderness. Charge the mace with revenant ether. Another option is the chaos whip, generally the best melee weapon for dps. You can bring a defender to be more accurate, you will take more damage though. A weaker weapon like a normal whip is not advised for money making, but still usable until you can afford the viggora's chainmace. Souls whip works but you should strive to get as many kills as you can in a short time frame.

  • Looting bag, this is a must have, you don't want to drop any food if you get a good drop.
  • Ring of wealth OR a lucky pet, you're here for drops after all.
  • Charged glory is your teleport to tele from -30 wild, teleporting by using the obelisk would usually be the safest route.
  • Overload, brews and super prayer potions. Experiment with how many of each you prefer to bring
  • Combo food, aka rocktails and/or karambwans. To tank pkers you want to eat faster than only brews.


  • Antivenom(+) and antifire. When you get hit by pker(s) you are going to need to drink these to reduce dbolt damage and prevent being venomed.
  • Rune pouch. Chaos ele still does a bunch of damage to you, if you bring vengeance runes in a rune pouch you can use vengeance every 30sec for extra damage. This item is lost on death, sold by pkp shop.
  • Phoenix necklace, also if you have to tank pkers this item will keep you alive if your hitpoints drop to a low level the necklace destroys itself and gives you hp back
  • Special attack weapon of choice.
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