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Pets List

A pet is a non-combat NPC loyal to a player that is generally obtained from monster drops. Pets can also be interacted with. All pets except boss pets do not serve a purpose other than aesthetics, exclusive pets are often considered prestigious. A player may only have one pet following them at one time. If a player receives a pet while having a follower out, it will be placed into their inventory. If a players inventory is full and they have a follower already, they will find the pet in their refund box. If a player dies with a pet following them, the pet will automatically follow them after death.

How to obtain an ex-ex parrot/boss pet

You buy the ex-ex parrot from a vote shop.

Ex-Ex parrot 500 Vote Points
2x Ring Of Wealth

Ironman get it as a clue drop from Hard Caskets since they can't use the vote shop.

When you're killing a boss, there is an Ultra Rare chance of receiving boss pet as a drop.

Added Boss pets:

  • Kalphite Princess (can transform into either form)
  • Baby Corporeal Beast
  • Chaos Elemental Jr.
  • Prince Black Dragon
  • Dagannoth Supreme Jr.
  • Dagannoth Prime Jr.
  • Dagannoth Rex Jr.
  • K'ril Tsutaroth Jr.
  • Kree'arra Jr.
  • Zilyana Jr.
  • Graardor Jr.
  • Baby WildyWyrm
  • Baby Mole
  • Baby Smoke Devil
  • Baby Kraken
  • Venenatis Jr.
  • Nex Jr. (Admin+\Honor Only)
  • Pet Snakeling (can transform to any form)
  • Tzrek-Jad
  • Callisto Cub
  • Vettion Jr Vettion Jr Vet'ion Jr. (Can transform into either form)
  • Scorpia's Offspring
  • Abyssal Orphan
  • Hellpuppy
  • Skotos
  • Vorki
  • Lil Zik
  • Ikkle Hydra
  • You can feed an ex-ex parrot to any boss pet (by combining the items in your inventory). This will turn it into a 'lucky' version of the pet. This will make the pet act like an ex-ex parrot, giving you +13% drop chance on all NPC drops.
  • If you're fighting the boss from which the pet dropped, the lucky pet gives +16% drop chance instead (FYI, ring of wealth offers +12% drop chance, but does not stack with familiars so is useless when combined with one).
  • If you're fighting a boss while the boss pet is your familiar, the familiar will now occasionally delay the boss's attacks (so the prince black dragon will sometimes delay the KBD's attacks). Lucky versions delay these attacks even more often.
  • If a boss pet is dropped as part of a kill but the one who gets the loot already has that boss pet (or its lucky version), the pet drop will instead go to the person who dealt the second most damage (or a 3rd player if the second player also has a pet, etc). If everyone who dealt damage to that boss already has that pet, it'll go to the player who got the rest of the loot.“ (Be aware if the player who has the pet, has it banked, he will still get the pet)

NOTE: On top of the +16% droprate, the Lucky Baby WildyWyrm gives +20% PkHonor Points and Pest Control points whenever you kill a WildyWyrm.

Tzrek-Jed allows fight caves to start at wave 50 for 1500 Tokkul and increases elite drop chance from Jad by 50% (1 in 8 instead of 1 in 12) if you have the lucky version.

Skilling Pets:

  • Baby Chinchompa
  • Beaver
  • Giant Squirrel
  • Heron
  • Phoenix
  • Rift guardian
  • Rock golem
  • Rocky
  • Tangleroot

Whenever you perform any of the following actions, you have a chance to receive a pet:

  • Woodcutting (beaver)
  • Firemaking (phoenix)
  • Fishing (heron)
  • Farming (tangleroot)
  • Mining (rock golem)
  • Thieving (rocky)
  • Agility (giant squirrel)
  • Runecrafting (rift guardian)
  • Hunting chinchompas (baby chinchompa)

For each XP point you receive, there is a one in 400 million chance to receive a pet, so on average you will receive 1 skilling pet for each 400M XP you gain in a skill. If you have 2B XP in a skill but don't have the pet for that skill yet, your chance quadruples to 1 pet for each 100M XP on average. Skilling pets can also be bought at the donator store for 10,000 credits each (9,500 for premium members), though this feature is not (yet) available for Ironman Mode players.

Some interesting information regarding these skilling pets:

  • Each pet can be fed an ex-ex-parrot, basically making it an ex-ex-parrot with a skin.
  • You can recolour a baby chinchompa by right-clicking it and choosing 'Metamorphosis'. Each time it recolours, there is a 1/100 chance it will turn into a golden baby chinchompa
  • When runecrafting at any altar while having a rift guardian following you, it will change its colour to match that of the crafted rune
  • Rock golems can be recoloured by using a rock on them. Regular rocks are found in the Feldip hills south of * Yanille, granite can be found at the quarry in the desert south of the bandit camp and elemental ore is found inside the elemental workshop, through the odd looking wall and down the stairs in Seers' village
  • Using the inferno adze or infernal axe also grants a chance at a phoenix pet

Soon to be added:

  • Rock
  • Penance Princess
  • Avatar of Destruction
  • Avatar of Creation
  • Jal-nib-rek / Tzrek-zuk
  • Bloodhound
  • Olmlet

Construction Pets

  • Toy Soldier (Level 13 Construction)
  • Toy Doll (Level 18 Construction)
  • Toy Mouse (Level 33 Construction)
  •  Clockwork Cat (Level 85 Construction)

To make these pets you'll have to go into your house and build a Workshop. Then build a Crafting table (Level 16 Construction) (Across the room from the Workbench). To make the toys you'll need 1 Steel bar (You make the Steel bar into a Clockwork), and 1 Regular plank that can be made with a Workbench.

Vote Shop Pets

  • Ex-Ex parrot

This pet acts as an improved RoW when either in your inventory or when following you. It increases your chances on any NPC drops, clue scrolls, and your clan getting a drop when fighting an NPC in multicombat with lootshare.

Exclusive Event Pets

  • Snow Imp (2014 X-mas event)
  • Zombie head (2014 Halloween event)
  • Chocolate Kebbit (2015 Easter event)

These are exclusive Event pets that can only be obtained during the event.

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