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1. 1-99

1-99 Efficiency Guide
Level NPC Information
1-13 Polar Kebbits Tracking at Polar Area
13-49 Desert Devil Tracking at Desert Area
49-63 Razor-Backed Kebbits Tracking at North-East Woodlands Area
63-73 Red Chinchompas Box Trap at Jungle Area
73-99 Black Chinchompas Box Trap at PvP Teleport (30+ Wilderness)
91-99 Kingly Implings Barehanding at Puro-Puro

Post 99 Training

  • Black Chinchompas are the best XP/h for post 99 training.
  • Kingly Implings are the best money maker for post 99 training.
  • 200m - Approximately 10,400 Black Chinchompas from 99. (No XP boost)
  • 2B - Approximately 110,400 Black Chinchompas from 99. (No XP boost)

2. Basics of the hunter methods

2.a Tracking

Items needed: Noose Wand (Hunter expert shop)

In tracking, you inspect bushes, holes, cactuses, by clicking your left-click option on them. The thing you have to inspect is different in every hunting area, and every area has several different things to inspect. After you inspect something, the creature from it will hide and you cannot inspect it again until you have teleported away or inspected at least 5 different things, then you can try again. One of the best methods of training hunter, especially on the lower levels.

2.b Bird snare hunting

Items needed: 1-5 bird snares(Hunter expert shop) (check the amount from section 3.)

When hunting birds, place your trap(s) near a spot where several birds fly around. A bird flies to it, and it will either get trapped or 'break' your trap. If your trap fails, just dismantle it and place it again. Bird snaring is the worst way to hunt I would never recommend it, and if you really want to do bird snaring, do tropical wagtails.

2.c Boxtrap hunting

Items needed: 1-5 boxtraps(Hunter expert shop) (Check the amount from section 3.)

Boxtrapping is the method you use to hunt chinchompas and ferrets. Place your trap(s) on a spot where you have several (3-5) spawns of chinchompas or 3 ferrets as there is only one spot to hunt ferrets at. Same as in bird hunting, also in boxtrapping your boxtraps might fail. If this happens, just pick up and replace trap.

2.d Rabbit hunting

Items needed: Ferret(s), A friend to do this with you (or 80+ hunter) and Rabbit snares(Hunter Expert shop); you and your possible friend need total of 5 traps.

Rabbit hunting is much different in PkHonor than in normal RS, because every time you fail the rabbit will kill you. Your items are safe as this is a just a joke from the coders. You (and possible friend) need to place 5 traps, each in front of one hole. After 5 of the 6 are blocked, use the 'Flush'-option on the un-blocked rabbit hole. This lures the rabbit into one of your traps. Not really good in training, but you need to do this at least once to obtain Strung rabbit foot necklace, which is listed in section 6.

2.e Net trap hunting

Items needed: 1-5 Ropes and 1-5 small fishing nets (Hunter expert shop) (check amount from section 3.)

Net trap hunting is the method to hunting salamanders. Place your traps in the young trees around salamander hunting zones (3rd page of hunting expert teles.) Salamanders can make your trap fail, even at 99 hunter. When this happens just re-place the trap to the tree.

2.f Deadfall hunting

Items needed: Logs, Knife, Axe (so you don't need to bank to get more logs.)

Deadfall hunting is quite simple, you use the left-click option on rock boulders 'Set-trap boulder' and wait till the kebbit you're hunting goes into it. Deadfall traps don't fail, but kebbits can run past it sometimes. When you run out of logs just cut more from the trees around every hunting spot.

2.g Pitfall hunting

Items needed: Teasing stick(Hunter expert shop), logs, knife, possibly Food if lower lvl.

Pitfall trapping is the way you obtain Larupia, Ghraak and Kyatt clothing. In pitfall hunting, you use the left-click option on pitfalls ' set-up trap' and then attack the animal you're trying to hunt. You will not damage it, but it will startto attack you. Now either jump over your trap by left-clicking on it or run behind it and lure the animal into the pitfall. Furs will appear in the pitfall.

2.h Butterfly Net (and barehanded) hunting

Items needed: Butterfly Net, Butterfly Jars (optional), Impling jars (only if using net)

Butterfly net hunting is used when hunting implings and butterflies. catching them is always the left-click option on them, so this is the easiest way of hunting. In impling hunting you need to use jars if hunting with net, and cannot use jars if hunting without. You also cannot use jars if hunting butterflies barehanded. Catching butterflies barehanded awards you with huge chunk of agility experience.

2.i Falconry hunting

Items needed: Falconer's glove (Hunter expert shop)

Falconry hunting is needed for obtaining the best hunter rewards: Spotted cape, Spottier cape and Gloves of Silence. For falconry hunting you need to take off weapon and wear Falconer's glove. now you can catch kebbits with left-click option in falconry area.

3. Amount of traps you can set

Level 1: 1 trap
Level 20: 2 traps
Level 40: 3 traps
Level 60: 4 traps
Level 80: 5 traps

  • One extra trap can be set up when hunting in the wilderness.
  • Two extra traps can be used at Black Chins for a total of 8.

4. Maps

4.a Polar

4.b Jungle

4.c Woodlands

4.d Desert

4.e Puro-Puro Map

5. Boosting your hunter level

Hunter potion boosts your hunter level by 3 levels but it wears off quite fast. They can be made by using kebbith teeth dust(Kebbit teeth + Pestle and mortar) on Avantoe potion (unf)

6. Hunter Rewards

6.a Gloves of silence

Gives 100% Success to pickpocketing, and gives 15% more experience from all ways of thieving. Can be obtained by getting fur from Dark Kebbit and using needle + thread on it.

6.b Spotted cape

Gives 20% extra Agility experience for all ways of training Agility. Can be obtained by getting spotted kebbit's fur and using needle and thread on it.

6.c Spottier Cape (Donor Only)

Same as Spotted cape, but Agility experience bonus is 70% Can be obtained by getting fur from Dashing kebbit and using needle and thread on it.

6.d Strung Rabbit Foot

Gives 20% better chance of looting a rare item from imps. Can be obtained by getting a Rabbit's foot and stringing it with a ball of wool.

6.e Barb-Tailed Harpoon

Like a normal harpoon, but you can wear it. This gives you one extra inventory space when fishing sharks. Can be obtained by pitfall hunting Barb-Tailed Kebbits.

6.f Chinchompa

Can be used as a multi-combat range weapon, hit with a 3×3 area. Currently has no stats. Obtained via Box-trapping at woodland area.

6.g Red Chinchompa

Same as Grey chinchompa, but has better stats (when they are added.) Obtained by box-trapping at jungle area.

7. XP/h

Level Requirements and Experience/Hour
Level Npc XP/Hour XP Each Method
95 (90 Agility) Black Warlocks (Barehanded) 12,000 Hunter XP/75,000 Agility XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
91 Kingly imps 5M/h 12,600 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
90 Snowy Knights (Barehanded) 9,600 Hunter XP/55,000 Agility XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
87 Zombie imps 2.4M/h 3,840 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
85 Sapphire Glacialises (Barehanded) 7,200 Hunter XP/40,000 Agility XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
83 Dragon imps 1.8M/h 2,880 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
80 Ruby Harvests (Barehanded) 4,800 Hunter XP/25,000 Agility XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
77 Grenwalls 10,200 XP Boxtrap hunting
76 Pirate imps 1.2M/h 4,800 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
74 Ninja imps 1.05M/h 4,200 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
73 Black Chinchompas 18M/h 18,000 XP Boxtrap hunting
69 Dashing Kebbits 1.685M/h 3,600 XP Falconry hunting
67 Black Salamanders 14,400 XP Net trap hunting
66 Pawyas 2.4M/h 7,200 XP Boxtrap hunting
65 Magpie imps 900K/h 2,760 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
63 Red Chinchompas 1.53M/h 4,800 XP Boxtrap hunting
59 Red Salamanders 4,800 XP Net trap hunting
58 Nature imps 825K/h 1,320 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
57 Dark Kebbits 1.5M/h 3,000 XP Falconry hunting
55 Sapre-Toothed Kyatts 270K/h 4,800 XP Pitfall hunting
54 Spirit imps 720K/h 2,400 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
53 Grey Chinchompas 1.125M/h 3,600 XP Boxtrap hunting
51 Sabre-Toothed Kebbits 405K/h 2,760 XP Deadfall hunting
50 Ecletic imps 600K/h 2,160 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
49 Razor-Backed Kebbits 1.51M/h 2,400 XP Tracking
47 Orange Salamanders 460K/h 3,000 XP Net trap hunting
45 Blach Warlocks (W/ Net)700K/h 1,800 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
43 Spotted Kebbits750K/h 2,800 XP 43-49 Falconry Hunting
42 Essence imps510K/h 2,040 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
41 Horned Graak150K/h 3,000 XP Pitfall hunting
37 Prickly Kebbits575K/h 2,400 XP Deadfall hunting
36 Earth imps420K/h 1,200 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
35 Snowy Knight (W/ Net)405K/h 1,200 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
33 Barb-tailed Kebbits420K/h 1,536 XP Deadfall hunting
31 Spinder Larupia90K/h 2,400 XP Pitfall hunting
31 Swamp Lizards360K/h 1,680 XP Net Trap hunting
28 Gourmet imps300K/h 840 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
27 White Rabbits0K/h 1,200 XP Rabbit Hunting
27 Ferrets290K/h 960 XPBoxtrap Hunting
25 Sapphire Glacialis (W/ Net)210K/h 900 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
23 Wild Kebbits250K/h 1,440 XP Deadfall Hunting
22 Young imps240K/h 600 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
19 Tropical Wagtail270K/h 960 XP Bird Snaring
17 Baby imps150K/h 360 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
15 Ruby Harvest (W/ Net)140K/h 600 XP Butterfly Net/Barehanded Hunting
13 Desert Devil475K/h 960 XP Tracking
11 Cerulean Twitch65K/h 720 XP Bird Snaring
9 Copper Longtail120K/h 480 XP Bird Snaring
7 Feldip Weasels300K/h 480 XP Tracking
5 Golden Warbler30K/h 480 XP Bird Snaring
3 Common Kebbits320K/h 336 XP Tracking
1 Crimsom Swifts30K/h 288 XP Bird Snaring
1 Polar Kebbits190K/h 240 XP Tracking

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