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A Guide for training Combat skills can be found here.

99 Cape Hitpoints Cape
Players with 200M 9,525
as of 09/07/2019
Players with 2B 690
as of 09/07/2019

Hitpoints represents the state of a player's health. If it reaches 0, the player will die. Hitpoints is the only skill players start at level 10.


While fighting, both the opponent and the player will have a bar on top of them. This bar represents their Hitpoints.

HP bar There are two colours on the bar, green and red. The green part of the bar represents how many hitpoints a character has left, and the red part represents how much damage has been taken away from their hitpoints. So if a player is low on hitpoints, then the bar on top of them would be mostly red, meaning they are near death. Players often refer to “being redbarred” when barely surviving or only just getting a kill for this reason.

Recovering Hitpoints

A player can heal to restore their hitpoints up to their maximum. There are a number of ways to do this.

  • Let it recharge naturally. A player will recover one hitpoint about every minute. However, this is very slow as a means of recovering hitpoints.
  • Let it recharge with the Rapid Heal prayer or Rapid Renewal prayer. Rapid heal results in recovering HP 2x as fast and Rapid Renewal 10x as fast.
  • Eat food. Players can eat various foods to restore their hitpoints. This is the recommended way a player heal themselves as it can be done quickly and often cheaply and food can be brought anywhere.
  • Die. When a player dies, they respawn at full health and stats. This is recommended if the player has banked all items and wants to go to an area near their respawn point. It is also possible for one to die in safe minigames such as the Al Kharid Duel Arena or Pest Control, regaining all stats without the risk of losing any items.
  • Guthan the Infested's equipment has a chance of healing the wielder an amount of hitpoints equal to the damage dealt.
  • Use Blood spells, which heal the caster for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Use the toxic blowpipe's special attack which increases its damage by 50% and heals its wielder by 50% of the damage dealt.
  • Use the Saradomin godsword's special attack Healing Blade which heals 50% of the damage dealt, and 25% of the damage dealt is restored to the player's Prayer. There is a minimum restoration of 10 hitpoints and 5 Prayer points, even with a hit of 1.
  • Use onyx bolts (e) which has a chance of doing 20% extra damage, and heals the player by 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Drink from the Fountain of Heroes at Edgeville.


When a player's hitpoints reach 0, they die, dropping all the items in their inventory on the ground except their three highest valued items (based on Grand Exchange values). One more item can be saved if a player dies with the Protect Item Prayer activated. Outside of PvP areas, items dropped on death are only visible to the player who owned them and remain on the ground for one hour, after which they will vanish forever.

A ring of life can be used to automatically teleport the player safely back to their respawn point if they take a hit which causes them to fall to 10% of their maximum Hitpoints or below. Note that a ring of life will not activate if the player is hit with a blow that kills them from above 10% of their Hitpoints or if they are in above level 30 Wilderness.

Earning Experience

When fighting, whether it be by Melee, Ranged, or Magic, a player will earn Hitpoints experience whenever damage is dealt. For every damage point dealt, 317 experience is given to the player's hitpoints.

Temporary Boosts

Boost Level Increase Other Info
Saradomin Brew (4) Saradomin Brew 3-16 Boosts Defence by (Level * 0.2 + 2) and Hitpoints by (Level * 0.15 + 2). Brews can heal up to 14 over your maximum HP (stacks with gear bonuses)
Rocktail Rocktail 23 Rocktail always heal 23 but can heal up to 10 over your maximum HP (stacks with gear bonuses)
Choc-ice Choc-ice 23 Choc-ice always heal 23 but can heal up to 11 over your maximum HP (stacks with gear bonuses)

Armour Boosts

Certain armours such as Nex Gear and the Grim Reaper allow you to heal over your maximum Hitpoints Level.

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