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The Morph Ring

The Morph Ring allows you to transform into several different NPC's that can be used in combat or just to hang out with.

To obtain various NPC's, you have to get a certain amount of charges for each NPC.

To charge the ring there are three different options:

  • Paying 50 Slayer Points per 1 charge (most used method) (Charges are added by right clicking the ring).
  • Killing players in the wilderness will give 2-3 charges (The Morph Ring must be in inventory).
  • Killing Nomad and opening the magic chest.

Number of charges for each NPC

  • Kitten - 0
  • Cat - 10
  • Imp - 20
  • Goblin - 30
  • Unicorn - 80
  • Wolf - 100
  • Barbarian spirit - 150
  • Saradomin priest - 200
  • Ork - 250
  • Werewolf - 300
  • Aviansie - 350
  • Ancient mage - 500
  • Ancient ranger - 550
  • Ancient warrior - 600
  • Archmage - 750
  • Grim reaper - 1000

NOTE: Charges are not used once you morph into an NPC. You can transform into them once you've got the charges any time you want.

NOTE 2: If you die with the Morph Ring on, you will lose 50 Charges.


  • 99 Construction
  • 50k Slayer points (can be gotten before or after you have the ring)
  • Ability to defeat Nomad

Getting the Slayer Points

Before you begin gathering the Slayer points make sure that you purchase the Slayer Brawling gloves (Costs 750M and 750 PkHonor Points. The Slayer brawlers have the same stats as barrows gloves and also give an additional 30% slayer experience and extra points.


These are the recommended tasks for getting the fastest Slayer Points.

  • Bork (Once every 20 hours for 130 points)
  • Abyssal Demons
  • Dark Beasts
  • Nechryaels
  • Blue Dragons
  • Hellhounds
  • Gargoyles
  • Ogres

Obtaining the ring

To acquire the ring you must have 99 Construction so that you are able to put nomad in your house dungeon. Nomad will cost 500M to put in your house. You will also need the magic stone to build the magic chest in your dungeon. You need to kill nomad to get the key to the magic chest(you have a chance of getting the morph ring from the chest).

To acquire the ring you must (have):

  • 99 Construction to build Nomad in your house dungeon's Boss Room. (Costs 500M to build Nomad)
  • Magic stone to build the Magic chest in the Boss room. (can't be any other chest)
  • Kill Nomad to get the key to the magic chest (You'll have a chance of getting the Morph Ring from the chest, meaning it can take more than 1 kill to get the ring)

Why get the Morph Ring?

The main purpose of obtaining the Morph ring is to fully charge it and gain the ability to turn into a Grim reaper which is really great for PVM'ing.

Perks of Death

  • Access to all bosses in God Wars without kill count.
  • Max Hitpoints of 165 when brewed.
  • Saradomin brews heal 23 per dose.
  • Prayer goes to 149 when praying at God Wars altars.
  • Ability to autocast spells (can hit up to 50 with Miasmic Barrage)
  • Soulsplit passive effect.
  • Special attack that hits up to 200. (Depends on the health of the monster, if it's 256 or lower it hits 126)

NOTE: In the Normal World any Morph has reduced stats and vice versa (meaning normal players have reduced stats in the Morph world), so to have the full stats you have to go to the Morph World by clicking the teleport in the spellbook.

Morph Realm

What is Morph Realm

Morph Realm is like a separate world for players who are morphed into NPC's. If a player without morph goes to Morph Realm, his combat stats are reduced by 20% and vice versa.

Morph Realm was created mainly because of the Morph Ring. Players with 'Grim Reaper' NPC are really powerful so they could crash everyone in the normal world, that's why a separate realm was created for Grim Reapers.

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