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Elite Reborn's Nomad Guide

  • 1. Background Information
  • 2. Requirements
  • 3. Recommended Setup/Inventory
  • 4. Attacks
  • 5. Tips & Tricks
  • 6. Drops
  • 7. Morph Ring

1. Background Info

Do not be fooled by the mighty Nomad! Some say he his harder than Nex, the general of the god Zaros. With hard hitting melee and magic abilities, he can pack a punch! Not to mention his “special” attack that can deal damage for the majority of your health points. Stay focused and calm when trying to defeat him and remember to bring your best gear available. Follow these few simple steps below and you will be in perfect shape to take down the impossible.

2. Requirements

~ Magic Stone

Magic Stones can be obtained by purchasing from players for around 240b - 300b, or you can get as a rare item from Elite Clue Rewards.

~ Level 123 - 126 Combat:

94+ prayer, and 99 all other CB stats.

~ Patience:

Unless you are facing Nomad is Torva gear, I suggest you pack some patience in your lunch box for the day. Killing Nomad can take up to 5 - 10 minutes depending on your gear, and the chances of you getting a morph ring from the chest on your first try is possible, but unlikely.

~ 99 Construction:

To be able to build the Magic Chest you will need 99 construction.

1) Highly Recommended Setup [Easiest Way to Kill Nomad]

  1. Torva Helm, Platebody, Platelegs
  2. Dragon/Bandos Boots
  3. Brawling/Barrows Gloves
  4. Divine Spirit Shield
  5. Whip of Chaos/Chaotic Rapier
  6. Amulet of Fury
  7. Completionist/Max/Fire Cape

2) Cheaper Setup

  1. Bandos Chestplate, Tassets
  2. Dragon/Bandos Boots
  3. Brawing/Barrows Gloves
  4. Divine Spirit Shield
  5. Whip of Chaos/Chaotic Rapier
  6. Amulet of Fury
  7. Completionist/Max/Fire Cape

3) If you wish to fight Nomad with a ranged setup then you will most likely need Pernix to defeat him. I attempted to use armadyl with a divine and a chaotic crossbow, and the attempt had failed several times.

[I do not recommend going any cheaper\lower than this. A divine spirit shield is a must, as you will be protecting from magic throughout the entirety of the fight, and Nomad deals melee damage too. Whip of Chaos is also a must, due to its speed and efficiency. I personally completed Nomad & achieved the ring via the second method as I was not rich enough to afford Torva.]


  1. 1x Overload (4)
  2. 1x Super Restore (4)
  3. 1x Super Antipoison (4)
  4. 4x Super Prayer (4)
  5. 21x Saradomin Brew (4)

4. Attacks

Nomad has multiple attacks and “special attacks” Let us go into depth on what they are:

1) Regular Magic Attack

Nomad will push his arms forth and cast a spell which could deal an immense amount of damage, but your divine and magic protection prayer should stop the majority, if not all, of the damage done.

2) Regular Melee Attack

Nomad will lunge his spear into the air and attempt to stab you with his weapon.

3) Special Magic Attack (HIGH HITTING)

Nomad will push you back and freeze you, so he can charge his special magic attack which will deal damage towards the majority of your health no matter what. Pot up with your brew when he is charging.

4) Special Melee Attack (Possible high hitting)

Nomad will essentially do the same as the regular melee attack, except he will lunge his spear at you 3 times consecutively in a fast manner. You immediately need to brew as this will most likely deal a good amount of damage

5) I would just like to add that there is a 5th attack, a magic attack, that hits considerably high, however there is no picture to provide as it is hard to capture. Nomad will summon black “flames” essentially and hit you.

5. Tips & Tricks

  1. Always keep your health around 700 - 800+. Nomad can unexpectedly rambo you and possibly kill you.
  2. Stay sharp and focused when attempting to kill Nomad. HE IS NOT AFKABLE! :lol:
  3. If you have not killed Nomad, and you are down to your last brew, I suggest you run. The brew is used incase Nomad freezes you as you walk out. Alternatively, you can bring a tele tab, but say Nomad is down to his last 2 hits, and you have 200 health. Would you run, or brew? It's a risk, but it can get the kill. But seriously.. run.

6. Drops


Coins - 1,000,000 -Common Coins - 100,000 - Common Coins - 150,000 - Common Coins - 200,000 - Common Coins - 300,000 - Common Draconic visage - 1 - Ultra rare Dragon chainbody - 1 - Rare Dragon full helm - 1 - Very rare Dragon platelegs - 1 - Very rare Dragon plateskirt - 1 - Very rare Level 8 treasure key - 1 - Always

Level 8 treasure key (Magic Chest)

Coins - 5M to 15M - Always Gold leaf - 80 - Uncommon Mahogany plank - 150 - Common Marble block - 150 - Common Morph Ring - 1 - Ultra rare Dragon plateskirt - 1 - Very rare

7. Morph Ring

Click here to visit the in-depth and detailed Morph Ring Guide. Credits to Evil Diety.

Overall, Nomad is not that bad! If you stay sharp, keep your mind focused on the kill, he will not be that hard at all! It may be a 5 to 10 minute fight, but that shouldn't matter. Getting the Morph Ring does not take that long, either.

Original Guide's Owner: Elite Reborn

Uploaded to the Wiki by: Jonas

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