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A mysterious ice creature, infused with power drawn from the Stone.
Combat level 475
Hitpoints 500
Aggressive No
Poisonous No
Max hit 30 (Melee, Magic, Range)
Weakness Zamorakian Spear/Hastae
Attack styles
Melee, Magic, Range
Slayer info
Slayer level 1
Slayer XP 93,000
Assigned by
Chaeldar Duradel
Combat stats
Attack Strength Defence Magic Ranged|
? ? ? ? ?
Aggressive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
? ? ? ? ?
Defensive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
? ? ? ? ?
Other bonuses Immunities
Monster's strength bonus Monster's ranged strength bonus Monster's attack bonus Poison Venom
? ? ? Immune Immune
Attack speed


Glacors (pronounced GLAY-soars) are considered a rare form of an Ice Elemental. They attack with all three styles and a special attack. Glacors are the only creatures which drop the three glacyte boots, worth several billion coins each.

Fight overview

Glacors use 4 different attacks. Using protection prayers will reduce incoming damage by 50%.

  • Melee - The Glacor will slam its entire body forward.
  • Ranged - The Glacor will raise its right hand and throw a projectile at its target.
  • Magic - The Glacor will raise its left hand and send a projectile at its target. This attack can freeze the player for a few seconds.
  • Icicle - The Glacor has a special attack in which it drops an icicle on the tile that the player is currently standing on. If it is not avoided, the player will take damage equal to 50% of their current health rounded down It is impossible to die to this attack as it can not hit full hp. The player will receive a message in their chatbox warning when this attack is incoming. (The Glacor is charging its special attack - move out of the way!)

Once the Glacor reaches 50% health, it will spawn 3 Glacytes that attack with Melee. Each has their own special effect. The Glacor is immune to all incoming attacks until all 3 Glacytes are dead.

  • Sapping (Light Blue) - The Sapping Glacyte will sap a small amount of prayer each hit.
  • Enduring (Dark Blue) - The Enduring Glacyte blocks 70% of all incoming damage.
  • Unstable (Red) - The Unstable Glacyte can explode dealing massive damage to itself and the player. It will start a 10 second countdown before exploding. Damage can be avoided by leaving the blast radius.

The Glacor will gain the special effect of the Glacyte which is killed last. The recommended order to kill glacytes is Sapping>Enduring>Unstable. Once the Glacytes are dead, the Glacor can be killed.

Fight Technique

The best style to use on Glacors is Melee. A Zamorakian spear or Zamorakian hasta is highly recommended as they have increased damage and accuracy against Glacors. Make sure you are overloaded before attacking the Glacor. Pray against whatever style the Glacor is using. Once the Glacytes spawn, run to a safespot or out of the Glacor's aggressive range. Pray Melee and kill the Glacytes in the order Sapping>Enduring>Unstable. Avoid the Unstable Glacyte if it decides to explode. Return to the Glacor and finish it off, avoiding the explosive attack if necessary. Avoid the Glacor's special attack throughout the fight.

Gear Setups

Max Gear

Medium Gear

Welfare Gear

Inventory setup


Glacors are located in the Asgarnia Ice Cave. You can easily get there by using the Monsters teleport in your spellbook. Once you have used the teleport, run east to the Glacors.

Drop table

Item Amount Rarity
Ancient Repair Kit 1 Ultra Rare
Avantoe seed 20 Rare
Blood Rune 1,000 Very Rare
Choc-ice 1 Common
Clue scroll (elite) 1 Ultra Rare
Coins 75,000 Common
Coins 100,000 Common
Coins 1,000,000 Uncommon
Coins 2,000,000 Rare
Coins 2,500,000 Very Rare
Coins 3,000,000 Rare
Coins 4,000,000 Rare
Coins 5,500,000 Very Rare
Coins 10,000,000 Ultra Rare
Coins 15,000,000 Ultra Rare
Coins 20,500,000 Ultra Rare
Coins 50,000,000 Ultra Rare
Dark fishing bait 100 Rare
Death rune 1,000 Very Rare
Dwarf weed seed 15 Rare
Glaiven boots 1 Ultra Rare
Grenwall spikes 12 Common
Ice diamond 1 Ultra Rare
Irit seed 20 Rare
Lantadyme seed 10 Rare
Living minerals 40 Very Rare
Mahogany logs 20 Uncommon
Mahogany logs 40 Rare
Mahogany logs 80 Very Rare
Mahogany logs 200 Ultra Rare
Mahogany Plank 5 Rare
Mahogany Plank 15 Rare
Mahogany Plank 25 Rare
Mahogany Plank 50 Ultra Rare
Oak Plank 10 Rare
Oak Plank 30 Rare
Oak Plank 50 Very Rare
Oak Plank 100 Ultra Rare
Ragefire boots 1 Ultra Rare
Raw Rocktail 10 Rare
Raw Rocktail 50 Very Rare
Raw Rocktail 100 Ultra Rare
Raw Rocktail 500 Ultra Rare
Raw Shark 50 Rare
Raw Shark 100 Rare
Raw Shark 300 Very Rare
Raw Shark 300 Ultra Rare
Raw Shark 1,000 Ultra Rare
Runite Bar 50 Ultra Rare
Staff of light 1 Ultra Rare
Steadfast boots 1 Ultra Rare
Super prayer(4) 1 Uncommon
Super prayer(4) 2 Rare
Super prayer(4) 5 Very Rare
Super prayer(4) 10 Ultra Rare
Super prayer(4) 15 Ultra Rare
Torstol 3 Common
Torstol Seed 10 Very Rare
Uncut dragonstone 1 Rare
Uncut onyx 1 Ultra Rare
Water rune 2,000 Very rare
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