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B0rnt0b3pk's Fletching Guide

1. What do I need to start Fletching?

You start fletching by having a knife in your inventory, and some regular logs to cut. Use the knife with the log to either make a Shortbow or arrowshafts for the first few levels! You can also cut cut gems into bolt tips with a chisel to level up fletching.

2. How do I make bows?

You make bows by using a knife on a log, and choose wich bow you want to make.

Level Bow Type Experience
1 Shortbow (u) 1,200
5 Longbow (u) 1,300
20 Oak shortbow (u) 2,000
25 Oak Longbow (u) 2,200
35 Willow Shortbow (u) 2,400
40 Willow longbow (u) 2,700
50 Maple shortbow (u) 3,200
55 Maple longbow (u) 3,600
65 Yew shortbow (u) 4,000
70 Yew longbow (u) 4,500
80 Magic shortbow (u) 5,000
85 Magic longbow (u) 5,600

If you want to make them into acutal usable bows, pick some flax from the woodcutting tele, and craft them into bowstrings.

3. How do I make arrows?

First of all, This is not recommended if you're training your level to 99. You by using a knife on a log, to make arrowshafts. 1 Log makes 15 arrows shafts - 100xp.

Where do I get feathers? The crafting shop.

Combine arrow shafts with feathers to make headless arrows*

Use any arrow tip with the headless arrows to make the actual arrows.

Level Arrow Type Experience
1 Bronze arrows 60
15 Iron arrows 120
30 Steel arrows 180
45 Mithril arrows 230
60 Adamantite arrows 1.000
75 Runite arrows 1,500

4. How do I make bolt tips?

Use a chisel on a cut gem to create bolt tips.

Level Bolt Tips Type Experience
1 Opal Bolt Tips 200
13 Jade Bolt Tips 250
16 Red Topaz Bolt Tips 500
20 Sapphire Bolt Tips 400
27 Emerald Bolt Tips 500
34 Ruby Bolt Tips 700
43 Diamond Bolt Tips 2,000
55 Dragonstone Bolt Tips 4,000
67 Onyx Bolt Tips 10,000

5. How do I make bolts?

Cut a gem into bolttips, and combine them with bolts to make the bolts you want. The fletching and enchanting of the bolts takes place in one step. You will need the runes for the corresponding enchantment spells.

Level Bolt tips Type Bolt Type Bolts Made Experience
11 Opal bolttips Bronze bolts Opal Bolts 120
26 Jade bolttips Blurite bolts Jade Bolts 300
48 Red topaz bolttips Steel bolts Red Topaz Bolts 400
56 Saphire bolttips Mithril bolts Saphire Bolts 500
58 Emerald bolttips Mithril bolts Emerald Bolts 700
63 Ruby bolttips Adamant bolts Ruby Bolts 900
65 Diamond bolttips Adamant bolts Diamond Bolts 1,200
71 Dragonstone bolttips Rune bolts Dragon Bolts 1,400
73 Onyx bolttips Rune bolts Onyx Bolts 2,500

6. How do I make a rune crossbow for the achievement?

Make a yew stock out of a yew log with a knife.

Combine it with runite limbs, which are found in the supplies shop.

Plant any tree, cut it and take the tree roots by using a spade on the tree stump when the tree is chopped. Use the tree root in the spinning wheel at the crafting guild at second floor. Combine the unfinished rune crossbow with the bowstring to make a Rune crossbow!

7. Helpful Information

If you're only going for level 99 fletching, I would suggest you to only make the unfinished bows, because they are the fastest xp/h. If you're going for 2b fletching, I would suggest you to make diamond bolt tips, as it gives alot of magic xp and fletching xp.

8. Leveling Method 1-99

This method uses unfinished bows as they are the fastest xp/hour.

Materials you will need:

  • 1x Knife
  • 27x Logs
  • 54x Willow Logs
  • 81x Maple Logs
  • 351x Yew Logs
  • 2000x Magic Logs
  • Level 1-38 Fletching = 27 Short Bows = 27 Logs
  • Level 38-49 Fletching = 27 Willow Short Bows = 27 Willow Logs
  • Level 49-55 Fletching = 27 Willow Long Bows = 27 Willow Logs
  • Level 55-65 Fletching = 81 Maple Long Bows = 81 Maple Logs
  • Level 65-70 Fletching = 81 Yew Short Bows = 81 Yew Logs
  • Level 70-80 Fletching = 270 Yew Long Bows = 270 Yew Logs
  • Level 80-85 Fletching = 270 Magic Short Bows = 270 Magic Logs
  • Level 85-99 Fletching = 1730 Magic Long Bows = 1730 Magic Logs

9. Brawling Gloves

Brawling Gloves (Fletching) gives 30% more experience in Fletching. You need 99 Construction, 500 Pkhonor Points and 500m Coins to buy them from an Estate Agent that is located at Home.

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Original Guide's Owner: B0rnt0b3pk/Sick Ownage

Credits to Danny13oy and Harrybotter for helping with some xp rates

Uploaded by: Jonas

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