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Blurite Crossbow Guide

Part 1

1.1 Requirements for the Blurite Ore

  • Level 10 Mining
  • Level 8 Smithing(to make the bar)
  • Any Pickaxe
  • A Hammer

1.2 Where to go for the Blurite Ore

1.2.1 Click the “Minigame” teleport

1.2.2 Click “Pest control”

1.2.3 Upon teleporting to the Pest Control minigame, you will see a NPC called “Squire”

Click on him, and click “Travel to port sarim”

1.2.4 Refer to the video below to show you where to go

1.3 How to make the Blurite Bar

Click “Skilling teleports”

On the first page, click “Smithing”

Use the ore on the furnace and it will become a Blurite Bar.

1.4 How to make the Blurite Limbs

Use blurite bar on anvil with hammer in your inventory, then click “Make x blurite limbs”

Part 2

2.1 Requirements for the Oak Stock

  • Level 15 Woodcutting
  • Level 24 Fletching
  • A Knife
  • Any Hatchet/axe

2.2 How to get Oak Logs

Click “Skilling teleport”

Click “Woodcutting”

East of where you are teleported when you click Woodcutting, you'll find an Oak Tree. Cut the appropriate amount of logs that you need from it.

2.3 How to make an Oak stock

Use the knife on the Oak Log, and click “Oak Stock”

Part 3

3.1 What you need to get tree roots

  • Level 15 farming
  • Rake*
  • Seed dibber*
  • Spade*
  • Trowel*
  • Plant pot*
  • Watering can*
  • Hatchet

* = Can be bought from farming masters

3.2 How to plant a tree

  1. Plant a seed into the pot.
  2. Water the seed, it'll then grow into a sappling.
  3. Rake the patch. [If it has weeds growing].
  4. Use the sapling on the empty patch.
  5. Wait for the tree to grow.
  6. 'Check Health'.
  7. Cut down the tree.
  8. Use a spade on the stump. [You will receive roots in return].

(Taken from Subtle's Farming guide)

3.2 How to make the crossbow string

Skilling teleport, once again (you know where it is by now)

Second page, click “Crafting guild”

Enter and climb the staircase.

Click on the spinning wheel, and click “Tree roots.”

You will then get a crossbow string.

If you do not have a high enough crafting level to enter the crafting guild, there is a spinning wheel in Lumbridge.

Click “City teleports”

Click Lumbridge.

Enter the castle, go upstairs, and enter the bedroom. The spinning wheel will be in there.

Part 4

4.1 How to combine all of the parts and make the crossbow

Have Blurite Limbs, Crossbow String, A Hammer, and Oak Stock in your inventory.

Use the Blurite Limbs on the Oak Stock and you will get an Unstrung Blurite Crossbow.

Use the Crossbow String on the Unstrung Blurite Crossbow, and now you have successfully made your Blurite Crossbow.

Original Guide's Owner: Hayden

Uploaded to the Wiki by: Jonas

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