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Ironman Guide

Ironman Mode is where players are completely self-sufficient.

Getting started

How to become an Ironman

When making a new account, tick the second box to start as an ironman.

There should be an ironmen clanchat that is free to join for any ironman. Ask players online what the current ironmen clanchat is and join it to ask any questions that you might have.


  • Keep in mind that this guide aims to provide tips and factual information and not be a walkthrough. Everyone has and should stay with their own playstyle. Not always is the fastest and best method the most fun method.
  • Of all the RSPSs out there, PKHonor has one of the most, if not the most, Ironman friendly server. [citation needed]
  • This guide is mostly written by Joepie in April of 2018. Updates past that date might not be concidered.
  • If you see any mistake, feel free to fix it. Become a contributor by following this link.
  • If you don't like to read, Whiprealgood has made a lot of guide videos for ironmen.


There are a lot of goals that can be set in PKHonor. Here are a few things you could aim for.

  • The Wise Old Man in Edgeville has 38 tasks for you to complete. Completing these is a good introduction to the concept of becoming an Ironman in PKHonor. Check this guide for more info.
  • Donator and Premium status let you train more efficiently by providing equipment and giving access to extra bosses and areas such as the Corporeal Beast and Zulrah. However it costs 2B gp and 2k PKHonor points (or 2500 donator credits) to go from regular to Donator and the same to go from Donator to Premium.
  • The Max Cape and Completionist Cape are the ultimate items to get in PKHonor. However, they have a long list of requirements. A Max Cape can take anywhere from 50-500 hours for an ironman to obtain, while the enchanted Completionist Cape can take well over 1000 hours for an ironman.
  • Almost all boss monsters have a chance at dropping a baby version of themselves as a Pet.
    • They sometimes will stop the boss version of them not be able to attack you if they follow you.
    • If you feed them an ex-ex parrot they will give you an increased chance at receiving good loot like the Ring of Wealth does.
  • As an absolute ultimate goal you could get all skills to 2B xp (maximum in PKHonor), which as of writing nobody has been able to do in the Ironman Highscores.


Player versus Monster (PvM) is a good way to get money and supplies for skilling, especially when killing bosses. PvM'ing is the most efficient if you have good gear and good combat stats which are ironically (btw) both acquired through PvM itself. Keep in mind that as an ironman you have to do all the damage to a monster yourself and if anybody even tanks a hit for you you don't get the drop. Luckily ironmen can get most bosses as an instance (room for only them) and spawn Wildy bosses.

Starting out

  • To get your first combat levels you can train at Rock Crabs (from the spellbook: combat training → Rellekka) and have a chance to get Rock-shell armor as a drop. (they have exact same bonuses as rune armor)
  • Once you have some decent combat stats you should start doing slayer tasks. See Slayer Guides for more about the art of slayer.
    • Make sure you buy an enchanted gem from the slayer master to find out how many monsters you have left to kill for your task and where they are located.
    • Start with a medium task then do a few hard ones.
    • Once you have 300 slayer points and 2m cash you should buy a Slayer Helmet for extra accuracy and damage while meleeing. The Slayer Helmet (i) lets the accuracy and damage bonus also work with ranged and mage but costs an extra 700 slayer points.
    • For 2000 slayer points you can buy a bonecrusher that buries (unnoted) bones received as a drop automatically for the same xp as you would have gotten if you'd used them on a Gilded Altar.
  • Kill some dragons (spellbook → Monsters → Dragons) and use their bones on the altar at ::skilling to get a few prayer levels.
    • Don't forget an antifire shield. It can be bought at the supplies store at ::shops.

Getting gear

Check the Drop List for items you might want and then look for the corresponding PvM Guide if it's available.

  • The rune scimmy is decent as a start and maybe you will get a dragon weapon as a drop through slayer. As a strong melee weapon you could either kill Abyssal Demons for an Abyssal Whip when you achieve 85 Slayer or kill Revenants in the wildy for the PKHonor points to buy a Chaotic Rapier. The Chaotic rapier has higher DPS (damage per second) than a whip and costs 1200 PkHonor points.
  • To get Barrows items, you can do this either by manually going into each crypt and killing the brothers, or you can do it through Risky Barrows.
    • You will need a spade for the regular Barrows.
    • To start Risky Barrows you talk to the weird old man at the center.
    • Risky barrows is much faster, but you will need to buy a Dwarf Cannon from the Pkhonor point shop for 500 PkHonor points. The Cannon balls can be made by using Steel bars on a furnace with an Ammo mould in your inventory. Cannonball mould can be bought from the shops. Cannonballs are also dropped in large quantities by Wilderness bosses. When doing risky barrows make sure you pray melee and kill the non-melee brothers first to take minimal damage. Blood barrage from the ancient spellbook is adviced.
  • Getting a firecape - Jad can be done with welfare gear. Bring melee for the waves leading up to Jad. The mage minions (level 360 Ket-Zek) don't attack with melee.
  • 99 Herblore is a highly suggested skill to get when starting your Ironman. You can make Super prayer, Saradomin brews and Overloads for PvM'ing. Those will be your bread and butter for bossing. For the quickest leveling method and how to make various potions visit the Herblore guide.
  • At 99 Runecrafting you can make teletabs that provide a quick escape when you are on the brink of death or in an area where you are constantly under attack. Before you have access to teletabs take a law rune and some air runes with you!

Godwars Dungeon

GWD is very important for multiple items that let you upgrade from welfare gear. Check the Godwars Dungeon Guide for details. To enter the lair of a boss you need get a killcount of 40 by killing minions associated with the god. Important items to obtain are:

  • From K'ril Tsuratoth (Zamorak): The Zamorakian Spear/Hasta is helpful if you're going to kill Glacors.
  • From General Graardor (Bandos): The full Bandos set is needed for the The Last Journey Quest. The Bandos chestplate en tassets are extremely good armor for melee PvM, giving good defence and some strength bonus.
    • Don't forget your hammer when getting the killcount!

  • From Commander Zilyana (Saradomin): The Armadyl Crossbow is the best crossbow in PKHonor. It has a special attack that activates the special ability of the enchanted bolts you have equipped. The Saradomin Godsword has a special attack that replenishes some health and prayer points, ideal for staying a bit longer while PvM'ing.
  • From Kree'Arra (Armadyl): The full Armadyl set is needed for the The Last Journey Quest. The Armadyl chestplate and chainskirt are extremely good armor for ranged PvM, giving a good ranging strength bonus.
    • The easiest way to get killcount for Kree'Arra is with the use of a cannon.
    • Don't forget a mithril grapple. A mithril grapple can be obtained as a drop from aviansies.
  • From Nex (Zaros): It drops Torva (melee), Pernix (ranged) and Virtus (magic) which is the absolute best armor for its respective combat category to wear. You will need to have completed the Correcting History Quest to unlock Nex.

Note that Ecumenical Keys are dropped by wilderness bosses. Those keys let you skip getting the 40 killcount. Keeping one in the bank for the unfortunate moment you die at a boss in the GWD is recommended. You can then easily get your gear back before it disappears forever.

Wildy PvM

The Wilderness contains some strong bosses for players to kill. They have some very good drops such as supplies, alchables and double the chance of dropping clue scrolls. Ironmen get acces to spawners to spawn those bosses in the Wilderness for themselves. For the Wilderness diary a lot bosses will have to be slain.

  • Be careful: PK'ers like to get an easy kill on an unsuspecting PvM'er in deep wilderness. Make sure you don't risk valuable items before you enter the Wildernes. Once a PK'er kills you they get a coinstack equal to the alchprice of the items you risk.
  • The spawner west of mage bank is in a single target zone so you cannot be oneshot by a clan, however it is very deep wilderness. If a pker were to teleblock you have very limited escapes. Taking a lock pick, obtained from pickpocketing a rogue in The Last Journey Quest you can try to escape by entering the house north of the spawner and use ::home to teleport away.
  • The King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, Wildywyrm and Frost Dragon each have an ultra rare special diamond drop. If you combine all four you can make a 'perfect ring' which has the best stats of any ring in the game giving +6 in all stats and has a chance of doubling any received points. Only the Frost Dragons in the Wilderness can drop the Ice Diamond.
  • Don't bother doing the Wildywyrm minigame as an ironman. If they have attacked anybody while you were not there yet you don't get a drop or points.
  • Wildywyrm (through spawning) are the best way to get Pest Control points since the normal minigame you will have to do solo.
  • Revenants wander around the wilderness and give PKHonor points + Slayer points when killed. They drop pk armor and the ultra rare Salve Amulet. The Salve amulet can be upgraded at a slayer master for 2000 slayer points, 500m gp and 500 pkpoints. The enchanted Salve amulet works as a soulsplit on undead creatures and has the same stats as a amulet of fury with some added prayer bonusses. When you die while wearing an enchanted salve amulet the amulet gets destroyed and you keep your other items.


Using the correct Prayer is crucial to keep PvM'ing for as long as possible and not wasting food.

  • Frost Dragons are the best way to get Prayer xp. They are located at the most northwest part of the wilderness. Once you get premium you can add a portal in your POH that lets you get easy afk-able prayer xp when killed with a Bonecrusher (giving 4x xp) (buyable from the Slayer Store for 2k Slay points).
    • Use any noted dropped bones on a gilded altar with burning incense for 4x the xp as burying the bones.
    • Lit incense burners last for exactly 5 minutes, which is the same time as a spec bar takes to refill. So everytime you have lit the incense use the special of a dragen battleaxe to track when the burners have to be relit.
  • For melee turmoil is the best but has to be unlocked at the altar in Edgeville.
  • For Ranged the rigour prayer and for Magic the Augury prayer is the best but they have to be unlocked with a scroll that can be obtained as a drop from either the Kalphite Queen or the Chaos Elemental.

Treasure Trails

Treasure trails are done through Clue Scrolls that are obtained through PvM or some skills (Woodcutting, fishing and mining). A clue scroll contains a challenge or clue on how to obtain the next clue or reward chest. Check the Clue Scroll Guide for help on how to complete challenges.

  • Master Clue Scrolls are obtained by trading an easy, a medium, a hard and an elite Clue Scroll to Watson at Home, north of the PoH portal.
    • Master Clue Scroll Caskets have a bigger chance (approx 1 in 333) at giving a Magic Stone (needed for a Morph Ring). But a slightly lower chance at a Custom whip (approx 1 in 94). source
  • On top of the normal items, Clue Scroll caskets opened by ironman have a chance of containing:
    • hard clues - an ex-ex-parrot, brown afro, rainbow afro, any colored dark bow, book of law, book of war, book of darkness, ancient prayers book (for 1 hour curses), ring of vigour or imbue scroll (on top of the normal items).
    • Elite clue - any custom whip, a black partyhat, a rainbow partyhat, any of the 7 other partyhats, any h'ween mask, sled, santa hat, fancy boots, fighting boots, a chicken costume piece, powdered wig, flared trousers, pantaloons, sleeping cap, any of the elegant robes, any cane, top hat, any animal head, any animal staff, easter ring, basket of eggs, scythe, fox, chicken, camel mask, jack lantern mask, rogue mask, reindeer hat, rubber chicken, bunny ears, fishbowl helmet or a monkey gree'gree.
  • Note that an ex-ex parrot cannot be bought by an ironman and has to be acquired through the completion of hard treasure trail clues. While PVM'ing it is recommended to wear a Ring of Wealth if trying to get certain items as a drop until you get an ex-ex parrot.
  • Custom whips cannot be bought from the donator store, instead they have to be found from elite or master treasure trail chests. (chance is estimated at 1 in 50). A Custom whip is needed to get an Enchanted Completionist Cape. Some of the Custom whips are the best weapon in PKHonor for PvM and PvP.


There is a guide for every skill already available at Skill Guides. Below are tips for non-combat skills.


To be able to run for as long as you want you should get at least a few agility levels.

  • To start go to the gnome agility course. (Spellbook → Skilling → gnome agility course).
  • At level 60 you can do the Werewolf course. Bring two planks to fix the zipline.
    • If you bring the stick to the Agility Boss you get 300 xp for each level in a random non-combat skill.
  • From level 70 you can do the Wilderness Agility course.
  • At level 90 Agility in combination with 95 Hunter you can catch Black Warlocks at ::skilling. They give 78750xp when caught. This is the fastest xp from that level.
  • Some Hunter gear provide bonus Agility xp. A Spotted Cape gives 20% bonus and a Spotier Cape (Donator+ only) gives 70%.
  • At level 99 Agility you will not lose any run energy anymore, allowing you to run forever.


For a bit of starting cash to buy supplies with for example you can do Thieving at ::skilling.

  • From level 75 you can steal gems from the gem stall. This could get you a few dragonstones for an Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth.
  • From level 92 the best way to train is by Thieving Rogues at the bar north of Yanille.
    • If your combat level is low you don't have to rightclick them. You will have to untick the setting “Always left-click to attack players or NPC's” in ::settings. You can lower you combat stats with the commands ::setlevel. This cannot be undone. See the bottom of Skill Guides for more info about the level commands.
    • Another trick is to zoom in and have the legs of a rogue between your chatbox and inventory. Then placing your cursor low enough and rightclicking on him your cursor will be above the “pickpocket” option. This allows you to train thieving without moving your cursor.

Herblore & Farming

Having high Herblore helps a lot for PvM. To get herbs you need to do Farming. So grab some cash and start farming (spellbook → skilling → Farming).

  • The guides have an excellent tutorial on how to level their respective skills.
  • Make sure you plant a woad leaf in the flower patch at level 25 Farming to never have your herbs get diseased anymore. (Don't harvest them! Let them just sit there being pretty.)
  • Once your herblore level is high enough make a big supply of brews, overloads and super prayers.
  • At Falador and Port Phasmatys the Herb patch is next to the Bank Deposite Box.
  • Donators can use super compost on a patch to let it grow quicker and provide more yield when harvested. Through the level 83 magic lunar spell “fertile soil” you can apply supercompost aswell.
  • Once you are get Premium status you can buy Magic Secateurs in the Premium Store for 5.75m. They let you teleport to any patch by operating them and provide a 10% xp boost.
  • Also from the Premium Store an Adze can be bought for 345m that let you chop down trees easier since you don't have to get rid of the logs anymore as they are immediately set to fire.
  • The Magic tree roots obtained when removing Magic Tree stumps is used for Antidote++ potions that are needed for Antivenom potions.
  • The Bush patch at Premium island has a bank next to it, making the gathering of whiteberries for super defence potions easier.

Fishing & Cooking

To keep PvM'ing and restore your health you will need some food. Food is acquired by Cooking raw fish cought by Fishing. Grab a small fishing net from the supplies store to get started at ::skilling.

  • You will need 1500 cooked manta rays for the Correcting History Quest at one point. So while training make sure you keep that in mind.
  • Monkfish are the fastests Fishing xp, especially if you drop the monkfish you've caught while fishing (hold shift). Dropping them however, makes you miss out on the potential Cooking xp.

Woodcutting & Firemaking

Firemaking as of writing doesn't provide much functionality. There is an easily accessible range at ::skilling for cooking. Woodcutting however is needed to train Construction.

  • Once you get access to an Adze Woodcutting and Firemaking are easily trained together by cutting Magic trees.
  • To get 99 Construction you will need about 8500 Mahogany planks which are made from Mahogany logs. Since one mahogany log gives 1900xp you will gain 16.2m xp woodcutting xp just by getting all the logs.
  • Cutting trees planted in your POH give a 15% xp boost.

Smithing & Mining

You may have noticed that the Pickaxes and Axes store doesn't sell a higher tier axe than bronze. So you will need to do some Smithing to get a better axe (or kill Dagannoth Kings (DKS) for a chance at a Dragon axe).

  • Mining can easily be done at ::skilling.
    • The runite ore rocks at ::skilling are only for Donator+.
    • Non-Donators can get runite ores at the end of the basement of the Heroes Guild. There is a Bank deposite box there that can be used when your mining level is at least 93.
    • Smithing and Mining at ::skilling provide a 5% experience bonus over any location outside.
  • When smithing runite and adamant bars make sure you make unfinished bolts to train Fletching with when you add feathers and bolttips.
  • At some point you might get a Draconic Visage as a drop from dragons. This can be combined with a regular antifire shield for a very good shield that also gives some strength bonus. It requires 95 Smithing to combine.
  • Note that to get Construction to level 99 you will need almost 8500 gold leaves which are made from gold bars. Since every bar smelts for 1450 xp this accumulates to 12.3m smith xp as well as 17.0m Mining xp if you get the ore yourself.
  • Uncut dragonstone gems that are randomly obtained during mining can be sold to the store for 1.25m or kept to make dragonbolts.
  • The Sacred clay pickaxe that can be bought at the donator store provides a 50% xp boost while mining.
  • For Premium member the anvil and furnace closest to a bank is at the premium skilling zone.
    • The closest furnace for non-premium members is in the crafting guild (requires 70 crafting to enter)
    • The closest anvil is at west-varrock. However the one at ::skilling has a furnace next to it.
  • At 99 mining and 99 crafting you can mine Marble Blocks at either ::skilling or the Crafting Guild while having a chisel and hammer in your inventory. This gives 15k crafting and mining xp per block.
    • When holding shift and clicking the blocks in your inventory you can mine indefinitely.
    • The 50% xp boost from the Sacred clay pickaxe also applies to the crafting xp.

Crafting & Fletching

To level up Crafting gems are the easiest way. Buy uncut gems and a chisel from the crafting store then cut them. From these cut gems you can make bolt tips through the Fletching skill.

  • You're going to make money if you sell the diamond bolt tips to the junk store (4.5k per diamond).
  • Be wary that sapphires are expensive in the store since they are used for Rings of Recoil.
  • Note that for the Correcting History Quest you need 200 sets of Green Dragonhide.
    • Three hides are needed per body, two for chaps and one for vambraces making a total of 1200 hides for the sets.
  • Make yourself a few sets of Black Dragonhide that you can use while PvM'ing in dangerous areas such as the wildy. It has great defensive stats.


Since the magic store only sells astral runes to ironmen you will have to craft runes yourself when you want to cast spells. Check the Runecrafting Guide for info on how to get started.

  • Essence can be bought from the supply store but gives only one rune per essence while pure essence that can be mined in the pure essence mine (accessible from the Mage of Zamorak at Home) give three times the essence and xp.
  • A really good source of Pure essence is Zulrah since it drops 500, 2.5k, 5k or 10k pure essence at a time.
  • At 99 Runecrafting you can make teletabs at a lectern from soft clay, a law rune and 3 air runes.
    • Soft clay is made by mining clay (easily mined at the Crafting Guild) and made wet in a sink (also at the Guild).


Hunter is a slow-paced skill to train, but it's very rewarding towards the end.

  • At 91 Hunter you unlock the ability to catch Kingly implings. They high alch for 600k and if released or caught bare handed have a chance of dropping a royal piece, uncut onyx, uncut dragonstone or 250k cash.
    • A full royal set is needed for the Correcting History Quest and a piece alchs for 45-60m depending on which piece.
    • If you wear a Strung Rabbit Foot your chance at loot increases with 20%.
    • You will need a lot of Onyxes (5 in total) for Clue scroll items (Onyx Amulet and Ring), Wise Old Man achievements (1000 Onyx Bolts) and of course the Amulet of Fury.
  • Gloves of silence, made from dark kebbit fur, lets you always succesfully pickpocket NPCs and gives a 15% xp boost.
  • The spotted cape, made from spotted kebbit fur, gives 20% increased agility xp.
  • The spotier cape, made from dashing kebbit fur, gives 70% increased agility xp.
  • Black Warlocks at 95 hunter (with 90 agility) give 75k agility xp when caught. Even more if you wear your spotted or spotier cape.
  • Black aswell as red chinchompas are great for quick leveling of your ranged level. Check this guide on how to do efficiently do it.


Construction is a skill that takes a lot of time, money and clicking to level, but the skill is extremely worth it.

  • There are two guides for Construction.
    • This guide has a nice overview of all the bonusses you get from training construction and making a nice house.
    • This guide has a nice tutorial on what you should make to get your first Construction levels.
  • You will need 8500 gold leaves and 8500 mahogany planks to get 99 construction. A gold leave costs 150k to make from a gold bar and a Mahogany plank costs 60k (or 54k on a workbench in your house). So it will also cost 1.8b gp to just get the supplies.
    • Gold ore can best be mined in the Crafting Guild
    • Mahogany can be cut at the Woodcutting teleport or at ::skilling
  • At level 99 Construction you gain the ability to buy brawler gloves from the Estate agent. Brawlers give 30% extra exp when doing the skill they are associated with. They cost 500m + 500 pk points per set of gloves (the melee and slayer brawlers cost 750m + 750 pk points).
    • Note that the Thieving brawlers are not worth it since the gloves of silence never lets you fail and only gives 15% xp less.
    • The slayer brawlers also increase the slayer points you get by 30%.
    • The melee, ranging and mage brawlers also increase hitpoints xp received.
  • To buy and track your progress for the Max Cape & Completionist Cape you need a Cape Rack in the Costume Room.
  • At a bookcase you can find statistics about your account such as killcounts and playtime.


Shop Restrictions

You will not be able to buy from:

  • The Bounty Hunter store
  • The vote shop (you cannot vote on an ironman account)
  • The donator shop. However, you can obtain donator status once you have completed at least 1 quest or all achievements. You can then purchase it for either 2B coins and 2000 PkHonor Points or 2500 Donator Credits. Once you have donator status and either completed 2 quests total or have level 99 in at least 7 non-combat skills, you can purchase a premium status (again either for 2500 credits or 2B coins and 2K PkHonor Points). Donator & premium are the only two things you can donate for as an ironman mode player. On an ironman account, you can not choose to take off the Premium or Donator status.

And the following stores have their stock changed:

  • Ranged store: only plain shortbows and bronze arrows
  • Armour store: only bronze and iron equipment
  • Armour & weapons store: no helmets (except the tyras helm), no amulets, no rune & dragon equipment, no tzhaar equipment
  • Pickaxes & axes store: no axes except bronze, but it does have all pickaxes
  • Crafting store: no cowhide, no green dhide, no wool, no ball of wool and no bowstring. The wool and ball of wool can be obtained from shearing sheeps in Lumbridge
  • Supplies store: no lobsters, no sharks, no potions, no bones, no soft clay, no unholy book and no rune limbs. Soft clay can be made by using clay on a water source or combining it with a bucket of water.
  • Herblore store: no herbs
  • Magic store: no runes except astral runes
  • Premium store: no bolt racks, no dragon chainbody, no dragon full helm, no potions and no bones

Other Restrictions

Ironman will not be able to:

  • Receive loot from NPC's that are not killed entirely by them. If another player tanked hits for them from an NPC, they will also not get the loot, even if they dealt all the damage.
  • Receive loot or drops from any other players (no matter how the other player died or whether it's a regular or ironman mode player).
  • Trade with other players
  • Kill monsters in other player's house dungeon.
  • Use the Grand Exchange
  • Stake with other players in the Duel Arena
  • Participate in Clan Wars, Bounty Hunter, some events (depends on the rewards)

Guide written by Joepie

Some parts of the first version of this guide, written by Jonas, are used

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