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So you want to contribute to the wiki? Awesome, thank you!

Wiki contributors

Wiki contributors can see and create drafts. This means being able to see unapproved changes made by other users as well as submit your own changes for approval. Once approved your changes are visible to everyone.

Anyone can become a wiki contributor. All you have to do is join the Wiki contributors group through the usergroups panel.

:!: Please make sure you are familiar with the guidelines before becoming a wiki contributor. :!:

Wiki editors

Users who consistently contribute quality content may be invited to become wiki editors. A wiki editor can approve drafts, delete pages, and upload media directly to the wiki.

:!: You cannot currently apply to become a wiki editor. They are chosen based on their contributions. :!:


Respect the rules

The rules also apply on the wiki. In addition, it is not permitted to disrupt or deface the content of the wiki. The upload functionality is only to be used for wiki contributions.

Write from a neutral point of view

A wiki is a repository for information. To that end it should be filled with facts, not personal opinions. Share your expertise, but don't argue from authority.

Abandon the concept of authorship

Contributing means forfeiting your work to the public domain. No one owns any page. This way everyone is completely free to contribute to everything. If you must, you can give yourself credit in a footnote, though this is strongly discouraged as it goes against the spirit of a wiki.
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