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Rules of PkHonor

The underlying principle of our rules is as follows:

You may not intentionally harm other people, disrupt their gameplay experience or gain an unfair advantage.


  1. No offensive language
  2. No scamming or luring
  3. No hacking
  4. No bug abuse
  5. No spam or disruptive content
  6. No advertisement
  7. No botting
  8. No real world trading
  9. No gambling with other players
  10. No negative and harmful behaviour
  11. No player or staff impersonation
  12. Obey staff members

The rules

1) No offensive language

You may not insult a person or a group of people, whether this be in-game, on the forums or outside PkHonor. This applies to both public and private conversations.

2) No scamming or luring

You may not trick another player in order to steal their items or cause losses to them by spreading false information about how the game works or abusing game mechanics to orchestrate a deception. This does not include trust-based agreements made between players where someone is expected to keep their word.

Examples of scamming include:

  • Luring a player into an unsafe area by telling them it is safe and/or falsely claiming there is something valuable to be found there
  • Falsely telling a player they will receive a special reward if they alch a valuable item or press alt-F4 in a dangerous area

While agreements between players can be eligible for refunds if made through our player-made deals system, failing to hold up your end of an agreement is not a punishable offence.

3) No hacking

Nobody is allowed to access accounts without the authorization of the account holder, except administrators or staff members who have been authorized to do so by an administrator. Just like scamming, hacking an account is always discovered through our logs so it's pointless to try.

4) No bug abuse

It is forbidden to make use of a bug or glitch within the game to get free items or gain an advantage over other players. Any bugs must be reported to the staff team, you may even receive a reward for reporting it if it's an important bug. Same as scamming and hacking, because of our logs there is no point in trying to abuse a bug.

5) No spam or disruptive content

Pointless messages are not allowed on the forums or the yell channel. However, messages that most others find funny and aren't disrespectful are allowed. Disrupting one of the public chats or yell by quickly and repeatedly typing a message is also not allowed. Posting vulgar, offensive or sexual pictures on the forums counts as 'disruptive content' and may result in severe punishment. Complaining about punishments on yell is also considered spam and will only result in more punishments. Double posting on the forums may be considered spam unless you had a good reason to bump up a thread. You're not allowed to yell about fake giveaways that would entice players to spam Private Message players or staff in-game.

6) No advertisement

It is forbidden to advertise a website, product or RuneScape Private Server, both in-game and on the forums, unless you have received authorization from an administrator to do so. The administrator must have publicly posted his approval on the forums in order to prove you have been authorized to advertise. It is however allowed to publicly talk about common websites (youtube, twitter, reddit,, facebook, etc.) without prior approval, as long as it doesn't violate any other rules.

7) No botting

Players caught using a bot, autoclicker or macro tool will be banned on sight. Using a modified client will also get you flagged as a bot. Gaining XP or items while being AFK falls under the same punishment. When your account is performing a task, you must always be present to respond to random events or when a staff member reaches out to you.

8) No real world trading

It is forbidden to trade PkHonor items or accounts outside the game. It is also forbidden to trade other items or accounts from other sites on PkHonor. It is, however, allowed to trade in-game items for services you provide to others on the forums.

9) No gambling with other players

It is forbidden to gamble with other players outside the official means (staking, clan wars, lottery, etc.). Using methods such as dicing, betting on sports games, etc is not allowed.

10) No negative and harmful behavior

It is not allowed to continually yell, chat or post negative and non-constructive criticism, spread hatred, harass, or continually argue with others in-game and/or on the forums.

Consistently harassing players, through any means, with the intention of hurting their gameplay experience is also against the rules. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, verbal harassment, the targeted crashing of a player, and preventing a player from participating in pvp activities.

11) No player or staff impersonation

You may not pretend to be another real person or pretend to be related to another person if this is not true.

12) Obey staff members

When a staff member tells you to do something, or to stop doing something, you must abide. If you believe you are being wrongfully treated by a staff member, then report this on the forums in the “report a staff member” section.

Extra rules & guidelines

Forums and game account punishments

Breaking a rule on the forums may result in the punishment of your game account(s).

Inappropriate names

If you create an account with an inappropriate or offensive name, the account will be banned, no matter how long you've been playing on it. We may be willing to rename your account if you have been playing on it for a long time, but don't take that for granted. Some things that are considered inappropriate: racism, vulgar words, references to genitalia, insulting/offending people or a group of people and anything else that can be considered as offensive or disturbing by other players. Translations of inappropriate words are also not allowed, no matter what language.


We are fine with some limited and harmless swearing, but we do not tolerate it when it reaches the point of being annoying, disrespectful, or discriminatory.


Minor begging will be tolerated untill it becomes annoying.

Clan advertisement

Clan advertisement is allowed on all accounts on yell once every 5 minutes. If a clan is spamming yell with advertisements (due to it being on multiple accounts), then the clan can be told that only its owner may advertise it. If the owner keeps abusing yell for clan advertisement, (s)he will be muted or even banned. Saying negative things about another clan is not allowed, simply because it's inappropriate and offensive towards others. In public chat, clan advertisements is allowed once every minute.

Forum thread advertisement

It is not allowed to advertise forum threads in regards to player reports, staff reports, applications, recoveries, refunds or forum posts that are in violation with our rules. This is considered spam.

Account sharing

Sharing an account between players is allowed, but if the account is ever hacked or stolen by either person, it will be banned and cannot be recovered by either person. We highly recommend to not share your account with anyone. However, if a shared account was hacked by either player and one person has donated for at least 2500 credits on the account (and the other has not), then the person who donated will receive ownership of the account.

Account trading / Account giveaways

Trading with or giving away your account to someone else is forbidden, the same goes for staking the account or putting it up for gamble. Do not accept an account if someone else gives it for free, because the original owner may reclaim it and you may end up losing it again (as well as the items on it). In some cases a given account may also be permanently banned if two people claim ownership over it.

Account Sales/Renting

Receiving items or money in exchange for any form of access to an account is strictly forbidden. It is a player's responsibility to keep their account secure, and in the event of a shared/sold account, the account will be permanently banned. Please note, this does not include name sales, that are conducted by administrators+.

Player made deals

Players who make a deal with another player (outside the boundaries of the trading system) and get scammed will not be refunded, and no punishments will be issued. Refunds will only be possible when a formal agreement is posted in the Player-Made Deals subforum.

Honor players

Honor players are not allowed to take actions that may disrupt other players their gameplay experience, such as turning into a big NPC or turn into an invisible NPC and stand on another player in the wilderness or duel arena.(This is also applicable for normal players)

Rule loopholes

There may be some things you can do which harms others but is not explicitly forbidden in the rules. Players found trying to abuse such 'loopholes' may find themselves punished as a result, depending on the severity of the offense.

PkP Farming

You may not intentionally kill friends or allow friends to kill you in order to boost your PkP points.

Staff reports

If a staff member abuses their powers or misbehaves, you should report this to us. Always make sure you have sufficient evidence of their wrongdoings (such as screenshots).

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