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Barb-tail Harpoon

Why do you need it?:

  • Along with being a required item to complete some Clue Scroll Steps It can be used as a harpoon and held in the hand. This means you can catch 28 fish instead of 27 each trip!


  • Level 33 Hunter. Click Here for the Hunter Guide.
  • Knife: Used to set the trap
  • Axe: Used to acquire logs.
    You can just bring logs from your bank if you already have them.

How to get there

You need to Deadfall Trap a Barb-tailed kebbit to acquire the barb-tail harpoon. Barb-tailed kebbit are located in the jungle hunting area.


  1. Click on the Skilling Teleports in your spellbook
  2. Select more skilling zones (Option #5)
  3. Select more skilling zones (Option #5)
  4. Select Hunter (Option #2)
  5. Speak to the Hunting Expert
  6. Select 'Teleport to another hunter area' Option #2
  7. Select 'Jungle Hunting Area' Option #2
  8. You will be teleported to a hut South of Feldip Hills. Run east to find the boulder where you trap the Barb-tailed Kebbits.

Step 1:

Step 5:

Step 8:

Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 6:
Step 7:

How To Deadfall Trap

Step 1: How the Boulder will look when set

Step 2: Waiting

Step 3: Checking Boulder


  1. With logs and a knife in your inventory, click on the 'Set Trap' option on the Boulder.
  2. Wait for the Kebbit to fall for your trap
  3. Once the trap collapses click on the 'Check Boulder' option to acquire your Harpoon!


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