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Overload Potions

Overload (4) Overload (3) Overload (2) Overload (1)

Overloads are a type of stat boosting potion. Drinking an overload potion raises all of the player's combat levels (excluding Prayer and Hitpoints), and causes 50 hitpoints of damage in chunks of 10.

The boosts for Melee skills and Range all depend on your Base Level. All calculations are rounded down.

Skill Boost Formula Max Boosted Level
Attack Attack ( 1.22 • Base Level ) + 5 125
Strength Strength ( 1.22 • Base Level ) + 5 125
Defence Defence ( 1.22 • Base Level ) + 5 125
Range Range ( 1.20 • Base Level ) + 4 122
Magic Magic Base Level + 7 106

It is not possible to drink an Overload potion while below 50 HP. However, if a player drinks an overload potion and immediately lowers themselves to 50 HP or below before the first hit of damage is applied then the player will die from the overload hits if they do not heal. When the overload runs out the 50 HP that was lost is then restored.

The boost is reapplied every 15 seconds for 5 minutes. It is a popular misconception that overloads will fully restore a player's stats every 15 seconds. This is untrue, as overloads simply reapply every 15 seconds. This property is useful to players who are using Saradomin brews to restore hitpoints, as the overload's frequent boosts help to counter the Saradomin brews' stat drain. After the five minutes is up, the overload's stat boosts will wear off and the players level set back to their actual level rather than progressively decaying like most boosts do, while also restoring 50HP as mentioned previously.


Overloads require level 99 Herblore to mix. They are made by combining a Torstol herb with one of each of the Extreme potions.

Ingredient Name
Torstol Torstol
Extreme Attack (4) Extreme Attack (4)
Extreme Strength (4) Extreme Strength (4)
Extreme Defence (4) Extreme Defence (4)
Extreme Ranging (4) Extreme Ranging (4)
Extreme Magic (4) Extreme Magic (4)
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