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99 Cape Fishing Cape
Players with 200M 1,191
as of OCT-23-2019
Players with 2B 141
as of OCT-23-2019

Fishing is a skill which involves catching fish from selected spots around Gielinor. A higher Fishing level unlocks different methods of Fishing, unlocks higher level fish, and increases a player's catch rate.

Caught fish may be cooked through the Cooking skill to create food which may be used later to regain Hitpoints during combat. Alternatively, many players sell their excess stock of catches for gold.

Fishing is one of the easier skills to begin training on PkHonor. To begin training fishing, you must purchase supplies from the 'Supplies Store Salesman' Located at '::shops'.

Item Used for

Small fishing net
Shrimp, Karambwanji, Bass, Monkfish, Manta ray

Fishing Rod

Fly-Fishing Rod
Trout, Salmon

Lobster Pot
Lobster, Dark Crab

Tuna, Swordfish, Shark
Name Fish used for
Feather Trout, Salmon
Raw Karambwanji Karambwan
Dark Fishing Bait Dark Crab
Fishing Bait Lava Eel
Living Mineral Rocktail

All of the tools you need can be purchased from the Supplies Store Salesman with the exception of feathers, Oily Fishing Rod, and Dark Fishing Bait.
Feathers can be purchased from Crafting Store Salesman and Dark Fishing Bait is dropped by several Wilderness Bosses.

Click here to learn how to make the Oily Fishing Rod.

Fishing Spots

Red = Shrimp & Bass
Orange = Tuna, Lobster & Swordfish
Yellow = Bass & Monkfish
Green = Rocktail
Blue = Manta ray
Black = Shark
Brown = Tuna & Salmon

Skilling Center:

To teleport here type '::skilling'

Premium Skilling Zone:


To Teleport here, click on the fishing teleport option in Skilling Teleports.

Leveling Method 1-99

The quickest way to achieve Level 99 & some alternatives…

Fish Catch from Catch to Amount needed
Shrimp Level 1 Level 35 75
Tuna Level 35 Level 50 33
Swordfish Level 50 Level 62 78
Monkfish Level 62 Level 99 2,117

And the alternative, for a profit..

Fish Catch from Catch to Amount needed
Monkfish Level 62 Level 81 310
Manta ray Level 81 Level 99* 1,205
Rocktail Level 93 Level 99 513

Non premium players continue to 99 on Manta ray, Premium players catch 556 Manta rays to level 93, proceed to Rocktails.

Leveling Method 99-2b

The best methods to 2B experience…

I did 5 test runs for each of these methods to see how fast/slow they really are. It's not 100% accurate, but I'd like to think it's relatively close. Keep in mind that the EXP rates are if you are fishing 100% of the time(cook/bank time not taken into consideration).

Fish Amount needed With brawlers EXP/Second With brawlers
Monkfish 331,161 254,740 8,666.66 11,266.66
Manta ray 220,774 169,827 4,500 5,850
Rocktail 174,296 134,074 4,276.07 5,557.99

Monkfish are the fastest way to 2 billion experience, as you don't need to bank making them 2-3x faster than other methods.

Levels & Experience

Fish Level EXP Tool Bait
Shrimp Level 1 300 EXP Small fishing net -
Karambwanji Karambwanji Level 5 300 EXP Small fishing net -
Trout Trout Level 20 1,575 EXP Fly fishing rod Feather
Salmon Salmon Level 30 2,205 EXP Fly fishing rod Feather
Tuna Level 35 2,400 EXP Harpoon -
Lobster Level 40 2,700 EXP Lobster Pot -
Bass Level 49 3,600 EXP Small fishing net -
Swordfish Level 50 3,000 EXP Harpoon -
Monkfish Level 62 6,000 EXP Small fishing net -
Karambwan Karambwan Level 65 7,500 EXP Karambwan vessel Raw Karambwanji
Shark Level 76 7,500 EXP Harpoon -
Manta ray Level 81 9,000 EXP Small fishing net -
Raw Dark Crab Dark Crab Level 85 14,100 EXP Lobster pot Dark fishing bait
Lava eel Level 92 11,400 EXP Oily fishing rod Fishing bait
Rocktail Level 93 11,400 EXP Fishing rod Living mineral

Tuna can no longer be caught once you hit 50 fishing.

Premium status also to catch Rocktail

Experience Boosting Items

Brawling Gloves Fishing: Require 99 Construction and cost 500m coins and 500 PkHonor Points

Quests requiring the skill

Quest Required Level Task Experience Notes
Pest Invasion 92 Lava Eels - Requires Oily Fishing Rod
Correcting History 88 1500 Manta Rays - Can be skipped by paying 8b

Oily fishing Rod and Lava Eels

Oily Fishing Rod:

Items needed:

  1. Clean harralander - Herblore store
  2. Vial of water - Herblore store
  3. Blamish snail slime - Herblore store
  4. Fishing rod - Supplies store

Combine the Vial of water and Clean harralander to create a Harralander potion (unf)
Combine the Harralander potion (unf) and Blamish snail slime to create Blamish oil
Use the Blamish oil on your Fishing rod to create an Oily fishing rod

Lava Eels

Lava Eels are part of the Pest Invasion quest, refer to this guide
for more information.

Lava Eels are located in Taverly Dungeon:


Take the Blue path if you have 70 agility, if you don't take the Red path.

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Original Guide's Owner: Nolan
Uploaded By: Jonas
Some credits: Roselia, Rizz0

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