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Vasa Nistirio
Vasa Nistirio
Availability Everyone
Its a Vasa Nistirio.
Combat level N/A
Hitpoints 300
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit Varies
Weakness Crush, Ranged
Attack styles
Magic, Ranged
Combat stats
Attack Strength Defence Magic Ranged
1 1 175 230 230
Aggressive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +100
Defensive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+170 +190 +50 +400 +60
Other bonuses Immunities
Monster's strength bonus Monster's ranged strength bonus Monster's attack bonus Poison Venom
+0 +0 +0 Immune Immune
Attack speed
Vasa Nistirio

Vasa Nistirio is one of the bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric, who accompanied Xeric during his exile as his High Priest. After obtaining untold power from the glowing crystals, he went mad with power and attempted to overthrow Xeric, only to be defeated and bound to them to serve as a guardian of the chambers as punishment.

Fight overview

Vasa Nistirio is initially seen as a pile of rocks. Upon approaching the pile, he will animate himself and start the fight. He will also raise a purple flame at the entrance, which will damage players who pass through it. The fight begins with his special attack.

Vasa has a special attack that he can use when he is at the centre, where he will teleport everyone in the room. Half of the team will be teleported to the edges, while the remaining half will be teleported next to him (if soloing, you will always be teleported to him). Those next to him will be stunned and have their prayers disabled. Those teleported to the edges should run to the centre and activate Protect from Magic. Vasa will unleash a magical barrage against everyone next to him, dealing massive damage. He cannot be attacked while charging this attack and teleported players are prevented from activating any sort of prayer until the attack concludes; however, attacks that land just as he starts it up can still damage and potentially kill him.

The damage of the attack is calculated based on the accumulated HP of the stunned players at the time of the teleport. If only one player is stunned, then the damage is their current HP -5. This damage is then divided by the number of players who take the hit. For instance, if 2 players receive the hit, then the damage is divided by 2, if a third unstunned player runs in to receive the hit, then the damage is divided by 3. Unstunned players are able to use Protect from Magic in order to negate the damage they would receive - however, this doesn't affect the overall calculation of the damage the other players will receive. Vasa is immune to attacks while charging his special attack.

For teams, the player with the least amount of Hitpoints should initiate the battle and stand next to him; then, teammates should cross the flame and use Protect from Magic next to him once the low-health player initiates the battle. After his magical attack, players can switch to Protect from Missiles. If the team has overloads, using them before entering the room is a good idea. Solo players will have to take the special attack's full effect (at the start of the fight as well as any consequent times), but they can start the room with lower health to avoid getting killed after the attack or use Vengeance to rebound large amounts of damage back.

Vasa throws boulders as a standard ranged attack to any players within 9 tiles of him but not underneath, in which he applies rapid stomp damage of up to 8 damage per tick. The boulders are fairly accurate and can hit hard, so using Protect from Missiles will reduce their accuracy and strength. After a teleport attack, Vasa will activate one of the four crystals in the corners of the room and walk his way over to it. Once he reaches it, he becomes invulnerable to damage and will begin healing small amounts of health and restoring any drained stats. The crystals are immune to ranged, take 66% less damage from magic and are highly resistant to crush and slash attacks, making stab the only option.

If the team disables the crystal in time, Vasa will return to the centre and activate another crystal. He will do this properly for a minimum of two times; on the third time, he will quickly cancel and return to the centre for a teleport attack. If the team does not disable the crystal in time, Vasa will deactivate it himself and return to the centre for a teleport attack.


Vasa Nistirio is located inside the Chambers of Xeric.


The full drop table can be found on the official Wiki Drops Page. This page will automatically update if any changes are made.

Gear Setup

Your gear and inventory will depend on the exact setup that you take into the Chambers of Xeric. Use your best Ranged Gear against Vasa and your best Melee Stab gear against the Crystals.


Max Melee

Torva Full Helm

Completionist Cape (chaos)

Amulet of Torture

Scythe of Vitur

Torva Platebody

Torva Platelegs

Ferocious Gloves

Steadfast Boots

'perfect ring'

Med-Level Melee

Serpentine Helmet

Max Cape

Salve Amulet (e)

Tentacle of Chaos

Bandos Chestplate

Avernic Defender

Bandos Tassets

Brawling Gloves (melee)

Primordial Boots

Berserker Ring (i)

Welfare Melee

Helm of Neitiznot

Fire Cape

Amulet of Fury

Chaotic Rapier

Fighter Torso

Dragon Defender

Torags Platelegs

Barrows Gloves

Dragon Boots

Berserker Ring


Max Ranged

Pernix Cowl

Completionist Cape (chaos)

Amulet of Ranging

Dragon Arrow500

Twisted Bow

Pernix Body

Pernix Chaps

Barrows Gloves

Pegasian Boots

'perfect ring'

Med-Level Ranged

Pernix Cowl

Max Cape

Salve Amulet (e)

Ruby Dragon Bolts (e)500

Armadyl Crossbow

Pernix Body

Twisted Buckler

Pernix Chaps

Barrows Gloves

Glaiven Boots

Archers' ring (i)

Welfare Ranged

Armadyl Helmet

Max Cape

Amulet of Ranging

Ruby Bolts (e)500

Armadyl Crossbow

Armadyl Chestplate

Elysian Spirit Shield

Armadyl Chainskirt

Barrows Gloves

Ranger Boots

Archers Ring

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