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Cape EXP Wool
Milestone Cape 1B 1B Ball of Wool x 1
Milestone Cape 3B 3B Ball of Wool x 2
Milestone Cape 5B 5B Ball of Wool x 3
Milestone Cape 10B 10B Ball of Wool x 4
Milestone Cape 15B 15B Ball of Wool x 5
Milestone Cape 20B 20B Ball of Wool x 6
Milestone Cape 30B 30B Ball of Wool x 7
Milestone Cape 40B 40B Ball of Wool x 8
Milestone Cape 46B 46B Ball of Wool x 9

Milestone Capes

Milestone Capes can be worn once you reach certain total Experience amounts. These capes are purely cosmetic, offering no bonuses, stats, or perks.

You can make them by bringing the requisite number of balls of wool, as well as 10M coins, to the Loom on the farm between Falador and Port Sarim. New capes are unlocked at the following thresholds, and require the following number of balls of wool.

For an entire cape set, you will need:

  • 90M Coins
  • 45 Balls of Wool

Release Notes

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