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The Vote System

Private server toplists are PkHonor's main source of advertisement. These websites rely on votes from players to establish a ranking of private servers. To thank you for voting for us we have created an automated rewards system.

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Toplists are divided into three tiers. Tier I & II offer different vote rewards whereas tier III is for toplists that don't feature rewards yet.

When voting on tier I & II toplists there is a chance you will win 500 vote points! If you're not one of the lucky ones, the amount of points you receive is determined as explained in the calculation. All rewards are doubled during the monthly double vote points event!

Vote Shop

In the vote shop you can exchange your vote points for items. Below is a list of all items currently for sale in the vote shop.

Item Price
Coins (1,000,000) 1 vote point
PkHonor points (1) 1 vote point
Advanced mystery box 1000 vote points
Brown afro 500 vote points
1 powdered wig
Rainbow afro 250 vote points
1 brown afro
Black partyhat 1500 vote points
1 partyhat set
(white, red, yellow, purple & green)
Rainbow partyhat 750 vote points
1 black partyhat
1 rainbow afro
Partyhat & specs 700 vote points
1 rainbow partyhat
1 gnome goggles
Colored dark bow
(blue, green, yellow or white)
200 vote points
1 dark bow
Ex-ex-parrot 500 vote points
2 rings of wealth
Black halloween mask 700 vote points
1 halloween mask set
(green, blue & red)


  • RuneLocus - reward is always 20 points
  • Tier I - reward is dynamic
    1. Base reward
      • 6 points for regular players
      • 8 points for donators
      • 10 points for premium donators
    2. Bonus reward (optional)
      • We count your votes on tier I toplists from the past 5 days
        (only one vote per toplist per day is counted)
      • The sum of those, divided by 2, is the bonus reward
  • Tier II - reward is always 2 points
  • Tier III - no reward (yet)

:!: If multivoting is detected a penalty will be subtracted from the reward. This may vary from toplist to toplist.

Monthly Event

There is a double vote points event at the start of each month! This event runs for three days, starting on the 4th at 08:00 UTC and ending on the 7th. During this event all vote rewards are doubled, which means you also have a chance to win 1000 vote points!


I voted but didn't receive any points for some toplists, what's up with that?

Each toplist has their own internal filtering to counter vote cheating. Even if the toplist tells you that you've voted successfully, sometimes they still won't record the vote and thus won't trigger a reward. In fact most toplists always say the vote was successful even if they blocked it, that way it's a lot harder for cheaters to figure out how the system works. Sadly they tend to be very secretive about this so they never give you an answer when you ask why the vote wasn't recorded. Annoying as this is there is nothing we can do about it.

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