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How to set a Bank Pin

Next to your password the bank pin is one of the most important options to keep your account secure. Most of the hack-case refunds are cases where players don't have a bank pin set on their account. That's why it is strongly recommended to get one as soon as you join Pkhonor!
If you're not sure how to set a bank pin you can follow the steps below.
  • Run out of the tent if you've just created your account.

  • Run north until you reach the bank booths, estate agent and banker.

  • Left click on the banker, or right click and select Set-pin.

  • Choose Click here to continue in the chat dialog.

  • Click on the Yes, I want to keep my bank safe! option.

  • Once you see this screen, click on Set Pin to start entering your new bank pin.

  • Here you enter a 4 digits bank pin. Try to make it difficult to guess but easy enough for you to remember.

:!: Many people use their year of birth or the current year. This is definitely not recommended. It's the first thing a hacker will try! :!:

  • Well done, you now have a bank pin!

Please note you will only be prompted to enter your bank pin when logging in from a different IP address.

Thank you for keeping your account secure!

Thanks to Brandon and Maurits for writing the original versions of this guide.

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