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Automated Recovery System

Linking your accounts

To link your account to your e-mail address Click the UCP Cog under your account management and then go down further under linked in-game accounts.

Select this symbol to link your account. Fill in your password and bank pin as well (only if you have one)

You have now linked your account to your e-mail address.

To add new accounts, do the exact same thing.

How to change the e-mail address that is linked to your account

Select and fill in the requested information.

How to recover your Password / Bank Pin

Go to your UCP

Click the account name under linked accounts. (Make sure it has a linked e-mail address)

Click the Recover Password/Bank Pin button.

Finally just go to your email and follow the link given by the pkhonor automated account recovery system.

Lastly, go to your E-mail and follow the link given by PkHonor Automated Account Recovery System.

Alternative Recovery Method

Recovering an account is a rather smooth process. To recover an account, one must be first logged into the official Pkhonor Forums. Once there, the user has to navigate to the Recovery section of the forum.

After inspecting the “READ ME” stickied topic in this section of the forum, you will find a guide to setting up your recovery. The thread will be detailed below.

Recovery Section Rules and Guidelines


This section is designed to help our players recover their accounts if they have been hacked, or have simply forgotten their password and do not have an e-mail linked to their accounts. When making a recovery, you should follow the rules, and use the format that is provided for you.

  • Do NOT post your password on your Recovery.
  • Please do not “bump” your thread. It will only result in your Recovery taking longer to complete.
  • Always use the correct format. If your Recovery does not contain the proper format, it will be disapproved.
  • Please refrain from making multiple Recoveries. If your Recovery isn’t visible, it’s because we haven’t approved the post yet.
  • If you are recovering more than one account, please include it on one recovery instead of making several threads.


Username | (Password/Bank Pin) Recovery | Date


Account Name you wish to Recover:

What are you trying to recover: (Password/Bank Pin/Forum Account)

Which Country or State did you create your account in:

Which Country or State are you creating this Recovery in:

What Internet Service Provider (ISP) was the account created under: (Example: AT&T, Verizon, etc.)

When did you create your account:

Name other accounts you own so we can compare the IP Addresses:

Did you ever Donate on the account:

If you did donate, please post the Transaction ID’s:

If you donated, how many credits did you donate for:

What account are you currently using:

If you can, please provide a picture or video of the account:

Do you believe you were hacked: (Yes/No)

If you have any other accepted recoveries, please provide the link here:

How to find Transaction ID's

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