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Basic Clan Guide

This guide will give you tips and teach you how to setup a successful clan.



Make sure your clan name is original, the more original your clan name is, the more players you will attract.

Example of a bad name: PKerowners Example of a good name: Tactic Kings

Clan title

In your clan title make sure it involves your Clan Name as well as what your Clan stands for and maybe some requirements.


  • #MAXED! Pking!-Wyrming!-Skilling! #126 Combat 2082 Total#

Clan page

There are a few things that you should have in your Clan Page, having these things will make your thread look more appealing and many more people will think your Clan is more professional.

Things your clan must have:

  • Clan Name
  • Introduction
  • Ranks
  • Sign Up Format
  • Rules

Things that are optional:

  • Ranking System
  • Events
  • Screenshots
  • Signature


Tell something about your Clan to those who are viewing your thread, as long as you let them know all that is about your Clan then people will know what they want and will most likely choose you, just make sure you introduce yourself to the new people that are viewing your thread because this is what players will most likely read and decide to join you or not.


Ranking is entirely your decision, just make sure your decisions are good and made for the best of the clan. It is suggested that you choose wisely and base your rankings of a few things but it is not wise to rank your friends high in clan just because they are your friends, make sure you have good reasoning for the decisions you make because if you do not make the correct decision when giving someone a rank then that can ruin everything for you, so be wise when it comes to this.

Ranking system

A Ranking System is always good, most clans have this and it helps out a lot. It looks a lot more professional and stylish, it can help quite a lot and you can keep track of your Clan Members easier with them being categorized as well as not always having to take control of it yourself, you will have senior or superior members in your Clan so they will be able to take care of things easily, basically the Ranking System helps you and your clan out a lot.

Sign up format

In the Sign-Up Formats you will want to add the requirements you need to join the clan and basic information.


  • Name:
  • Username:
  • Bank worth:
  • Total level:


Make sure you make good rules for all your clan members, So if anyone violates these rules you could ban him to keep your clan clean, And your members happy.


  1. Follow the PKH Laws.
  2. No Flaming/Baiting etc
  3. No advertising over yell (this can result into a mute).
  4. No CC hopping (this could result in a bann)
  5. No Flaming at other Clans
  6. Don't ask for a promotion
  7. No backstabbing (if we find proof of backstabbing this could result in a ban)


Be sure to host an event every once in a while to keep your members active/entertained and something to look forward to. Some basic events: (Bandos, Nex, WildyWyrm, Hide N Seek)


A Clan Signature is basically a free advertisement for your clan on every topic that your members post on.



Click on “join chat” to join a clan chat, Type in the name on what account the clan is hosted.


If you click on clan setup youll get a dialog where you can setup your clan and give your members ranks/rights to ban, kick and lootshare.


If you click on clan name you can choose your desired clan name. Everytime you say something in your clan chat you'll see the name next to your message.


If you click on “who can enter clan chat” you can choose who can join your clan chat. You can lock your clan chat for everyone or only allow certain ranks. This is all up to you.

If you click on “who can talk on chat” you can decide who is able to talk in your clan chat. This is all up to you.

If you click on “who can kick on chat” you can decide what ranks can ban/kick players from your chat. It is suggested only allow trusted members/friends to kick players.

If you click on “who can share loot” You can decide who can share loot while lootsharing. Again you can choose what ranks are allowed to share loot. It is suggested make every member in your clan able to share.


Image Image Image



In order to share loot you have to turn on “Lootshare” (only the owner can turn lootshare on/off).

Message when lootshare is on/off:



  • Image Owner
  • Image General
  • Image Captain
  • Image Lieutenant
  • Image Sergeants
  • Image Corporal
  • Image Recruit

In order to give one of your clan members a rank/promotion right click there name than hover over the rank you want to give him/her and than a right click the desired rank.

Note: Every clan member has to be on your friend list.



  • To talk in your clan chat use this command “/message”
  • To ban a player from your clan use this command “ban player name” * To unban a player frm your clan use this command “unban player name”
  • To kick a player from your clan use this commands “kick players name” To leave your current clan chat click “leave chat” Image —- Original Guide's Owner: Daan Uploaded to Wiki by: Jonas
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