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 To get there; To get there;
-Minigame teleport ​Second ​page - Castle wars - Run South East until you find a cave, and beside it a path leading upwards. (As seen in the second picture) Follow the path West, then south until you find The Chest guarded by Ogre's. Kill the Orge's until you get a key, open the chest to receive a Bandos'​ key piece.+Town Teleport ​Third page - Yanille ​- Run directly south and follow the the path laid out in the map below. There are some agility short cuts you'll need to activate.
 {{:​guides:​questminigameguides:​1dfb07d92dff2e3f71915028b7018bb4.png|}} {{:​guides:​questminigameguides:​1dfb07d92dff2e3f71915028b7018bb4.png|}}
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