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Correcting History Quest Guide

Requirements To Start The Quest

Completed Pest invasion
Completed all achievements for the Wise Old Man
Completed Last Journey
93 Attack
91 Strength
88 Defence
87 Range
75 Woodcutting
78 Farming
80 Crafting
75 Mining
93 Fletching
88 Fishing
2500 PKHonor Points

Item Requirements during the Quest

150m GP
Dragon Halberd
Crash Island teleport
1500 Magic logs
2000 Magic shortbow (u)
1500 Cooked Manta ray
500 Adamanite ore
800 Mithril ore
300 Clean Kwuarm
300 Clean Snapdragon
300 Clean Avantoe
300 Clean Cadantine
200 Green d'hide sets (Body, Chaps and Vambs)
Royal set (Top, leggings, sceptre, crown and amulet)
Crystal bow full
Crystal shield full
8 1B tickets (Optional: to skip part 7)

Items Recomended for Quest

Some source of healing (Sharks, Saradomin brews)
2 Overload (4)
1 Antifire potion (4)
Full void set, all three helms
Rune Crossbow or better

Items Acquired During Quest

Gnome Goggles
Bandos Kiteshield
Skavid Map
Champions scroll


2 Quest points
The ability to buy Crystal bows and shields from Lord Iowerth
Bandos Kiteshield
A chance to recieve Zaros Godsword after killing Nex with Bandos Kiteshield

How to start the quest

1. Speak to Sigurd at the Barbarian village, south of Edgeville. He tells you they are in danger and the elves has declared war on them.

2. If you have any transformation items, wear it and teleport to King Black Dragon. Head south to the “The Forgotten Cemetry” at level 31 Wilderness. Open one of the four coffins and it will direct you to a cut scene.

3. Speak to Otto Godblessed. He will tell you you've been attacked and he helped you survive. Later on he will tell they was trying to overthrow the king Vargas as they knew he had been corrupted and wants to restore peace with the elves.

Lord Iowreth and the Elf City

4. Teleport to Port Phasmatys and use the bank. Bring 150m GP, Crystal bow and Crystal Shield. Head North-east to the dock and talk to the Sailor. He will take you to Elf City.

5. It's time for a fight! Bring food, wear armour, more importantly bring a Dragonfire shield and Antifire potion, as you will be fighting four dragons. When you're ready, speak to Lord Iorwerth.

6. After you defeat the dragons, head north and exit through the door. Go back to Lord Iorwerth and speak to him. You will tell him about king Vargas and his corruption. Lord Iowerth then speaks about the Arzinians and how you need to Obtain the Bandos kiteshield and defeat them.
7. Go to the bank and bring; 1500 Manta ray, 1500 Magic logs, 2000 Magic shortbows (u), 500 Adamanite ore, 800 Mithril ore, 200 Green d'hide sets (Body, Chaps and Vambs), Royal set (Crown, Top, Leggings, Amulet and Sceptre) MUST be UNNOTED, 300 Clean Cadantines, 300 Clean Avantoes, 300 Clean Snapdragons and 300 Clean Kwuarms. Then Teleport to the Gnome agility course run north to the Grand tree, second floor and speak to Captian Errdo. Give him the items and he will give you a puzzle in return. Solve it and talk to him again, he will give you a Champoin scroll. NOTE: You can skip this part by paying Captain Errdo 8b.

If you need help solving the puzzle, take a look at this.

8. Head to the Champoins Guild south of Varrock and click at the Trapdoor. Now it's time to defeat diffrent champions with diffrent restrictions.

The Fight Begins

9. The fight begin! If you want to bank to restock or change armour, head west and click at the gate. Reminder: Banking doesn't make you loose progress!
Fight 1: Imp Champion - No restrictions - Combat level 14
Fight 2: Goblin Champion - Can only be fought with magic - Combat level 28
Fight 3: Skeleton Champion - Can only use Ranged attacks - Combat level 40
Fight 4: Zombie Champion - No restrictions - Combat level 53
Fight 5: Giant Champion - Can only use melee attacks - Combat level 56
Fight 6: Hobogoblin Champion - Can only use range attacks - Combat level 56
Fight 7: Gohul Champion - Can't have anything in Inventory - Combat level 85
Fight 8: Earth Warrior Champion - Can't use prayer - Combat level 102
Fight 9: Jogre Champion - Can Only use ranged attacks - Combat level 107
Fight 10: Lesser Demon Champion - Can't wear any items - Combat level 162
Fight 11: Leon D'Cour - Can only wear a Weapon, but inventory must also be empty - Combat level 141
Fight 12: Gnome Guard - Combat level 23 - This is the last fight. You are not allowed to bring anything. So before you go in. Overload and use Saradomin brew to 113 hp.
10. Take out the Champion scroll from your bank and go back Captain Errdo to recieve the Goggles.
11. Go back to Lord Iowerth, speak to him and he will tell you how to obtain the Bandos Kiteshield.
12. Go to Nex and kill her. The Bandos Kiteshield will automatically pop in your invenotry after you kill her. Note: If you're killing Nex with firends, you must deal most damage in order to obtain the Bandos Kiteshield.
13. After you recieve the Bandos Kiteshield, head back to Lord Iowerth and to him.
14. Grab armour (Mainly Bandos Kiteshield, Goggles and Dragon Halberd), Some runes to cast barrages, food and pots for some fights. Use your Crash Island teleport and head West until you find a pit. Wear your Bandos Kiteshield, pray protect melee and go down the pit and kill the all four NPCs. After you've killed them all, you will recieve a Skavid map.

The Ending

15. Head back to Elf City and speak to Lord Iowerth with the Skavid Map. He tells you the Arzinians should be somwhere in a smoking dungeon in the desert.
16. Time to bank and bring items to deal damage with melee, magic and ranged. Bring food and pots aswell. After you're ready, teleport to Al-Kharid and follow the picture.


17. After you go down the Smokey well, head east towards the chest and open it. Four NPC's spawns wich you have to kill with a certain combat style.
18. After youre done killing them, go back to Elf City and speak to Lord Iowerth to complete the quest!


B0rnt0b3pk/Sick Ownage for creating this guide.

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