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Availability Everyone
We'll fight, until world's end.
Combat level 291
Hitpoints 255
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit 28
Weakness Magic
Attack styles
Slayer info
Slayer level 87
Slayer points 5
Slayer XP 60,000
Assigned by
Chaeldar Duradel
Combat stats
Attack Strength Defence Magic Ranged
1 1 1 1 1
Aggressive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defensive stats
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +130 +300
Other bonuses Immunities
Monster's strength bonus Monster's ranged strength bonus Monster's attack bonus Poison Venom
+0 +0 +0 Immune Immune
Attack speed

The Kraken requires level 87 Slayer to kill. Located at west of Karamja, it can only be attacked if the player has Krakens as a Slayer assignment, which requires level 87 Slayer. They are the only monsters that drop the Kraken tentacle. In addition to the tentacle, the Kraken is the only monster to drop the Trident of the seas.


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Item Amount Rarity
Notable drops
Special Item 1 Ultra rare
Other drops
Common Item 1 Common

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Melee Gear Setup

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Magic Gear Setup

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  • 87 Slayer
  • Slayer streak of 3 (to get it as a task)
  • 95 Agility IF you're premium or ironman for the rope swing area.
  • 99 Magic
  • Protection Prayers

What is Kraken?

The Kraken is a stronger and larger version of the Cave kraken. It requires level 87 Slayer to kill and can only be attacked when on a Slayer task (assigned on Elite slayer tasks) and when you have a Slayer streak of at least 3. The Kraken can't be attacked by melee and ranged since melee and ranged damage is reduced by 50% (does not affect bolt specials). It can be found West of Brimhaven, there's one at a creek and two more to the island further to the West (requiring 95 agility to reach through rope swing), Ironman mode players will find their instanced Kraken at the island beyond the rope swing.

Note: You can only get the Kraken assigned as a slayer task if your slayer streak is at least 3, but if you're an Ironman, you will only get it assigned if you have at least 95 Agility. Kraken kills are registered in your bookcase.

Map: How to get to Kraken?

Best way: Skilling → Thieving → South to the dock → Captain Barnaby.

Alternative Route 1: Amulet of Glory (1-4) → Karamja → West past Brimhaven.

Alternative Route 2: Skilling → More Skilling areas → Hunter → Hunter Master → More Hunting Areas → Graahk Hunting Area → North.

Why should I go there?

Kraken is sought for it's Kraken tentacle and the Trident of the Seas.

Kraken Tentacle

Can be combined with an Abyssal whip creating an Abyssal Tentacle, adding +12 slash and +12 strength bonus, as well as a 25% chance to inflict poison on a successful hit (p++, so 5 or 6 poison damage). This whip can be used in the wilderness against other players.

The special attack adds +10% accuracy and +10% damage (versus just +10% accuracy for a normal whip special) and also has a 100% chance to poison your opponent for 6 poison. The special attack's poison cannot be prevented with antipoison, but your opponent can remove the poison with another antipoison sip after the special.

After 10 hours of combat (about 15000 hits), the Abyssal tentacle degrades and consumes either your whip or the tentacle (so you'll have either an Abyssal Whip or a Kraken Tentacle left). You can check how many charges are left by using the right-click option 'Check'.

Both the Kraken Tentacle and Abyssal Tentacle are tradeable.

The Kraken Tentacle can also be combined with any custom whip, adding a 25% chance to poison your opponent on each hit, but otherwise does not affect the custom whip's stats, passive or special attack in any way. A custom whip + tentacle does not degrade and remains tradeable, but you cannot dismount the tentacle. When used against other players in the wilderness, a custom tentacle is treated as being a regular Abyssal Tentacle (with 94 slash and 94 strength bonus).

Trident of the Seas

Requires 75 magic and 87 slayer to wield and has a magic attack bonus of +25, as well as an attack speed of 2.4 seconds (versus 3 seconds for other combat spells). The staff comes with a built in combat spell, but cannot be used against other players inside the wilderness (it can however be used against players in minigames). To use the staff, it needs to be charged. It can hold up to 2500 Charges and each charge costs 5 death runes, 5 chaos runes, 25 fire runes and 1k coins (a fully charged Staff cost 12500 death, 12500 chaos, 65000 fire runes and 2.5M coins). The Trident of the Seas can be traded only if it's fully charged.

Prayer, Gear and Inventory setup


Ancient Spell Book


  • Slayer helm
  • Saradomin cape
  • Amulet of fury/Arcane stream
  • Staff of Light/Chaotic staff
  • Ahrim's robe top
  • Ahrim's robe legs
  • Mage's book/Arcane Spirit shield
  • Barrows gloves
  • Infinity boots
  • Seers ring


  • Slayer Helm
  • Occult necklace
  • Max/Druidic cape
  • Chaotic/Drudic staf
  • Virtus/Druidic robe top
  • Virtus/Druidic robe legs
  • Arcane spirit hield
  • Ragefire boots
  • Barrows gloves
  • Seers ring (i)



Indicator Meaning
Always Every kill
Common Once every 2 - 10 kills
Uncommon Once every 10 - 20 kills
Rare Once every 20-50 kills
Very Rare Once every 50 - 100 kills
Ultra rare Once every 100 - 1000 kills
NPC Name Item Name Amount Rarity
Kraken Baby kraken 1 Ultra rare
Blood Rune 2,000 Rare
Cannonball 1,000 Ultra Rare
Cannonball 100 Rare
Coins 100,000 Common
Coins 2,000,000 Very Rare
Coins 200,000 Common
Coins 300,000 Uncommon
Coins 400,000 Rare
Coins 5,000,000 Very Rare
Coins 500,000 Rare
Death Rune 2,000 Rare
Kraken tentacle 1 Ultra Rare
Loop half of a key 1 Very Rare
Mahogany plank 20 Common
Raw Shark 20 Very Rare
Rocktail 100 Very Rare
Teak plank 30 Common
Tooth half of a key 1 Very Rare
Trident of the seas 1 Ultra Rare
Uncut diamond 1 Uncommon
Uncut dragonstone 1 Rare
Uncut onyx 1 Ultra rare

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