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-====== Helpers List ======+====== Helpers ======
-  [[profile>3189|Pksasaftw]] (Jonas) (UTC +1) +{{:info:crown_30.png|}} **Helpers** are people with extensive knowledge of the game and are willing to help anyone at any time. Ironman can be helper. They have the same account rights as a normal players and don't have any forum powers. The difference is, they have an identifiable icon in-game and on forums. They're not considered staff and and they're not a stepping stone to moderator. Helpers are **NOT** going to be involved in cases or staff issues and you can **NOT** apply for helper.\\ 
-  [[profile>16325|The Builder]] (Jeremy) (EST) +If helpers are seen flaming people, baiting or breaking the rules (depending on severitythey will be demoted. 
-  [[profile>1402|Wir3d]] (Jacob) (EST) +Helpers are held to the same standards, as a representative of the server. If you need to report a helper, please do so in the [[|report a staff member]] section.
-  [[profile>14400|Sir Pete]] (Lode) (GMT +1) +
-  [[profile>2342|Fungamer]] (Lieven) (GMT +1) +
-  * [[profile>11986|Bzink00]] (Brant) (EST+
-  [[profile>5814|Hadsox]]+
-Our newest team member: Sir pete! 
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