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Dj church
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   * Oak Larder - 2,000 XP   * Oak Larder - 2,000 XP
-**52-61 Make Mahogany ​Tables ​in your Dining Hall**+**52-61 Make Mahogany ​Benches ​in your Dining Hall**
-  * Mahogany ​Table 3,000 xp+  * Mahogany ​Benches ​4,000 xp
 **61-99 Make Gilded Benches in your Dining Hall or Throne Room.** **61-99 Make Gilded Benches in your Dining Hall or Throne Room.**
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 Guide uploaded to the Wiki by: **Jonas and Edonist** Guide uploaded to the Wiki by: **Jonas and Edonist**
 +Side note: Sometimes when removing old beds and/or bedrooms you will lose your butler. One known fix is to build a third bedroom with a bed.
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