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Sons Of Odin's Construction Guide

1. Start

  • *Moving In!
  • —Getting a Butler
  • —Updating your House Style
  • *Shops
  • —Supply Shops
  • —House Shops
  • *Construction Items
  • *House Benefits
  • *Leveling Method

2. Homestead.

  • *LvL 1 - Parlour
  • *LvL 1 - Garden
  • *LvL 5 - Kitchen
  • *LvL 10 - Dining Hall
  • *LvL 15 - Workshop
  • *LvL 20 - Bedrooms
  • *LvL 25 - Skill Hall
  • *LvL 30 - Games Room
  • *LvL 32 - Combat Room
  • *LvL 35 - Quest Hall
  • *LvL 40 - Study
  • *LvL 42 - Costume Room
  • *LvL 45 - Chapel
  • *LvL 50 - Portal Chamber
  • *LvL 55 - Formal Garden
  • *LvL 60 - Throne Room
  • *Multi-Room Objects

3. Dungeons

  • *Starting Your Dungeon
  • *Dungeon NPC's
  • —Basic Npc's
  • —Boss Npc's
  • *Dungeon Corridor
  • *Dungeon Junction
  • *Dungeon Decorations
  • —Basic Decorations
  • —Doors
  • —Traps
  • *Entering the Treasure Room
  • —Treasure Room Decorations
  • —Chests
  • —Boss Info
  • *The Road to Morph Ring

It is highly advised that you pre-plan your house!

Let's start off by getting you your house! This can be done by visiting the Estate Agent with 1m or more! If your not already at home, go to your Spellbook, and click Home Teleport, then run over to the estate agent and say “I would like to buy a House”

You can then choose a size, dependent on: A) How much money you have B) Your In-Game Rank (Premium, Donator, Regular) C) Based on what Size you want! Just a reminder, you can upgrade your house size later, and it won't remove your current rooms or settings, as well as have a price reduction based on the house size you have already purchased.

Upon clicking on the Player Owned House portal, or PoH, you will be prompted with the 4 options shown above. If you'd like to work on your construction level, click on Enter my House (building mode), but lets take a look at setting privileges.

Setting Privileges allows players of certain rank in your clan chat, or even no rank at all, join your house if you'd like to set it for privacy. Also, you can choose when players can go to your house, IE: if your asleep and you want your friends to be able to use your house, you can set it to always be open!

You can also hire a Butler to bank for you, follow you around, and even tell you how many rooms your house has as shown above.

Although, the Butler is nice, it does come at a price! To hire a butler, you must have 2 bedrooms, as well as pay 200m cash(one time payment)

You can also change your home's look for free by talking with the Construction Expert as shown above.

Most of your Construction Shops are located inside your house! Although, there are a few that are not, such as the Taxidermist, Ilfeen, Garden Supplier, Sawmill Operator, and yes, even the Estate Agent has a shop for you!

The Estate Agent has many useful Construction items, including:

  • *Candles
  • *Torches
  • *Ghost Skulls
  • *Paintings
  • *Maps
  • *Red Dye
  • *Limestone Bricks

The Garden Supplier provides many Garden Room items, such as:

  • *Trees
  • *Flowers
  • *Watering Cans
  • *Hedges
  • *Bagged Plants

This shop can be accessed by using the Command ::Chill. This shop includes all of your beers for building your very own keg for your kitchen!

These two shops are located at Seers Village, they are the Saw Mill Operator, and the Taxidermist, these two shops are used for the sole purpose of making planks, and stuffing animals, such as:

  • *Abyssal Demon Head
  • *King Black Dragon Head
  • *Kalphite Queen Head
  • and many more

This Shop can be accessed by building a Combat Rack in your Combat Room, the higher the level combat rack you build, the more options in this shop become available! This is a picture of the highest Combat Rack Shop.

This Shop contains:

  • *Red Boxing Gloves
  • *Blue Boxing Gloves
  • *Shadow Blade
  • *Keris (Does additional damage to bug-type monsters, for example: KQ)

This Shop can be accessed by building a Larder in your Kitchen, Larders, like Combat Racks, provide more shop items at higher level Larders, this is a picture of the highest level larder.

This Shop contains:

  • *Pizza Base
  • *Tomatoes
  • *Cheese
  • *Pineapple Rings
  • *Anchovies
  • *Beef

This Shop can be accessed by building a Wardrobe in your Bedroom, again, like any other house-shop, the higher the level Wardrobe you build, more items become available. This is a picture of the highest level Wardrobe.

This Shop contains:

  • *Slave Robes
  • *Robes of Elidinis
  • *Prince\Princess
  • *Lederhosen
  • *Camo
  • *Skeleton

The Saw and Hammer are the most “Required” items in construction, they allow you to build rooms and make furniture, also the Saw allows you to use your workbench to make planks for cheaper than the Saw Mill!

Planks, Oak Planks, Teak Planks, and Mahogany Planks, are your most commonly required building materials, each yielding their own purposes in your house!

Nails are primarily used for items that are made with Normal Planks.

Bagged Plant-Based Items, IE Bagged Trees, Bagged Hedges, Bagged Plants, and Bagged Flowers, are all used for your Formal, and informal Gardens.

Cloth is primarily used for Rugs, and Curtains, but also finds its use in construction for beds & altars, along with other various furniture. Cloth can be obtained from the Crafting Store.

Molten Glass, Soft Clay, Limestone Brick & Steel Bars have many various uses all over your house, in fact, each of these items has at least 10 uses each!

Clockworks are used for, yep! You guessed it, making Clocks! These Clockworks also used for making various toys that will follow you all over PkHonor!

Marble Blocks, Gold Leaves (Gold Leaf), and Magic Stone, are used for all of the Highest level Furnishes you can build inside your house! I will be explaining later on, in more detail all about the Magic Stone!

Parlour Benefits:

Fireplaces provide Bonus Firemaking XP.

  • Clay Fireplace +5% XP
  • Limestone Fireplace +10% XP
  • Marble Fireplace +15% XP

Gardens Benefits:

Trees provide Bonus Woodcutting XP.

  • All trees give 15% more experience in your own house. (this also stacks with premium's Inferno Adze)

Kitchen Benefits:

Stoves provide Bonus Cooking XP as well as Lowered Burn Rates.

  • Firepit: Provides no Bonus.
  • Firepit with hook: +3% Cooking XP and -6% Burn Rate.
  • Firepit with pot: +5% Cooking XP and -10% Burn Rate.
  • Small oven: +7% Cooking XP and -14% Burn Rate.
  • Large oven: +9% Cooking XP and -18% Burn Rate.
  • Steel range: +12% Cooking XP and -24% Burn Rate.
  • Fancy range: +15% Cooking XP and -30% Burn Rate.

Sink Benefits:

  • Pump and drain: Provides no benefits.
  • Pump and tub: 2x normal speed of creating soft clay and filling buckets.
  • Sink: 3x normal speed of creating soft clay and filling buckets.

Benefits of Kegs:

  • Normal Beer: No Bonus
  • Cider: +4 Farming levels
  • Asgarnian Ale: No Bonus
  • Greenman's Ale: +4 Herblore Levels
  • Dragon Bitter: No Bonus:
  • Chef's Delight: +6 Cooking Levels

Workshop Benefits

Workbench Benefits:

  • Wooden Workbench: Costs 58.8k Per Plank
  • Oak Workbench: Costs 57.6k Per Plank
  • Steel Framed Workbench: Costs 56.4k Per Plank
  • Bench with Vice: Costs 55.2k Per Plank
  • Bench with Lathe: Costs 54k Per Plank

Repair Bench Benefits:

  • Repair bench: 20% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 20% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment
  • Whetstone: 40% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 40% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment
  • Armour stand: 60% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 60% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment

Clockmakers Bench Benefits:

  • Bench 1: Clockworks (level 50 crafting)
  • Bench 2: Toy Soldier (level 70 crafting)
  • Bench 3: Toy Doll (level 75 crafting)
  • Bench 4: Toy Mouse (level 80 crafting) and Toy Cat (level 80 crafting)

Study Benefits:

  • Wooden Telescope: See an area within 120 squares of a coordinate clue location.
  • Oak Telescope: See an area within 80 squares of a coordinate clue location.
  • Teak Telescope: See an area within 40 squares of a coordinate clue location.
  • Oak Lectern: No Bonuses
  • Eagle/Demon Lectern: Craft teletabs at Runecrafting Level 89, +10% Runecrafting XP.
  • Teak Eagle/Demon Lectern: Craft teletabs at runecrafting Level 79, +20% Runecrafting XP.
  • Mahogany Eagle/Demon Lectern: Craft teletabs at Runecrafting Level 69, +30% Runecrafting XP.

Chapel Benefits:

  • Oak Altar: +1% Pray XP.
  • Teak Altar: +2% Pray XP.
  • Cloth Altar: +3% Pray XP.
  • Mahogany Altar: +4% Pray XP.
  • Limestone Altar: +5% Pray XP.
  • Marble Altar: +6% Pray XP.
  • Gilded Altar: +8% Pray XP.
  • Steel Torches: +1% Pray XP.
  • Wooden Torches: +2% Pray XP.
  • Steel Candlesticks: +3% Pray XP.
  • Gold Candlesticks: +4% Pray XP.
  • Incense Burners: +5% Pray XP.
  • Mahogany Burners: +6% Pray XP.
  • Marble Burners: +7% Pray XP.

Dungeon Benefits:

Monsters can be placed here which can be assigned as a slayer task. If you kill these monsters while on a slayer task in your dungeon you will receive +30% Slayer Points, +30% Slayer XP, and +30% PkHonor Points.

Leveling Method:

The most Effective construction method is:

1-33 Make chairs in your Parlour

  • Crude Wooden Chair - 300 XP
  • Wooden Chair - 450 XP
  • Rocking Chair - 450 XP
  • Oak Chair - 500 XP
  • Oak Arm Chair - 750 XP

33-52 Make Oak Larders in your Kitchen

  • Oak Larder - 2,000 XP

52-61 Make Mahogany Benches in your Dining Hall

  • Mahogany Benches - 4,000 xp

61-99 Make Gilded Benches in your Dining Hall or Throne Room.

  • Dining Hall Gilded Benches - 12,000 XP - Requires 8 Gold Leaves, 8 Mahogany Planks
  • Throne Room Gilded Benches - 18,000 XP - Requires 12 Gold Leaves, 12 Mahogany Planks

In Supply to Experience Ratio, 3 Dining Hall Gilded Benches is equal to 2 Throne Room Benches, same amount of supplies, same amount of XP.



Parlour's can be built at level 1. These rooms contain very few note-worthy furniture, other than bookshelves.

This is the only room inside your house, that can have chairs, nothing amazing, you can sit and hang out.

Fireplaces can be lit, Although they are only a cosmetic fire, the fire cannot cook food. To light a Fireplace, you need a log(any type) and a tinderbox.

Bookcases can be used to display your Account Information such as your Time Played, your join date, the bosses you have killed, and the rare drops you've gotten from them, they have many other functionalities as well.

Curtains are also another Cosmetic for your house, these are available in MOST of your rooms! They serve no major purpose though.

Gardens are a highly useful room in which you can plant many types of trees as well as cut them down for logs and quick banking and plank making!

You can plant *Most* of the trees found around RuneScape inside your house such as: * Dying Trees * Normal Trees * Oak Trees * Willow Trees * Maple Trees * Yew Trees * Magic Trees

Garden Centerpieces allow you to remove and move your portal to enter your house, they also grant you access to your dungeon, or you can just have some eye-catching décor in your garden!

These Four Interfaces allow you to add some extra cosmetics to your garden, although serve no purpose.

Kitchen Tables are currently, and may remain a Cosmetic item, although are fairly decorative and take up some of that unused space!

Larders provide the “Larder Shop” which allows you to purchase items to make pizza!

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink! You can fill your empty vials, or empty buckets here, which buckets of water are required for one of the dungeon rooms!

Kitchen Ranges provide a lower burn-rate than anywhere else in the server, the higher level the range, the less food you burn!

Shelves, no matter what level, give you beer glasses! So, let's make a party out of this, shall we? which brings me to the next topic…

Kegs! You think, beer? Well, this is actually quite useful! Lets take a look at their effects! * Beer - No Effect * Cider - +2 Farm Level * Asgarnian Ale - No Effect * GreenMans Ale - +2 Herb Level * Dragon Bitter - No Effect * Chef's Delight - +6 Cooking Level

Currently Animal Boxes have no purpose, although I have a strong feeling that this will change with the addition of pets.

Dining Rooms serve very few purposes, although are a great place to sit and chat with friends. This may change in the future.

Benches are used as a place to sit, but also yield one of the highest Experience Rate objects in Construction, the Gilded Bench provides 8,000 Exp

Tables are purely Cosmetic when it comes to your kitchen, although may provide further purpose in the future.

Bells, when rang, will call your butler to your immediate attention no matter where he is in the house.

Wall Decorations are simply that, they are a Cosmetic for your house.

Curtains are also another Cosmetic for your house, these are available in MOST of your rooms! They serve no major purpose though.

Fireplaces can be lit, Although they are only a cosmetic fire, the fire cannot cook food. To light a Fireplace, you need a log(any type) and a tinderbox.

Workbenches are probably the most important part of this room. Workbenches allow you to make planks cheaper, and quicker, than at the saw mill in Seers Village. The higher level the workbench, the cheaper the plank is, you can view the price differences in section one “House Benefits”

Your Clockmakers Bench allows you to make various toys, as well as clock works.

Repair Benches allow you to repair Barrows armor for a cheaper rate than the strange old man at Barrows Minigame, also, while using Chaotics on these repair benches, you have a chance of not using a chaotic repair kit!

This Painting stand, allows you to paint Steel Full Helm's, Rune Full Helms, Steel Kite Shields, Rune Kite Shields and even make Banners based off of the Herald you chose in Falador Castle.

This Tool “shed” is most likely the second most useful object in your house! You can obtain the following items from this: * Amulet Mould, Necklace Mould, Ring Mould, Holy/Unholy Mould, Tiara Mould * Bucket, Spade, Tinderbox * Saw, Hammer, Chisel, Sheers * Watering Can, Rake, Trowel, Seed Dibber, Spade

Bedrooms are an absolute MUST of Construction, you need TWO bedrooms with TWO beds, in order to hire a butler. Beds have no further use than to hire a butler.

Wardrobes have a shop built into them which sell various outfits only obtainable in construction.

Dressers allow you to change your physical appearance.

Clocks are a Cosmetic piece of furniture that serves only one purpose. To tell you that it's “PkHonor O'clock”

Skill Halls are one of the few rooms that have a Stair case allowing you to add a second floor to your house! This room is to show off your skillful achievements on the server.

You can create armor stands (cosmetic) to show off your smithing level, or how much you play castle wars! (Castle wars is currently not functional)

Do a lot of PvM or Boss Hunting? Show off your kills by hanging their heads on the wall!

Do you fish a lot? Well show off that one special catch of yours!

That little mage in you wants to come out and display his power. Show off the runes you crafted with a Rune Display Case!

Currently the Games room is non-operational, meaning this does not work in any way shape or form, although is subject to change.

Attack Stones are currently non-working, although are meant as a sub-minigame for competing with your friends and guests to see who can break the attack stone!

Prize Chests are also currently non-working, although they're meant to be donation boxes for rewards of the winners of the games inside the games room!

Elemental Balance is another mini-game similar to that of the attack stone, but meant for magic spells. Again, not currently working.

The games space is for many different types of games, verying from the popularly known “Simon Says” to hang man and hide and seek! Again, not currently working.

The range or archery game area is for games like hoop and stick (horse shoes), Darts, and Target Practice.

Combat Rooms are completely safe PvP (player vs player rooms).

The Combat Ring has many different types of rings, at level 32 being a Boxing Ring where you can only use your fists to fight, level 41 where you can only use your sword to fight, level 51 where you can use weapons and armor to fight, and level 71 where you can use range or mage only to fight!

Weapons Racks carry many different weapons. The higher the level of rack you have, the more equipment you have available to use.

As you can see above, the Weapon Racks offer Blue Boxing Gloves, Red Boxing Gloves, Shadow Sword and Keris.

The Quest hall is useful for adding Amulets of Glory to the wall as they do not use charges, and for 2nd floors, Beyond that, this room is purely cosmetic.

You can place Decorative Maps on the wall as a decorative feature.

You can place Swords on the wall as a decorative feature.

Here you can place trophies such as the amulet of glory.

Here you can place Paintings on the wall as a decorative feature.

Here you can place Landscape Pictures on the wall as a decorative feature.

The Study is a very valuable room to have, here you can create magical items!

These are purely decorative Wall Charts, placing one will place all 4 in the room.

Lecterns are for making Teleport Tablets. This is probably one of the most profitable objects in your house.

These can assist you with your clue scrolls.

Again, Globes are purely decorative and serve no true purpose.

Using a Battlestaff on the highest tier Crystal Ball will allow you to make combination staffs such as Lava Battlestaff and Mystic Mud Staff.

As the above image states, This room has no purpose other than the Cape Rack which allows you to obtain the Capes of Distinction.

Fancy Dress Box Space

The Fancy Dress Box currently does not serve any purpose.

Toy Box Space

The Toy Box currently does not serve any purpose.

Treasure Chest Space

The Treasure Chest currently does not serve any purpose.

Armour Case Space

The Armour Case currently does not serve any purpose.

Magic Wardrobe Space

The Magic Wardrobe currently does not serve any purpose.


The Cape Rack allows you to obtain Max and Completionists Cape as well as Chaos, Soul, Holy, Unholy, Magic, Balance, and Shadow Completionist Capes.

For further information on the Capes of Distinction, Click the below image.

Chapels are useful for providing extra experience via Altars, but the rest is mainly cosmetic.

Altars, per higher tier provide Bonus prayer exp when offering bones to the altar.

These burners provide bonus exp for the HOUSE OWNER only when the burners are lit.

These are one of the many decorative objects in a chapel.

Yet another decorative object in a chapel.

providing bonus exp for the HOUSE OWNER only when the burners are lit.

This changes the windows into something a little more decorative.

The portal chamber allows you to add teleports to other locations.

The Center Piece allows you to build portals, you MUST build a center piece in order to make them.

These are the 3 available portals, along with the prices.

Need a frost dragon guide?

The Formal Garden is home to many decorative, and functional objects, mainly being the center pieces.

Here you can add decorative fencing to make your garden that oasis you've always dreamed of!

Hedges, a decorative bush type shrub.

Here you can plant flowers for your garden.

Here are more bushy styled flowers you can plant for your garden.

Here you can add Fountains, Gazebo's, Portals, and the Dungeon entrance. The dungeon entrance is explained much more in the below post.

The Throne room provides alot of seating for you and your friends to gather and hang out, or as an entrance to the dungeon below!

Thrones are decorative seats for your royal…. hiney….

Trapdoors can be as simple as a trap door to the below room, or as complex as a magical cage!

Decorations here are simply that, decorations.

A long bench that spans almost the length of the entire throne room providing a large amount of seating.

The lever can activate PvP or PvM Dungeon, as well as active the trap door space.

These objects re-occur throughout many of the rooms in Construction.

Rugs are decorations that appear on the floors of many rooms.

Bookcases allow you to view a large amount of your account information.

Stairs occur in a few different places, such as in the dungeon, in the quest hall, and in the skill hall.


Upon Creating a dungeon, you will get one of these two options, Building an Oubliette, or Building a Dungeon Stair Room.

To start on your own Dungeon, you need to either have a trapdoor in your Throne Room, or have a Dungeon Entrance in your Garden or Formal Garden, you can also start a dungeon by adding a downstairs stair case in your skill hall, or quest hall.

Guard Spaces are used to conjure up a select few monsters, which can be used to do slayer tasks.

With this being said, you can also acquire Bosses inside your house, which are available in your Treasure Room

A Dungeon Corridor is a Hallway-Like room, you can add Dungeon Monsters, your style of torches, as well as wall decorations.

Dungeon Junction Rooms are 4-way Hallways, you can add Dungeon Monsters, your style of torches, as well as wall decorations.

These are your main “Dungeon Decorations”. These decorations have no purpose other than visual effects.

Dungeon Torches provide lighting to your Dungeon, although they are not required.

Dungeon “Traps” are currently not implemented, although you can put them in your dungeon if you'd like.

Dungeon Doors do not open, or close, they stay at a rested position of OPEN. These doors use a lot of supplies and are not required by any means.

While building your Treasure Room, there's a 99% chance you will not be given a “Rotate” option, as these rooms do NOT have multiple door ways. Before building your Treasure room, mind you, These are expensive to build! Be sure they're where you want them to be!

The ONLY room you will get this decoration option, are in your Treasure Room. You have the Ability to put your personalized design shield on the walls.

Last but definitely not least! Chests for your treasure room, because, what is a treasure room without treasure?

Lets break these bosses down, These are Dungeon Bosses, which drop Coins, Clue Scrolls, and Treasure Room Keys. These Treasure Room Keys can only be obtained by the house owner as a drop. When you obtain a key, provided you have an appropriate level chest in your dungeon, you will be able to open the chest for any of the possible Loots. * Mahogany Planks Noted - up to 60 * Gold Leaf Noted - up to 60 * Marble Block Noted - up to 60 * Coins - Up to 6,000,000 * Morph Ring - Only obtained by level 8 treasure keys

The level keys dropped by each Boss, as well as the Chest Required are as stated below. * Troll Guardian - Level 1 Key - Wooden Crate * Skeletal Guardian - Level 2 Key - Oak Chest * Kalphite Guardian - Level 3 Key - Oak Chest * Demon Guardian - Level 4 Key - Teak Chest * Phoenix Guardian - Level 5 Key - Teak Chest * Revenant Guardian - Level 6 Key - Mahogany Chest * Dragon Guardian - Level 7 Key - Mahogany Chest * Nomad - Level 8 Key - Magic Chest

Finally! Now that you've made all the preparations and put in all that hard work, you sit back, and finally think to yourself… what's left? Elite upon Elite later, what's this?!?!?! loot! Time to add my very own Magic Chest to the Treasure room!

Upon getting a Magic Stone, You will be able to make a Magic Chest, which allows you to put your level 8 treasure keys to use! So lets Grind Nomad until we get a Morph Ring! The drop rate of the morph ring is somewhere between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000. You can find the Guide to killing Nomad here:

Guide originally written by: Sons of Odin

Guide uploaded to the Wiki by: Jonas and Edonist

Side note: Sometimes when removing old beds and/or bedrooms you will lose your butler. One known fix is to build a third bedroom with a bed.

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