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Unhipskills Frost dragons are not premium only as they are accessible in the wild.
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   * [[guides:​money:​black_dragons|Black Dragons]] (150M - 200M p/h)   * [[guides:​money:​black_dragons|Black Dragons]] (150M - 200M p/h)
   * [[npcs:​chaos_elemental|Chaos Elemental]] (250M - 350M p/h)   * [[npcs:​chaos_elemental|Chaos Elemental]] (250M - 350M p/h)
-  * [[npcs:​frost_dragon|Frost Dragons ​(Premium Only)]] (400M - 600M p/h)+  * [[npcs:​frost_dragon|Frost Dragons]] (400M - 600M p/h)
   * [[npcs:​kalphite_queen|Kalphite Queen]] (200M - 400M p/h)   * [[npcs:​kalphite_queen|Kalphite Queen]] (200M - 400M p/h)
 +  * [[guides:​money:​battle_mages|Killing Battle Mages]] (400M - 500M p/h)
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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