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   - Make {{:​guides:​moneymakingguides:​goldleafguide:​gold_leaf.png|}} Gold Leaves (150k per Gold Bar)   - Make {{:​guides:​moneymakingguides:​goldleafguide:​gold_leaf.png|}} Gold Leaves (150k per Gold Bar)
 {{:​guides:​moneymakingguides:​goldleafguide:​6.png|}} {{:​guides:​moneymakingguides:​goldleafguide:​6.png|}}
 +To do this quickly, make a preset with cash in your inventory and 27 gold bars. Make that inventory your first [[guides:​presets|Preset]] slot and have it automatically close the bank. **LEFT** click the gold leaf npc while **holding** the 1 key. This way you convert everything with 1 click opposed to 2 clicks. Proceed to bank again and click the load preset button. This way you can convert bars to leafs in only 3 clicks.
 ===== Step 3: ===== ===== Step 3: =====
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