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How to yell in Color/Colour

In this guide, you will learn how to yell in color on the Yell channel as well as in Clan Chats. These codes do not work in public chat or private messages.

NOTE: When you type the code <shad=number> or any other code, you won't see what you'll write until you finish writing the code with '>' symbol.


  • <col=number>

This code will change the color of the text. The number entered here is a Hex Code representation of the color.

Transparent Text


This code will produce transparent text. Enter a number between 0 and 999,999,999. Entering 0 will produce completely transparent text. Increasing the number towards 255 will reduce the transparency of the text. Entering 255 will produce text that is 100% opaque. Numbers between 256 and 999,999,999 have a wide range of effects. Most will produce illegible rainbow colored text.





This code shadows the color you're using for the text. If you use <shad=number> it will also change the color. The number entered here is a decimal representation of the color ranging from 0 to 16777216.

Some Common Colors

Color Name Hex Code Decimal
Black 000000 0
White ffffff 16777215
Red ff0000 16711680
Lime 00ff00 65280
Blue 0000ff 255
Yellow ffff00 16776960
Cyan 00ffff 65535
Magenta ff00ff 16711935
Orange ffa500 16753920
Silver c0c0c0 12632256
Grey 808080 8421504
Purple 800080 8388736

Combining codes

The shad code can be combined with either the color or the transparency codes. Simply type your desired codes back to back and then type your message.


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